#343 When a Parting of Paths is Encountered

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Today a Reader asks a question.

Dear Jeanne,
As I am moving along on my journey, I am changing. However, some of my friends are not. I am not sure how to handle this. Could you please give me some advice on this?


My Dearest Eva, your journey must proceed in the direction you are pushed. You must pursue all avenues that open to guide, direct, and also lead you along your path. Doors will open, places will be revealed, recapitulation will be taking place everywhere you look, but do not fixate on the slowness of the world around you as you do your inner work.

For the outer world will appear to you in a different manner as you do your deepest work. It may slow down, disappear from view, become amorphous, and not as real as your inner world. The outer world may simply appear as less important too, and that is as it should be. As you resolve your innermost issues, as you take your own journey, do not be surprised at others who do not comprehend the need you have to do this inner work, for not everyone is prepared, or daring enough, to investigate their inner being.

As you progress along your chosen path, so must you confront what it means that friends become less friendly, less interesting, less inviting. You may tire of others who at one time meant much to you. You may find that others do not hold what you need in order to move along at your pace, but that they hold you back. You may get tired of the same mirrors being held up to you by them; for once you have investigated what that mirror holds, so do you no longer need to keep looking in to it.

Friends who remain friends will accept the new and changing you. They may not completely understand your journey, and that is not expected, but they will hold respect for your means of growth, and that is the important factor. Even as you fear you will lose friends, become bored by them, or dispute with them, so must you, in turn, respect them for the decisions they make, the paths they take, the conflicts and the choices they have. You expect to be respected, and so do they, even though you may look upon them and see stagnancy and missteps, not in alignment with your own choices.

To venture into the deepest realms of the self, must you be prepared for a solo journey, available to undertake your solo tasks and your solo issues that will require you to understand life as a solo journey. The people you meet along the way may venture forth beside you for a time, but then depart from your direction when a parting of paths is encountered. This is how journeys through that life are set up, so that companionship and company are enjoyed, but ultimately is the journey a solo one.

Maintain focus on respect for the self, as well as the journeys that others take. Utilize your deep feelings of love and compassion to send others off on their travels, and utilize the same attributes toward new faces that look to you, a mirror of themselves. Meeting people on your solo journey reflects your own passing phase, for separate reasons, but ultimately are the deepest reasons because you give and take something from each person you interact with on your journey, no matter how tiny or seemingly insignificant.

Discover what your friends offer you. Discover what the significance is of your journeying together. Discover where you are now, and discover where you are going next. See who is ready to flow with you a while longer, and discover who lifts a hand and waves now from a distance, your companionship meaningful for a time of importance and significance, but now done, completed for this journey.

Absolve your self of feeling responsible for others, for those you come in contact with who desire your energy. Be compassionate toward others; be loving and strong. But ultimately, must you decide how, where, and with whom you will spend your energy. You will discover that people will fade from your energy field when the time is right. Do not pull them back, or disrupt their need to move in a new direction, for even as they shift and change so are your own changes being noted and respected, even though closeness is no longer shared.

To miss the company of others one once held close is, of course, a tender area, where feelings may arise. But that is a signal of recapitulation, and it is in the act of resolution that closure comes. As you evolve, learn what it means to recapitulate, for that is what you speak of now, in this question. You attempt to understand the need to grow and evolve, juxtaposed with the need to maintain a semblance of connection that, in reality, is no longer alive.

Allow your heart to guide you, your spirit to direct you, and your evolving self to release you from your old ties that have already loosened and are flowing behind you in the wind. Your recapitulation is freeing you in so many ways. Do not doubt the rightness of your journey, or the confrontations with the realities of life that you must encounter. You do not lose friends as you travel. You take with you the gifts they give you, the experiences, and the participation in your journey. Your journey is one of learning to accept that a life truly lived is one of love, compassion, and openness to change, with the ability to flow, continually grow, and move onward, without regret, if your job is well done, your inner issues resolved, and your future allowed to remain an open door.

Your path is full of twists and turns, but your view from the path, if you care to look up and out, is quite magnificent. Lift your head from the stones at your feet, and look out at the wider picture more often, to give you incentive, eagerness, and the invitation to discover the possibilities that truly do lie ahead, as you do your inner work. Seek always balance, maintain awareness of future life, and you will do well, as you take your heart-centered journey.