Channeling Changes

New Daily Channeling Schedule

Beginning on June 30, 2008 we will be instituting a new process on the channeling website and in the use of Jan’s channeling ability in general. As of this date, the daily messages will appear on the website three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. These channeling times will be devoted to answering your questions, which we heartily encourage you to ask. One day of each week will, most likely, be allotted for a weekly interpretation and understanding of the energy, since it seems to be a good topic, one that Jeanne is in tune with, and is helpful to the majority of readers. As has been the procedure, if no questions are pending from you, the Readers, Jan will ask for guidance in general.

Jeanne Re-joins the Practice!

Private Channeling Sessions

We now offer personal channeling sessions in our office at the Chocolate Factory in Red Hook, New York. (Jeanne enthusiastically welcomed “rejoining the practice,” as she said, when we asked her if this was a good idea.) Since we have not explored long distance channeling, nor the process of how to practically go about it, the sessions will, for now, only be available in our office.

We are aware that many people want to ask Jeanne for advice and guidance, but are not comfortable asking in the public forum on the website. We wish to make the opportunity to ask for guidance available to as many people as possible, factoring in the availability of Jan’s energy.

Preparation and Setting Intent

We request that if you would like to schedule a personal channeling session with us that you come prepared with several questions, ready to proceed directly into the session, so that the time may be fully utilized. You may ask as many, or few questions as you like within the given time frame. You are also free to have a dialogue with Jeanne, interacting with her; asking for clarification if something is not clear to you, or asking appropriate follow up questions if the message coming from Jeanne poses additional queries.

Please be aware that Jan’s channeling connection is only with Jeanne. In our early exploration of Jan’s channeling ability, we presented questions to other evolved entities. This frequently resulted in Jan being immediately taken to the Akashic Library, rapidly researching records, and then being transported into the lives of others, into other eras, and subjected to the energetic influences of those entities. Afterwards, we discovered that Jan’s energy was greatly depleted. This never was, and never is, her experience when channeling Jeanne. In fact, the opposite occurs, her energy is rejuvenated by the connection.

Jeanne continually warned Jan to be sure she was channeling her. As a safe guard, each channeling session begins with Jeanne being addressed by name. Jan is completely familiar with Jeanne’s resonant energy, which is pure, with a benevolent intent. We decided, after several energetically uncomfortable experiences, to only open the channel to Jeanne, asking for her perspective and guidance.

So if you seek to connect with a deceased relative, Jeanne may be the guide in how to develop a personal channel to that entity, however a direct connection through Jan and Jeanne is not offered in our channeling sessions. If that is the experience you are seeking you need to explore other psychic channels or shamans who offer this service. However, please be aware.

Many people have learned how to open the door to the spirit world. All of us seek, on some level, a connection to the greater reality of energy beyond the confines of everyday life in this world. Jeanne’s guidance has been geared, over the past few years, toward enabling us all to find this connection within ourselves through safe, pragmatic, and sober means. Opening up to the world of energy, without sobriety and awareness, leaves us easy prey for the trickster sorcerers, and other entities who seek our energy. Even those who are highly aware can fall under the spell, with devastating consequences.

Don Juan instructed Carlos Castaneda that the world of energy is a predatory universe, willing to cater to our desires in exchange for our energy. Many a “shaman” has been seduced and captivated by powers that achieve their own malevolent intent through the unawareness of the shaman. Castaneda himself, despite warnings from Don Juan, was tricked and captured by such an entity, requiring a dramatic rescue to free his energy. Always pay attention to the messages from your own inner spirit when seeking a guide. Look for and recognize feelings of resonance with those guides, spirit or otherwise. Your own energy will tell you if you are connecting in a resonant manner.

How the Process Works

The sessions take place in our recording nook, in comfortable seating, in a calm, safe and peaceful environment, where many of you have experienced hypnosis. During the session a CD recording, which you may take with you, is made. Chuck moderates, monitors Jan’s energy, and operates the recording equipment. During the session Jan goes into trance, a somnambulant state, where her ability to speak remains in tact. During the session Chuck, Jan, and you, the client, wear comfortable headsets with microphones, so that your questions may be directly presented to Jeanne through Jan.

The Session Breakdown

The 50-minute session is broken down into a 20-25 minute channeling (during which you speak directly with Jeanne), preceded by an explanation of the procedure, and followed by an interpretation and clarification of the message from Jeanne, with additional input from Jan, if available. Often, during the trance state, Jan is receiving visual and sensory awareness that is impossible to express and interpret while speaking. These phenomena will be addressed and further illuminated during the post-session, while the CD is being finalized for you.

The Cost

Each session lasts for 50 minutes and costs our normal, and very affordable rate of $70. Sessions are scheduled in advance, by appointment only. If a longer session is desired, it must be prearranged and scheduled ahead of time, and the cost adjusted accordingly.

Statement of Understanding

The following statement of understanding, that a channeling session is solely for personal growth, will require your signature before we begin.

“I am fully aware that my participation in a channeling session is to obtain guidance and knowledge, which may be helpful for my personal growth. I assume full responsibility for assessing the value of the guidance, deciding how it might be applicable to my life. I understand that this session is not psychotherapy, nor a command from an evolved being. Only I can decide what is truly right for me, and I maintain that stance as I evaluate the guidance and suggestions of this channeling session.”

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