#369 Twelve Practical Aspects of Growth & Contemplation

Dear Jeanne,
A new month and a new week are upon us. Do you have guidance for us as we begin this new phase of life?

My Dear Ones, now is the time to go innerly, to focus intent and attention upon your inner self, your connection to the inner spirit and the inner contentedness of that connection. As you have learned, over these past days and weeks, so is the outer energy present to help your growth. It exists in all of its intensities and tricky ways to present you with what you need. Allow your knowledge of how energy works to sit firmly in your knowing, but detach your focus from it now.

Allow your attention to the energy to wane now. You know how it works. You know that it will always be there to tease you and to push you. You know that it connives and manipulates. You know that it asks you to use it for growth, for good, and for change. But now I suggest that you detach your attention from it. Detach from focusing your every move based on it. Detach from utilizing it to change you, and instead use your knowledge of its powerful existence to go innerly now, with your knowledge of its powerful presence firmly accepted.

The energy outside of you will always be there. It will always offer you what you need. It will always push you, delight you, entice you, and support you. But once this is fully understood and acquiesced to, so is it time to let your knowledge of this powerful phenomenon sink into the background, known, yet no longer controlling you.

Your strength now comes from what you have learned. Your strength now comes from you, as you move along on your journey, as you accept that your life asks for change and for growth. But it asks that this change and growth come from inside you. It asks that you leave the wild energy to do its crazy maneuvering outside the windows of your inner self.

Retreat now from the participation in the outer energy. Go with what you have learned about energy into your inner self, where your own energy resides waiting to be woken up again and nudged along. Take your eyes off what is going on outside of you and turn them inward. Look closely now at the painful truths of self that have been revealed recently and work to resolve your issues that hinder your fuller growth and continued progress.

You all know what this means in your own lives. You do understand what it means to turn inward and do your inner work. I do know that this is a difficult and demanding task and that you would rather focus on what is happening outside of you, looking for what the energetic outer forces are doing and reacting to, rather than investigating your own energy stirring up issues that need attention. Believe me when I say, I know this is quite a task that I present you with.

If it is any consolation to you, be assured that the outer energy will still be here contributing and supporting you, even as you turn from it. It will not feel rejected or deceived by your non-participation, but instead regard your move away from it as mature progress.

So this is what I suggest you do now, as you shift into a new month and a new period of opportunity for growth:

1. Take your own energy back.

2. Turn your eyes inward.

3. Prepare your self for some intense inner work.

4. Find your calm heart-centered place of resonance, your knowing and recognizably balanced place of inner being.

5. Seek to remain in this place of utter inner calm and balance at all times.

6. Turn thoughts, worries, projections, and outer dilemmas inward to this place of calm and allow any such disturbances to sink into the pillows of inner energy that reside there, eagerly awaiting recognition as a place of resource and anchoring.

7. Remain focused on resolution of self now, though still connected to your world. Remain fully committed to being in that world, prosperous and aware of all of your potential, allowing it to be fully realized, but at the same time inwardly doing the work of the self.

8. Find your reason for living. Why are you there? What is your purpose in life? What is your new direction? For if you have not recently re-discovered your direction, so do I suggest that this should be your first question to ask your inner self. The time has come to shift direction.

9. Accept your supports. They are already in place for you to do your inner work. You do not need to worry about how you will accomplish what your inner self desires. By accepting that your inner self is on a truthful journey, by acquiescing to this truth, and by fully accepting that its success is assured, so do you offer your self access to the fullest possibilities of change.

10. Do not allow outside influences to usurp your power, your inner strength, or your calm balanced inner self from the focus of your intent to grow and change. This is your direction now, a turn toward allowing for change to enter your life.

11. So invite change into your life by fully opening your inner doors and windows, revealing your truths, so hard won and so painfully revealed to you over the past few months.

12. Accept your challenges into your inner place of work on the self. Do not push them away or store them for later, but pay attention to each and every challenge as it comes. Keep up with them. Do not allow them to pile up like dirty dishes in the sink. No, now is the time to confront your deepest challenges, one at a time. Take them into your inner sanctum and allow your honest and truthful self to accept them. Acquiesce to your bitter truths and learn something new about your self as each truth is revealed.

With these twelve practical aspects of growth and contemplation firmly established, so do you offer your self the opportunity to not only grow and evolve innerly, but also outerly. Your inner work will reveal itself in your outer self. You will become a more accepting, flowing, non-judgmental being who exhibits the qualities that are now so necessary in that world. That world so desperately asks for all of you to change, to grow, and to acquiesce to new ideas and new behaviors, in order for truth, honesty, and innocence to once again be acceptable and viable means of interacting, connecting with, and trusting one another, as you all move forward now.

This is true. This is what is needed, both inside all of you and outside all of you. Find your true innocent and honest self, and thank your lucky stars that you have the ability to allow for your innocence to be reborn. Then enter the world with this new self leading the way and see what happens. You will be greeted by resonant beings, and that will really make a difference and open yet more doors of change, of truth, and of growth.