#360 Take a Ride on the Speeding Energy Train

Dear Jeanne,
Can you talk about the energy and what we can expect for the week ahead?

There is no need to fear this energy that has now left behind the boxed apparatus of confined vigilance. Now is the bursting out. The energetic easing of pressure is over soon, for this is a time of release and eventual smoothing out as a new reality is encountered. That is what you must all contend with now. In some way has your reality shifted and changed and it is up to each of you to follow through with where it seeks to lead you next.

It not only now becomes a guiding energy but also an allowing energy, giving you permission to follow, to allow the self to have new experiences based on what you have learned about the self during this recent energetic time.

The energy has had plenty of time to play with you and you with it. But now, as shift occurs once again, is it time to get serious and forcefully ascertain that the lessons you have learned are extremely valuable life-altering lessons to now be fully embraced and utilized for further growth.

If you do fully embrace your lessons, so can I guarantee that your progress now will escalate as the energy continues to flow at an exorbitant and excited pace. Now is it your time of choice making. This is a time of decision making, not a time to wait and see, but a time to act based on what you have recently learned about the self. Your presence upon that earth is not haphazard or random. You are energy that is necessary, vital, and meaningful for some purpose that only you will grasp when the time is right for you to do so.

This time of now is energetically aligned to enlighten, engage, and enervate you, offering you plenty of incentive to decide just what that purpose might be. Many of you are re-discovering who you are now during this time of energetic push. Many of you are discovering aspects of self that you did not even know existed. And many of you are finding out that you are more than just your body and your mind, but a whole other being, comprised of energy as well.

The aspect of self that is energy is capable of so much more than you can even imagine. And this is what you are about to learn and explore further as you step out of your blown apart house, your place of boxed in rattling energy. Flow now with it, as it continues to swirl you about, wishing for your participation; as it invites you to go along with it, not just for the ride, but for the reasons that it shows you, the possibilities it presents, and the sheer magic that it holds for you.

The energy of this great shift is now available for your growth. Do you elect to go further in your life than ever before? Do you elect to let go of your fears and ride the energy forward now? Do you trust your self to take a new journey on this energetic wave of change?

Come on, the energy feels great today! Position your self to be able to take advantage of it, of the outer energy, but also of your own trusting and eager inner energy because you want change, meaning, and purpose to be in your life. That is what is being offered, but you must make some decisions if you are to be actively involved in taking a ride on this speeding energy train. It is pulling into your nearness now. Are you going to hop on?

I’ll save you a seat. Don’t worry; we’ll be traveling in style, comfort, and safety, with plenty of powerful fuel, free fuel. So don’t hesitate because of lack of energy; that is not going to be a problem. The only thing you need to do is push aside your fears of change. Unburdened of fear are you freed to step lightly and easily forward into pure energy and experience what it means to ride this energetic wave of change.