#339 You Don’t Need the Outside Energy This Week

Dear Jeanne,
Can you talk about the energy that we are experiencing now, and offer us some guidance on how to deal with it? It is affecting a lot of people’s moods, tempers, and emotions.

The energy spirals upward now to a point in the near future when it will culminate in a burst of gratitude for a rough week of turmoil. Be careful what you say to people now, as this energy does swirl. You might regret it. It is a time of indecision, only because there is no supporting clarity, as this energy creates a whirlwind full of dust and debris.

The best course of action during such a time is to lie low, keeping your face out of the flying dust, guarding your eyes, and keeping your head safe from objects sent propelling by the energy. It is not a time to make rash decisions or have conversations of significance. It is not a time for confrontation either, for in presenting difficult propositions, or truths, do you risk being rejected outright.

I know that this is a time of difficulty for many, but if you remain aware that it is the energy of the universe, the alignment of planetary forces concocting such a milkshake of thick energetic feeling, so can you hunker down and ignore it until it passes, which will be soon. This is not a time that you should be making any progress with. It is a temporary blip in the good underlying energy. In fact, the good underlying energy is at the base of this, sending negative forces shooting out of the way, so that relaxed calm can again proceed.

Your moods, and such, are truly affected by these forceful energetic properties, but that doesn’t mean you need to attach to them. They are but the result of the outward forces. You are left sitting in the dust, as the rocket ship of energy does propel upward now.

Keep yourselves guarded and safe. Do not allow attachment to old ideas of the self to become your mantra, for you have come too far for such baby talk. Speak now the new adult mantras, the ones of an evolving being, the ones of a person on a journey that is often wrought with negative energies.

Remove the darkness from your thoughts and emotions. Stay calm in the storm. Just wait it out in your heart centered space that you have worked so hard to create. That is where you should turn during times of confusion, and times of energetic pulls that are not clearly outside of you, but are, in fact, just that.

You don’t need the outside energy this week. Stick with your own inner energy. Use it to clear up any of your lingering issues and doubts about the rightness of your choices. Sweep doubt out your door, and let it go off into the dust bowl that is swirling outside. Let your doubts and confusions about your own journey be sucked out of you and up into the whirlwind. Then sit back down in your calm, knowing that you are safe, protected, and definitely on the right track. Allow your trust in your self to pick up some momentum now. Create an inner whirlwind in order to spark your interest in your own amazing journey again.

All of you, My Dear Readers, do not get caught by the silliness of this outer energy. Yes, it is dangerous, but it is also quite ridiculous, and that is what you will discover after it is over, if you have gotten caught in it. You will discover that you have acted in quite a ridiculous manner. And if that happens, you’ll just have to let it go, no regrets, but fully learn that the outside energy can be dangerous, as well as helpful. Your awareness of it, however, must be attached to your inner work, and whether or not you really need it.

Do you really need to use the outside energy? Or are you better off sticking with your own inner energy, your inner light; burning a nice and steady glow; a calm pilot light always ready for you to come home to, to light your fire from within, using your own energy.