#370 Your Own Power of Self

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today, perhaps following up on the previous one offering guidance for growth and contemplation?

I do entice you all to regard the energy as your companion and your partner as you take your journey, even as I ask you to disregard it. The energy offers you access to its power, yet it asks you to be equally present as its companion, offering you access to your own power in the process as well. In this manner of high regard, respect, and pragmatic understanding of and for each other, can you and the energy outside of you work and travel well together.

Abide now by your own truths, both as they are already known and as they are further revealed. This is your anchoring place, in your own deepest truths. This is what must come first now to guide you as you ask for a message to aid you. My awareness is only of help to you if you remain anchored in self, in spirit self, in truthful self, and in evolving self.

Today your biggest challenge will be maintaining that connection to self, as you are pulled outward. Now I suggest that you note but, for the most part, disregard the outer energy. It will seek to interrupt your connection to inner self. It will attempt a takeover, to sabotage your contemplation and to, in turn, disregard your energy. But keep in mind that this is how it works, how it conflicts with you in order to challenge you to ignore it and sink yet deeper into your own knowing of truth and right action.

So, I suggest that you remain conscious that your energy will be disrupted and interfered with, that your calm reverie will be teased outwardly, so that you will have to deal with the world around you. At first, you will find this quite annoying, but later will you see how it has furthered your growth. This will be an example of the outer energy versus your inner energy. Your challenge will be to stay connected to inner self, and to not be drawn to the outer energy, except to note that it is challenging you.

Do you see what I am proposing? You will be tested today, and even perhaps over the next few days, by the teaching energy that asks you to acknowledge its power, but also prove to your self that your own power of self is far greater.

Your awareness is being asked to remain alert now; to be awake in an inner/outer world; to maintain balance and steady alertness to what is coming to you in your life to teach you. I am certain that you will do well. As long as you place your intent to maintain awareness at all times into your heart center, so do you offer your self the key to solving the riddle of how to work companionably with the energy.

If you insist on taking your tests from your head, from your thinking place, so will you not notice what is really going on around you. If you maintain your awakening heart-centered self, your true and tender self in heart-centered awareness, so do you have the answer to your challenges, but also your life.

Your heady thoughts and scrambling for answers will only confuse you and cause the energy to chuckle. But your awareness of your heart center as your true place of knowing, understanding, and spirit being, will bring respect and winning regard from the energy that is truly there to accompany you on your journey. It is your job to tame it though, to teach the energy that you are capable of handling it, aware that you need it, but that you do not need it alone, but only in compliance with your own energy.

With your own inner energy in partnership with what the outer energy offers, so will you be prepared to take on life in a new manner. So will you be accepting from a place of strength of your truths and your gifts. I ask that you consider taking a new step now, as this energy pushes you to accept your own strengths, even as it shows you its own.

This is a time of learning how to use the energy that is available to you, even as you push it aside in order to more fully access your own energy. This is a time of balance seeking; of inner and outer energy balancing; of truth balancing; and of acceptance of all that you now know and that you are now being shown.

Trust your selves, My Dears. You really are energy beings, and perhaps that is all you need to keep reminding your selves of, as you continue your journeys. You are energy beings and that means that everything is possible, for energy is behind everything.

Use your energy wisely. Use it well. Use it for growth. Use it for self, and use it for others in whatever way you are being offered. Accept your gifts, and then use your gifts. That is what you are being taught to do in this time of energy balancing. It’s really all that matters.