#362 I Give Up My Control

Today, a Reader asks for guidance.

Dear Jeanne,
I am experiencing many of the changes within and without that are occurring now. At times I can flow with them, and at times fear sets in and I lose my trust for myself, and in turn lose the ability to get to my heart center. I am grounded in knowing that even though my heart center may be messy with change right now, it is still a safe place to go.

This leads me to my question for guidance. I am here in this life to work on self-esteem issues and to break the barriers of my perfectionism. It served me well through the times in my life when things were out of control, but now it is calling for a restful place, and I am being resistant. Because perfectionism has been a dominant energy in my life, I need guidance on how to come to a more balanced state so I can honor its presence in my life and give it the rest it needs. How do I let myself make mistakes and get messy in order to let go and grow? As always, I thank you for the opportunity to ask questions and receive guidance…what a gift!

Love & Light…D.A.D.

My Dear One, in order to learn to let go and flow with your life, must you practice doing just that. When the opportunity arises, so must you notice your old habit creeping in and immediately strike it away from you and relax into a new positive position so that your ability to let go will have a physical passage.

I would suggest that you begin with your body, which is your mode of constraint and controls your every action, thought, and emotion. This is so for everyone. Your body holds everything. Your body is your home, and if you persist in keeping it pin neat (neat as a pin) then do you risk not accessing that which you keep neatly stored away in closets, drawers, and hidden in your attic.

This is why I suggest recapitulation as a means of accessing the physical self. If you concentrate your attention on what your body is trying to tell you, so do you shift your awareness from the outer controlling self, who has so successfully progressed in life in a certain fashion, to the new self desiring to emerge.

Your physical body is the place for you to begin allowing. This is where you must begin to let go and become restful. Your tightness is no longer working for you. Your inner spirit self is not happy being so constrained and constricted. Your inner self desires release, but how can that happen if you continue to torturously keep her down?

I admit that my words may appear a little harsh. I do indeed need to confront you on this, for I see a spirit who has had to take a back seat all these many years. Although your outer self has allowed spirit to explore, so has outer self controlled even that exploration. Now I hear your spirit self asking me, another spirit energy, to give you the message that your barricades must come down in order for that true spirit self to emerge. Your spirit self has not yet been allowed to speak, for you speak words for her. You do not even allow her words to be released unedited, and this is another area for you to practice letting go in.

What truths have you not allowed to be spoken? What words are you afraid to hear? What will you not allow your physical self to experience and have access to? Who do you really want to be, the control freak or the flowing, growing, soft and beautiful self who lies waiting to be discovered?

I challenge you, My Dear One, and all of you Readers, to enjoy the energy now available to you. This is a time of great transformation, energetically supported, but you must choose to engage it for growth purposes. You must make a conscious decision to now invite your self into the energy. Put your self into its flow by making the choice to allow it to take you where you need to go. In essence, this is a time and opportunity for acquiescence.

This must be done without controlling the outcome, but also not controlling the input either. By this I mean, you must simply state:

I am ready now.
I give up my control of my body to the energy of the universe.
I give up my control of my spirit to the energy of the universe.
I give up my control of direction, purpose, and intent.
I totally acquiesce to the flow of this powerful energy.
May it lead me where I need to go.

Now that is total acquiescence, My Dear! Can you do this act of release of self? Can you trust my guidance to further your self; to grow and evolve totally unburdened of ancient rules, demands, and ideas? This energy of now wishes for growth. That is its underlying intent and purpose, to push us all along (even those of us in energy form) to discover what is really possible. But your adventures will be short lived if you do not allow your self to have this grand opportunity to trust the energy like never before.

I hope I have satisfactorily answered your question. Oh, and by the way, you will achieve restfulness, balance, and amazing flow simply by acquiescing to the energy. If you allow your self to flow with it, then will it be so right that your inner self and your outer self will find their perfect balance because your controlling self will no longer be tipping the scales.

I thoroughly enjoy watching the progress of all my beautiful Readers. Keep daring yourselves to take the initiative on behalf of your spirits. Dare to live the spirit life by opening up to the energy that will take you, guide you, and lead you perfectly.

Acquiesce to the truth that awaits. As truth is revealed, will you begin to understand your life. Your future, your past, and your present will all make sense. In utter truth and honesty must you be ready to allow this process of growth to unfold. Acquiesce to your truths. That is where you must begin now, My Dear One. Reveal those to your self, and then allow the energy to guide you on your real journey, not yet begun!