#361 Be Aware of Your Place in Each Moment

Dear Jeanne,
Now that we have all of this energy available to us, how do we use it without constantly getting caught in it. How do we most properly use it?

Use it most properly by going innerly, My Dear, of course. Your charge now is to be a being of light and by that I mean one who utilizes energy most effectively but also in a positive productive manner. And how do you do this, you ask? By taking your own inner glow to heart and by acknowledging your own power. By accepting into your inner world this brave new energy in small increments you can most effectively harness it for good of self, for growth, and for purposes of enlightenment.

I do not wish to make this appear to be an intangible, untenable property. Energy is rather amorphous, but you can have certainty of it in your life by remaining innerly centered, knowing of self, and aware of your place in each moment. I ask that you allow your self to detach for a moment from even the idea that there is grand energy available. Withdraw into self, right now, as my words explain how best to utilize this worthy aire of energetic convergence that now permeates your world.

By shutting out the world around you, even momentarily, and accessing your inner calm self, do you offer your self a small place of refuge from all that swirls outside of you. I do not mean pausing in your busy head, but to instead resort to your calm place of meditation and inner knowing. This is your place of balance and inner resolution, far removed from your outer world.

By allowing your self access to inner quiet and inner silence will the energy become but an accompanist to your life. It will be available, but not overriding. However, if you remain focused on the outer energy, on the flurry and the choices it offers, so will you have problems settling in to a nice flow, utilizing it for good and for growth.

So remain cognizant of your inner place of calm, your so well-known balanced inner spirit self, as you maneuver through and around this energy. For often will your inner knowing directly desire to engage it and other times will your inner awareness say, “No, not now.”

That is what you are looking for you know, that inner dialogue that is so peacefully knowing and right. Once you find it; acknowledge it. Allow that inner silence to be broken only by the true inner voice. Then will you find that using this energy, or any other, will be perfectly natural and easy. In such a state of right knowing will all actions also be right actions. Thoughts will be centered on this place of knowing too and they will lead you to correct conclusions as you allow energetic convergence and participation with the outer energy to become part of your daily life.