#344 It Is No Accident That You Have This Child

Today a Reader asks a question.

Dear Jeanne,
This time, I am asking a question about my youngest son. He and I have a very special bond. “He marches to the beat of a different drummer.” My sense is that he is an old soul. He has always been intuitive. He now seems ready to learn more. I want to gently encourage him to develop his intuition. Is now the time to give him the opportunity to ask for guidance from you, Jeanne?

My husband and I have been teaching him about the Universe, and God, and Spirituality. We are not involved in a church at the present time. We are Catholic, and we have exposed our children to the Catholic religion, but my husband and I prefer to look at God, Spirituality and the Universe in a different way.

I look forward to your guidance…Sincerely, D.A.D.

Children, My Dear Reader, have access to far greater than you imagine. To be in a state of pure innocence allows for a natural flow of intuition and spiritual connection, especially if given permission by the parents, or others in authority. To stifle or discourage spiritual connection, no matter what form it takes, is to cover over the natural aspects of youth. But one must also be aware that each young journeyer upon that planet Earth must make the journey firmly rooted in that world in order to evolve. But that being said, so is each person’s journey relative to their spiritual presence.

As you speak of, with this boy, so does he appear to you as an ancient soul, ready to explore the realms of knowing, seeing, and awareness of other worlds; and this you cannot stop, nor can you control it either. For his own spirit will pull and direct him either way. His own abilities do not seem to be in question by you, but he must find his own comfortable manner, in his own world, for dealing with what he has been entrusted with at such an early age. I speak of awareness, for that is what he holds most apparent, and that will also be his challenge, to continue holding on to it, in spite of the world around him and the confrontations to come, as he grows, matures and understands the world.

This is a grand time to be such a child, a child of intuition and awareness. It is not easily dismissed either, for there are many who have entered that realm lately, who carry such abilities. But he must not be signaled as special in any way, nor provided with separate attention, for his journey must be what it will be, for his own sake and his own growth.

Be aware that the ego must grow and develop, but he must not be burdened with ultra-ego for what he cannot help. He carries already the burden of awareness, and that is not an easy one to bear, or to produce before the world, as he must encounter it. His world is different from your own, yet must you be his guide, for you are in contact with and have knowledge about the greater unseen forces that do exist.

His own awareness is accepting of your perspective, for it gives him permission to be accepting of his own abilities. However, I do not encourage leading him in any direction, including to me, for in so doing will you interrupt his natural inclination to explore his own inner world. Allow him to explore, even as you now seek to explore.

Your own spiritual self was stifled and misdirected, yet have you now found your way back to Self. You explore your inner self in relationship to the misguided, misdirected, and perhaps mistaken perceptions that you encountered as a child. Your own journey now points you to reinvestigating your own life, so that you may find clarity and reason for your past, freeing you to find clarity and reason for your adult self in that world.

Your own journey must be your focus, for only in resolving the riddles of the self will you truly be available to guide your young child. Look upon him now as your mirror. Do you not see that his innocence, his clairvoyance, and his powers of spirit knowing are also deeply embedded in your self. It is no accident that you have this child in your presence. He offers you knowledge of your own truths.

Treat your self as lovingly and tenderly as you treat this child. Be as cautious and careful with your own inner child, wanting to encourage immersion in inner exploration, yet also cautious to not misdirect or offer too much. Allow your son to lead you now. Allow the utterances he speaks, to teach you what you need to know about your self, your inner child, and your direction now, as you explore who you are.

I do not think you need to worry about him. His journey must be supported, and he must be offered access to all that you, his parents, can offer him. But he will follow his own path, and you cannot sway him from what he must learn about life upon that Earth, just as you too had to learn about life upon that planet, as a young and tender child.

Do not direct his life, but do not misguide either. Allow him to find his ancient spirit within, by his own explorations. Do not thwart his grounding in that world either. Protect his innocence, his physical being, but do not protect his adventuresome spirit from being offered the opportunities to grow and to evolve. Know his spirit as fully capable of finding what it needs, both in the physical world and in the spirit-seeking world.

Do not burden him with your fears, or with your desires. But show him what you have discovered works for you; but also allow the truth of exploration to be known to him, and your other children as well. For his explorations should not be limited, nor yours either. For there is always more to discover and find resonance with as you change and do your own growing.

The souls of the young ones are not unevolved, but so have they turned to life upon that planet once again, for a reason. And this is also what you must keep in mind, that each one of them has returned to do life again, for their own evolutionary purposes. And that is what you, as parents, must remind your children, that they are there for evolutionary purposes, choosing to take the journey through life for growth, and for learning what they must learn, in order to evolve to a new stage of energetic life.

Do teach the laws of energy, and the rules of evolutionary growth. Do teach what man has not dared to speak of, except in hushed tones, and as alternative and esoteric thoughts of spirit centeredness, that all of you are energy beings, encompassed in human form for a reason that only you will know and must discover.

Life is more than a journey. It is a constant uncovering and revealing of purpose, both purpose for that life, but also purpose for evolution. Why is he here, and where is he going next? Those are his questions to seek and find the answers to, as all must.

Be his guide; be his companion; be his mirror, even as he must be all of these things for you and your husband. Teach your children, but allow them also to teach you. Guide, but do not attempt to constrain or hold back what the spirit in each child must do. Do not hold them back from encountering the world they live in, for that would be as damaging as holding them back from encountering their spirit selves.

Your jobs as parents are fraught with delicate situations, as you know so much, too much, about how the world works, yet do you not want to discourage growth and independence in any child. Allow your children, all of them, to know that there is no one right religion, nor any right path, but all must have the freedom to be guided by their own inner spirit knowing. Teach them to follow always their heart, their inner guide of resonance, combined with their knowledge of how the world works. For only with such balance will they make good choices, even as you must also function in a stable and pragmatic manner in order to grow.

Teach them responsibility for the choices they make. Teach them to fully embrace and own the mistakes and missteps they take. Allow them to discover the power they hold within, to be cognizant and aware that they are on a journey, that they are spirit seekers, and that they are charged with becoming mature adults, available to learning how energy works, and how it can be available for them as they grow and learn about life.

My Dearest Reader, you cannot overly protect this child, as you wish you had been. For in protection is there denial of life. Allow him, in his innocence, to lead you along your path. Allow his guidance to show you where he chooses to go. As for introducing him to the likes of me? Well, I think he already has found his own Jeanne, (Genie), and his connection is strong. That is not the world you need to instruct him in.

Find your peace in knowing that you are the right parents for him. Watch the wonder of him and your other children, as they grow away from you and become citizens of the world, with the viewpoint you provide them with. It is not so confusing a world if you comprehend at an early age that life is a journey, and that every one you meet is on a significant journey leading them and their soul to completion. That simplification can have great impact upon the choices one makes in life.

Watch the grand unfolding of life taking place all around you. Love your children. But also learn to love your self, as you take your own journey. Become as unafraid as you want your children to be in the outer world. For their own protection comes in nothing being hidden, denied; but straight talk about the realities of the world will prepare them well for life ahead. Do not deny your own straight talk either. That is what you all need, in order to mature and grow, accepting your own journeys for what they truly are, spiritual journeys in a changing, evolving world.

Stay connected. Find your center. Live lives of meaning. Find always the connection that will lead you forward, the resonances in your life that reverberate through your heart center. Guide your young ones to understand that their own heart center is their truth center, and your parenting will be well done.