#364 This is an Adult Energy

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Continue to be aware of the energy. It is here to aid you, to send you on your journeys, and propel you into a new realm of consciousness. It is an energy that asks for participation, for concerted efforts in staying on track, for awareness of the necessity to make the right choices now, as this is enabling energy, but only for the choices that are right. If you are in a state of loss, of confusion, and of despair this energy will lift you out of such places of darkness, but only if you first lift your head up and determine that you wish to climb out of your darkness, if you wish to be helped out of your hole, and if you willingly and readily participate in the action of getting your self out of that hole.

This is not an energy that will magically whisk you out of your stuck place, nor will it decide for you what you must do, but it will assist you as you make choices that are right, that are progressive, positive, and growth-oriented changes. It will not be available to the big baby, the determined, stubborn self that wants, wants, wants and demands that others come to the rescue. No, this is an adult energy, and is only available to mature journeyers who are ready to take on the process of growth, taking full responsibility for deciding to engage the energy and then to accept the gifts that come.

You must be in a good state of balance; centered in knowing what is right for you to do now, as this energy comes forcefully into your realm and seeks out those who are ready to grow. Are you ready? Are you ready to allow the adult self who knows to take over your life? I speak of the inner adult. The inner voice of knowing, not attached to the old voices, the old conventions, or the old must-dos that have so far pushed and prodded you along. No, I speak of YOU now, your own inner mature self, who knows full well that you wish to evolve and seeing, really seeing, exactly and clearly the way to proceed.

Perhaps the big baby self pulls at the apron strings, wanting you to stay complacently tucked away with your blankies and binkies. But that is the old self who will absolutely attempt to thwart your progress. The energy of now will not be paying attention to this big baby self. It is only concerned with the mature self who is ready to evolve. For this is evolving energy. This is energy that will allow you to grow and to achieve great progress in your life. And no matter who you are, where you live, how you have thus far lived, or where you would like to go in the future, this energy is available to you. It does not discriminate against true spirit energy. That is what it seeks now. It seeks reciprocal, resonant, eager, mature spirit energy.

Do you send out your resonance to it? Do you ask for it to take you on your true journey? Do you allow your self to acquiesce to the truths of who you are, where you are, and why you are? Do you wish to keep going, evolving as a spiritual being connected to the energy of the universe?

This energy now available is ready to lead you forward. If you choose to participate and send out your intent to be a part of it, with your mature adult self firmly in the asking place, so will this energy respond. And this energy knows that you are earthbound as well, that you have things to do there in your life upon that earth, and that you are seeking purpose and direction. That is its intent in return, to aid you in finding your true mission in that life.

Only in finding your true mission in that life will you be able to find your true spiritual path, both in that life and in your future lives, whether upon that earth or in other realms. Send your intent out to the energy with purpose for living at the root of your call for resonance.

Ask: Why am I here? Please assist me in finding my guiding principle, my light, my life purpose, and my evolving self. Please help me remain grounded, stable, pragmatic, yet also adventuresome, positive, and aware of my place as a spiritual human as I take this step forward now, with conscious intent on my part to grow and move forward on my journey. I am ready for new life, new direction. I desire a shift in my life, the right shift, for I am open of heart, open of mind, open of spirit, and ready to truly live now.

This energy will hear your words of truth. But you must remain aware of how it responds to you, for it may not be as you desire or plan. The future is a mystery at this point, so accept that. Accept that you are going off into a future of nothingness, but be assured that it is a future full of wonder and growth that will lead you where you do need to go. But you must give up your control of it and allow the energy to determine your future for you. It asks you to acquiesce with complete trust, love, joy, and calmness, for what it offers is so right. You will soon find out what I mean, as you allow your self to acquiesce to participation in this most amazing time upon that earth.