#363 Everyone Else Around You is in the Same State of Dazed Awakening

Dear Jeanne,
The energy has certainly been most prominent and forceful lately in asking many of us to confront our issues as we are propelled to change, transform, and advance without regret or attachment. It does feel as if we are being challenged more strongly than usual in many areas simultaneously, though the synchronicities of challenges in our inner and outer worlds are undeniable. Can you continue to address the question of the energy forces now present, offering us guidance and support as we make our attempts to go with the flow of it?

This time of energetic forcefulness will continue to push. This is now a pushing energy, and yet it does ask you to move forward now without regret or attachment, as you say. But it also asks you to continue to carry with you the lessons learned thus far. To advance forward must you retain your deepest past confrontations as perfect examples of how to proceed in the future, as you confront new challenges and new methods of growth.

I do ask that you allow compassion to guide you now as well, as you allow truth and right action to be your companions as you take your next steps. There will be times when right action will be the perfect solution, but you may be drawn to feelings of sorrow, loss, or regret for having to move swiftly when others in your care may require a slower process. This is where your compassionate energy rides the coattails of your inner knowing. When confronted with such a situation, a dilemma of knowing that to push forward and onward is obviously correct, though another in your presence is not quite ready to do so, must you follow through with your right knowing action anyway.

Your compassionate aftereffect will be asking the other to be present, to be responsible for self, to accept the challenges, and to allow the inner strong self to step forward and direct the process now. To continue wallowing in self-pity, sorrow, the state of the big baby, the insatiable beast, or the frightened animal, are but old actions, cardboard cutouts long overused; and this is known to the one who does use such devices, in order to cull sympathy, to soothe, to postpone, or to gather thoughts or feelings before the inevitable process of growth continues.

All of you know, and those in your nearness do also, that this energy is stirring awake the inner strength in all of you. Even though it may be long buried, or never even tapped, so is it now apparent that this is what is coming forth to partake in the energy.

There are dramatic challenges, controversies, confrontations, and enormous conflicts present in that earth realm right now. These dichotomies reflect this strength emerging, and yet is the dilemma not so much in outer sparring but in the inner sparring, as this inner strength seeks a place in each person’s life. It seeks a place of centering, inclusion, and participation in life.

I advise that you do not keep your talents, your strengths, your obvious creative, intellectual, or most apparent and emerging capabilities hidden, either from your self or your world. You are all asked now to come out of the closet; to be real; truthful; to be honest and open; to allow and accept, but most importantly to be soberly, straightforwardly and pragmatically present in your life.

Bring all of YOU forth now. This is a time of exposure. The real you no longer needs to be hidden. In fact, with so much exposure going on all around you, you will realize that you are in quite good and safe company.

Do not hide any longer from your self. This is, of course, your first real challenge. Who are you underneath all that you present to the world? I think many of you are finding out the truth of the self. I ask that you please accept this self, whether it be a lost and confused self, or an evolving and forward moving self. Whoever you are is who you must be, who you need to be, and who you so tenderly must accept as self of now. Then must you remain connected to this new self.

Do not run and hide from this self. Do not allow old fears and cloaks of denial to sweep over this most bare naked and truthfully revealed self. All of you are at different stages. Your challenges will be individual; your processes will be at different paces, but keep in mind that all of you are on journeys of growth. And this is what you must keep in mind as you take your steps of right action.

Listen to your most innocent self who must now allow room for your strong self, who must now move over and share your inner center of balance with this forceful energy that is uncurling inside of you. This determined aspect of self who is ready now to partake in life is asking for room to grow, evolve, and merge inside you and be expressed outside of you.

This is a time of brutal honesty. Do not shrink from what is going on inside your self in the same manner as you tend to obscure what is going on outside of you, for it is meant as a mirror for you to learn about the self. My contention is that you are all being pushed to perform now to your fullest capacity and potential. You are being asked to be the best human being you can possibly be at this moment. You are asked to be the best spirit being you can possibly be too. And you are also asked to combine those two aspects of self and be the best whole being you can possibly be. This energy asks you to confront your self with your deepest issues and truths, and then to honestly reconcile those issues. Then this energy asks you to turn them into your strengths, your powers, your creative energies of mergence with self as an active participant in life, in your own life as it is presented to you each day.

Be now assured that the energy is here to stay and support you, no matter what stage of evolutionary growth you are at. Your issues and your challenges are what are now necessary for your growth. But know that your participation in tackling your issues will be met on all sides with thoroughly supportive guidance, energy, and renewable energy for a long time to come.

You are not alone in your dilemmas. Your challenges need not be tackled in a vacuum of aloneness. Reach out and notice, My Dear Ones, that everyone else around you is in the same state of dazed awakening to the truths being presented. This is your new reality. I urge you all to participate by doing what is truthfully and honestly the right action necessary for your own growth.