#335 Protect Your Self With the Energy of Mother Earth

A Seeker asks a question today.

Dear Jeanne,
First, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to ask questions, and seek guidance, which I feel is a gift for me, as I am feeling so many changes and shifts in my energy, the energy of others, and the energy of the universe.

Lately, I have been more aware of breaks in physical time. I can feel “time stand still”. It happened to me yesterday as I was reading some of the spiritual books I have been collecting. It has also happened at other times, when I am doing other types of inner work (meditating, dreaming, talking to friends about their energy experiences). It seems like an odd mix between a dream, and an out of body experience. Is what I am feeling a heightened awareness? How does time stand still, and what does this mean?

Thank you again for the opportunity to ask my question. I enjoy spending time on the website. I always receive the gift of a special message to guide me on my journey.

Sincerely, D.A.D.

My Dear Reader, you are having experiences of awareness. As I have mentioned often, in energetic composition is there no concept of time; in this state is time unframed, undefined, and unlimited. In awareness is it but the moment of now that is perceived and experienced. This appears to be what you are describing.

I would like to point out that awareness becomes critically heightened during times of stress. At those times, is your sense of time perhaps even more noticeably slowed; diminished to nothing but keen alertness, clarity, and awareness of an internal and external sort, beyond the mind and the body. And even though the body and mind become ultra-sensed and ultra-sensitive in heightened awareness, so is your energy also outside of the confines of the body.

In heightened awareness, as you experience your energy in this state of removal, at the same time that you remain peripherally attached to your physicalness, so do you have the opportunity to maintain awareness if you can anchor your self in your spirit training, and not attach to some other reason for your odd experience. It seems that you are able to stay attached to your inner knowing. But I also perceive that you find it an opportunity to let go of your awareness and lose your attention to clarity. However, this process of “letting go” is not the one I condone.

To allow the self to have experiences out of body is to venture into a new realm of self. This is the energy self. But one must be cautious, at all times, to protect the energy body during such an adventure if one is vulnerable to outside energy. If one lives precariously, on the edge of reality, wishing only for the spiritual, does one not favor the spiritual side, as you might think, but become vulnerable to other energy, as one is steeped in imbalances.

These experiences you describe are tantalizing, and very valid experiments to undertake and to allow the self to become aware of. They are good training for your awareness. And yes, to gain a sense of what it means to be in heightened awareness is a most beneficial position to be in. But, My Dear One, I fear that you might overly seek such experiences, spending too much time in your energy body and in so doing, opening the door to other entities who wish to steal your energetic beauty. For you hold in your personal realm much enticing energy of the sort that has great potential. And now during your times of struggle upon that Earth, is there a great battle upon you to give up that wonderfully powerful energy to those more skilled at such battle.

I fear that you will lose your footing, so I suggest that you seek firmer placement in the real world of your grounded life upon that Earth. You already know that you are an energy being, and that you have a well-developed ability to go off into other worlds, suspended in the moment, in order to experience energy, awareness, and the potential of future energetic form. But put that talent aside while you more firmly ground your physical being in the world you live in.

You must anchor your self, most firmly, in the ground. Protect your self with the energy of Mother Earth, so that when you wish to go off on an adventure of energetic proportions, so do you have a tightly woven filament of attachment to the reality you must live in. You must resolve your issues of attachment, My Dear One. You have already worked on your issues of detachment to a certain extent, but now find firm attachment in the world, before you go out into energy form again. That is the inner work you must do now.

This is not just good advice for this Dear Reader, but many of you, who dip into the inner work, seek to go too far too soon. You seek it as release from the confines of that world, and I must warn you that it is not proper to do so. Your inner work is based in your life there. If you stray too often into moments of experiencing “time standing still,” so do you risk losing your necessary and vital connection to your life upon that Earth, which is your most important companion, teacher, and guide. Your reality, fixated on your world, is showing you what issues and tendencies must be addressed in order to solve your life and recapitulate. But you must also firmly ground your self in that world, in order for firm balance to be maintained.

I worry that too many of you seek the out of body experience, and the energy experience too often, that you are looking for a way out of doing life as it is presented to you, rather than doing the work on the self that is required in that very real and gritty world. Your success in the spiritual realm cannot be denied, nor should it be ignored. You are all learning many valuable lessons that will remain embedded in your awareness. But what use will they be, if you have not solved the puzzle of who you are in that life you now live? For only in solving the physically present self; as an entity with issues, problems, feelings, emotions, and mysteries as yet uncovered; and confronting all the whys of the self, will your awareness be of any use. To finish your lifetimes upon that Earth is your greatest agenda; and balancing that work with the work of the spirit is the process. So I urge all of You Beautiful Spirit Seekers, to not neglect one for the other.

And you, My Dearest Reader, who asks so graciously about finding the energy of the inner self, do not fault your self for the adventures you take, and so desire to keep taking, for you prove to your self and your energetic protectors, all the time, that you have what it takes to evolve. But even so, My Dear One, do you have other work to do, and I think you know what it entails, even though you shrink from the door behind which it waits. Do not dread it so, for it is but your truths waiting, lingering in the shadows for your discovery, and rediscovery of who you truly are; and with it resides your true power and potential.

These thoughts of equal mystery and despair reside in all of you who seek. They reside in your lives upon that Earth, where the need to solve your riddles is your greatest challenge. Free your spirit even more by continuing your inner work and your outer work. Do not walk away from the shadowy self who you catch glimpses of every day. Watch your energy at all times. It will show you what is important. But also, guard it. Ask your protectors and guides to stay with you as you confront your demons. In the end, you will discover that your demons are just unresolved aspects of the self.

Do not fear your process. After all, you have already experienced the nothingness of time, as you know it, on a daily basis. You have experienced energy as infinite, and it is showing you that you are well trained and capable of achieving your energy body. But it is also showing you that something else tugs at you and pulls you down into the whirlwind that must be confronted in the shadows of the earthly self.

So, My Dearest Reader and Seeker, I hope I have not been too confrontational. I offer my advice because you asked, though I found your heart center to be a little off balance, and this disturbs me. So please, be aware. This is what you are being shown in your daily life, that you are off-kilter in some aspect of the self. Even though you are highly aware and accepting of the spiritual self, so must you resolve your issues that pull you out of balance.

Thank you for this question. It does bode well for your future (and this is so for all of you Seekers) that you are doing such good awareness work. It is very good to do it, but remain grounded in reality, doing your recapitulation work, for it will integrate every aspect of your past, present, and future potential into a whole and balanced being of light, energy, with firmly grounded awareness in both worlds. Good Luck!