#334 Stay Centered and Aware of Your Path

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a note of guidance for humanity today?

Find again your heart center, and remain bound by the tenets of a seeking life, an evolutionary life. Even as the energy does entice you outward, and pull at your inner self to remain caught in habits and behaviors of old, so must you remain cognizant of the shifts that have taken place and continue to. Change is happening now, and within your own psyche must you recognize the resistance to such change. The resistance will come forth in various ways to sabotage your growth, your place of knowing calm, and your prosperous path.

I advocate a firm intent and reminder to constantly turn to your heart center as a place of refuge, but also as a place of rebuttal to the resistance that seeks your energy. For in old habits are you an easy prey, less aware, dulled by the nothingness that comes over you as you give in to the energy that thwarts your progress and steals you from your centered path.

This is your most important task today, to stay centered and aware of your path, for the energy of shift does carry with it the ability to push you into many wrong directions. It is up to you to remain focused, aware of the inner self, the inner questions that arise, and the inner decisions that must be made in order to grow.

This is a time of confrontation and growth, and as such will you exhibit and desire signs of awareness, yet find your self struggling with all that seeks to keep you stagnant and complacent. Wake up your inner self constantly. Focus your intent throughout your day, reminding your self that you are seeking something different now; something greater than your ego desires and your ego stubbornness; something that only your spirit can recognize. If you haven’t quite achieved this new place of resonance, so must you not give in to the saboteur, but merely return to your inner place of calm, and wait there, patiently nurturing and tending to your intent to grow and change.

Although a great shift has recently occurred, so is there soon to be another. As you now dip into the time between shifts keep this reminder of renewal, soon to arise, in your awareness. Everything changes and shifts eventually. To be stuck or in a lull is normal, but you can maintain your place of inner focus and intent no matter what the energy outside presents. And that, My Dears, is how to live an evolving life.

So although I know the energy is now forceful on the one hand, and depressing on the other, so do I urge you to not get caught in the tug of war that ensues during such time of opposition. Allow your heart centered calm dignity to keep you anchored now, so you are not pulled and tossed back and forth by the forces of energetic battle. If you must hunker down, do it in the evolutionary manner. Wait out the storm in your inner place of calm. It will soon be over.