#341 Your Heart is Your Center, Your Connection

A Reader asks a question.

Dear Jeanne,
I have a question concerning my heart center. I have been told, many times in my life, that I “wear my heart on my sleeve.” So over the years, I have come to regard my heart as a source of vulnerability, not as a place of safety and strength. Now as I do my inner work, I feel both safe and unsafe in my heart center. I have no problem keeping my heart “physically strong,” but I have much confusion as to keeping my heart “emotionally strong.” In giving outside sources power over my heart, I gave it away. How can I work on returning my heart to me?

Thank you again for your guidance, as I continue on my path through life.

Sincerely, D.A.D.

Your heart is your center, your connection to the inner you and the outer you. It is the place of confrontation and love, the battleground of good and evil, of temptation and desire, as well as your emotional and vulnerable companion. Your heart center is your place of longing for spiritual content in your life, for it holds within the means of connection to all-knowing and to infinite possibility. It hides within the seeds of your evolutionary potential. More than any other part of your body does it hold your powers of possibility.

It is your center. It is your circle of protection as well as your circle of strength. It offers not only your inner self to you for exploration and learning, but it offers you the opportunity to bring that inner self out into your outer world. And that is your dilemma. How can you be a beautiful spiritual being in a world that does not seem inviting to such a pure and truthful being? How can you expose your tenderness of spirit to the cold and confusing world outside of you? How can you safely live in your place of centeredness, while exposing your vulnerabilities and truths to the world that appears to desire so much of that which is opposed to such spiritual yearnings?

Your strength will come from this place that you now call vulnerable and emotional. Your strength of heart will evolve as you evolve, and as you learn what it means to follow your heart. The heart, the spirit center of your being, will lead you correctly and that is what you must trust. It is the seat of your journey, the truthful knowing center that speaks clearly, and always truthfully. But the rest of you must enter its chamber, and sit quietly, shutting out the noises of your environment in order to hear its clearly chiming message of direction, growth, and presence.

It asks you to be present in now. It asks you to live a balanced life. That may mean different things for different people. Your balance may be a choice between living fully in the world because you have not done that yet, learning how it works, holding your heart center for your knowing guidance as you maneuver the world, the reality of the physical world, the practices of maturing to a responsible, practical, and compassionate being. Or you may be at a place where your balance is shifting now, to a new aspect of life on the spiritual plane. So look at life as being offered to you, as two platters. One is full of all that life and the real world offers to you. The other is a huge platter full of the aspects of spiritual knowing and connection. Both platters offer realities, true worlds of truth and sustenance. Each one must be fully enjoyed, lived, consumed, and taken on during your lifetimes upon that Earth plane. And each can and must be lived with balance in order to evolve.

But there does come a time when a shift happens; a conscious shift, subtle at first, spirit driven; perhaps a lifetime centeredness of intent to go the route of the spirit. A selection is made, perhaps early on, or perhaps much later in life when one realizes that the huge platter of life’s offerings of that world are no longer as enticing as the offerings of the spirit platter. Then is your heart center speaking of a new balance, about to transform you from a person balanced in the physical plane, with a new you, now seeking balance in the spiritual plane.

This time upon that Earth now holds many beings who have finished eating from the platter of worldly enticements, and they are ready, willing, and able to choose now from the spiritual offerings being placed before them. This is a time of transition. There are great forces behind this intent to shift the balance upon that Earth, so that those who are ready may have the opportunity to choose to live life differently, and be accepted now as beings of spirit, rather than solely world beings, or only partially beings of spirit.

The time now is set up for spirit to take over and create a new balance, and that is what you struggle with, My Dear Reader. Your own spirit is not only suggesting to you that you are indeed wholly spirit, but it is challenging you to take on the task of shifting your balance to this aspect of life. You are not alone in your challenges, or your endeavors to seek clarity of the inner self. There are seekers in abundance. Look around you, all My Dear Readers. These words come to you through such seekers. Both Jan and I are of the spirit seeking sort. My Dearest Chuck is wholly spirit driven. Yet do they, my companions in this awakening, reside among you, struggling with the choices that must be made in life, even as you do. But their spirits have pushed forward now, speaking loudly that, yes, this is the only direction to proceed in, for life all around us is changing.

Do you choose to fight the greater intent of the universe, the direction of spirit? I don’t think you do, My Dear Reader, nor do I think many do. But you are afraid to reveal your vulnerability, and your inner tender truths that you seek connection, love, and recognition for your spirit in that world. And that is okay, because you know what? Now is the time for such recognition. Now is the time of shift to spirit balance, away from the golden platter of opportunities in the physical world, now tilting and shifting, and no longer quite as appealing. The platter of light, of true light of self, is available now, and you can safely choose it because it is the new direction for all humanity to go forward in.

Hold your tenderness in your heart center, and know it is one of your truths. Hold your vulnerabilities, your emotions, your fears, and your caring self in your heart center, and recognize these also as your truths. You do not need to hide them, deny them, or bury them. But you do need to accept them as your human attributes that will work well to bring you to a place of spirit balance.

You are safe, My Dear, as you take this journey into your heart centered truths. Your heart-on-your-sleeve approach may not work so well because you deny your SELF then. Put your heart back where it belongs, and allow it to be present for you and your inner work now. Love your SELF for the journey you are taking. Accept your vulnerabilities and your challenges. Don’t hide your heart, or seek to protect it. Let it be your guide and your seeking companion.

Are you choosing this new path, accepting the gifts offered on the platter of spirit, of light, and of evolutionary growth? Yes? I believe I can hear your answer, muffled as it may be. Well, then, My Dear Journeyer, and all of you, My Readers, who also are making choices now, during this time of shift and opportunity, I welcome you to the universe, and into a new way of life!

Allow your knowing heart to reverberate with your choices. You will not be misguided.