#340 Your Indecisiveness Got Your Energy

A Reader asks a question.

Dear Jeanne,
I find myself plagued with indecisiveness. Which shirt to buy, which supplement to take, which healing modality to try, which house to buy… the list is endless. It keeps me up at night and keeps me from remaining present, focused and happy; not to mention it always turns into an obsession. And it seems whatever choice I end up making, is never exactly right.

Why does this happen, and more importantly, how can I stop it? It totally depletes me.

My Dear Reader, your choices in life should not, in truth, focus on the mundanities of that world, such as you describe, but do require the choice to remain aware of the differences between light and dark. Yes, that world does pull often with its enticements, everything from food and wines, to greedy opportunities of desires, wants, and supposed needs. But you must turn always your focus inward, and desire instead clarity and awareness. I think you will find that simplicity, and intent on remaining heart centered, are far better obsessions than attachments to the outer world.

I suggest that focus turn always inward when confronted with a choice. Is this proposition resonant with my growth as an evolutionary being? If focus remains on living a simple life, working on the inner world so that it may become completely revealed and known, so will the outer world, that reality you get so caught by, become clearer as well. Indecisiveness is the meandering between worlds, the path fogged over, the precipice where enticements linger, offering energy draining propositions.

As you say, you just end up “totally depleted” as you waffle and flounder in your mind’s confusion. Well, My Dear Reader, that tells me that your indecisiveness got your energy. You allowed it to take over. In your confusion and blurry thinking, did the presentations of the outer world take over, creating havoc, and stealing your energetic potential. I do admonish detachment from such thoughts, though I understand how this may, at times, seem an impossible task. But keep in mind, that if your mind is cluttered, obsessing and swirling with such busyness, so have you gotten caught in a place of nothingness, for those thoughts do not truly lead you anywhere. And that is what you must be aware of.

Am I wasting my energy thinking about this or that? What does it matter if I buy one shirt or another? Do I really need to spend my time on such trivia? If you are not working on your evolutionary potential, I fear that you are wasting your time.

I do not mean to be cruel or abrupt in my assessment of this obsession with things, and wasted energy spent on non-essentials because I do know that many things are necessary, and many things are simply pleasures that make life more enjoyable. But I do mean to constantly point out your path. And you, My Dear Reader, do get caught in your mind quite often. Far better to take off your head, as I like to say, and reside in your knowing heart center, that pragmatic and faithful companion, the inner self who knows all the answers. Remember that you seek to live a simple life. You seek to become innerly stable, and self-sustaining. You seek clarity of purpose, and awareness of how your energy gets used. If you get caught in obsessive indecisiveness, then must I clearly say, OOPS, you are caught again!

Take off your head, bury it a while, and return instead to your inner knowing that most likely what you have swirling around in your mind is but attachment to feeders and energy seekers.

Even the minutest of leaks may give you access to such depleters of energy, and that is what you must avoid. Protect your energy. You need it for you. You need it for your work.

All of you, My Dear Readers, must learn that taking off your head more often is quite a nice way to gain inner focus, awareness, and a deeper sense of the self as an energy being. If more of you could practice this phenomenon, the better you would be as a channel as well. It is the practice I suggest will work to aid you in connecting with your guides and your mentors in infinity, as well as with your inner self. The heart center is your point of communication, awareness, and knowing, not your head. So open up this spot in your physical body more often.

Give up your head, and remain focused on growing as a spiritual being, leading a simple life, making choices that are conducive to such a life but will also promote your inner potential. If your choices are made from your inner spot of calm resonance, so will they always be gratifying. And even if your choices are, as you say, “never exactly right,” so must I disagree with you there. For all choices, once made, are exactly right, and what you do next matters as well.

Continue your journey, knowing that you are offered much guidance, but you must ask for assistance, not from your busy mind, but instead from your place of inner calm knowing, leaving your head at the door of your busy life, and allowing your inner knowing to do your thinking for you.

I hope this helps you detach and flow more gently now. Your way is clear, though your eyes are not looking in the proper direction. Do not look outward, but do look inward. That is where you will find all the answers to your questions. Good Luck!