#342 Overall Outlook on the Week Ahead

We have made some changes to the channeling schedule. See the news posted just below today’s message for information about this, as well as information about our new offering of private channeling sessions.

Dear Jeanne,
Would you please give us an idea of the energy outlook for the week ahead, your perspective on what is to come?

My Dear Ones, I do not like to present you with too much information, for I fear that too many Readers may attach to the prospect of good or bad energy, and become unable to flow, as a result of fixation upon the forecast. But, Yes, I will address the overall outlook in this week ahead.

It does bode well for your intent of purpose to remain innerly focused, for there will be a new culmination soon upon you, a shift, that will carry much light, much relief, and much power. But it will only be useful, deeply so, if you are focused on remaining stable and intent upon your deepest issues. To simply say, “Hurray, a new energy shift!” will just not cut it, for then do you risk allowing your self to fall into the trap of letting go, and seeking compensation for the past few weeks and months of turmoil and confusion.

This is not a celebratory energy, but it is a crucial energy that, if used correctly, will in fact lead you further toward good self image, good self inner work, and good prospects for the future. But it is not an energy that should be used to compensate the outer self, or the big baby, for the hard work already done. So I warn all of you, to not go overboard in celebration of any aspect of the self, either the inner or the outer self.

Maintain your pragmatic stability. Remind your self that such energy is recurring often, and that this coming week is bringing a blip of energetic profusion, propelling in its intensity. But you must steer your self properly; conduct your self as a master warrior; the captain of your ship, who knows that with such energy must your focus and your skills remain top notch, and as highly alert as when the energy is dark and brewing with the opposite kind of intent. Whether you are entering happier waters or not, must your awareness and clarity remain keen and alert, for below the surface do the dark places remain, awaiting slips in your awareness, ready to capsize you, even on the prettiest of days, and the calmest of waters.

So yes, do look ahead to enjoying a most flowing session now of lighter energy, as a new shift happens in a day or two. You may feel it; you may be attuned or not; it does not matter, specifically, if you notice a change, but what does, specifically, matter is that you remain alert to your own inner issues. For those are the things that will lead you into trouble or not, depending on how you elect to handle them, as they appear to sabotage your days. For your innermost issues will seek to sabotage your festivities and parties, your vacations, and your calmly flowing days; that is their job. But it is up to the mature, adult, cognizant self; intent upon growth; to remain present; electing to soberly, with knowledge of the trickery that lies in the energy outside of you and inside the self, maintain stability and keep on an even course.

So My Dears, I can forecast a wild ride ahead, to warn you to remain calm, innerly calm. Or I could just say, watch out, the week ahead will test you greatly. So as you can see, I said both because both are true! It is also true that each one of you have great ability to remain innerly focused, innerly questioning, and aware, so that you do not subject your self to extremes of temper, emotion, mood, or excesses of the body, or the mind. All of you have the ability to be the adults you truly are, to allow your selves to remain on your chosen path of growth, to flow calmly through the energy; alert captains, steady warriors, because that is who you truly are; and that is who you seek to remain, at all times, no matter what the energy outside or inside is trying to do.

This is a week of testing. It is a test of awareness of mind, spirit, and body. It is a time of balance, alignment, steadiness, and straightforward focus of intent on your true reason for living. Keep that in sight at all times, using it to pull you back again to your position of control and steady calm. When I speak of control, do I not speak of your old habits of control so that you lose touch with the present, and your progress, or your path. I speak specifically of your control of your awareness; your keen alertness to remain focused on your path, which you have now been training and tweaking into a fine attribute. That is what you must maintain control of, your awareness My Dears.

Good Luck! I look forward to your progress; your stable awareness of the energy; your clarity in perceiving your outer world and your inner world, and your keen abilities to maneuver the energy that now approaches. You can do it, that I have no doubt about!