#333 Death Carries the Light of Revelation

Sid asks a question today.

Dear Jeanne,
I have been deeply affected by the sudden death of journalist Tim Russert, as have many others in this country and around the world. He was held in high esteem for his values and his integrity, one of a precious few in public life. It has caused me to focus more intently on what my values are, what my truths are, since we are at such a pivotal time in the history of our country and the planet. Can you speak to his death specifically, and it’s meaning to this world and us as individuals? I know you don’t normally do that, but I’m asking for any light you can shed. I read your messages every day, and am grateful for your continued guidance.
With love, Sid

My Dearest Sid, you speak of the suddenness of death, the propensity for it to swoop in as you do life in your normal way, offering change, abruptly focusing your attention on the moment. What now, you may ask? What happens now? Who will speak for us now? Where did he go? Why?

The questions are often as confusing as the idea of a simple and quick release from the body. There is no fanfare in the act of sudden death. It is brutally quick and mercifully unmerciful, yet does it also carry with it the truth of life and the greater truth of change. Change is inevitable. We speak of this often, and even in your own country is that the buzz word now.

Look upon this man’s death not with sadness, fear, or even wonder, but look upon life with the wonder that sudden death affords it. The wonder of life is being revealed to you now. The opportunity to embrace it, to energetically get everything you can out of it, to live it fully. Each day is a reminder that yes; death overtakes even those who speak most eloquently and so compassionately. Even the thinkers and the pundits of truth and honesty will be overtaken by it. What does that offer you? Well, it offers you life, My Dear, the sacred specialness of it in your self and those nearest to you. Yet does it also offer you the reality of what it means to be alive. The opportunity to once again be reminded that you have no time to squander, no time to lose, dilly-dallying, because your time there is but brief compared to infinite time.

Your own life must continue to be the most meaningful life you can participate in, making it your final voyage there upon that plane. How will you continue to do that, even as you know it may be brief, or end too suddenly? But you will be ready, and it will be your time, even as Tim Russert was not too surprised, for he knew a long time ago that his life needed early purpose and focus, and so he did not squander his years there.

Look upon your self now. Find your balance, your equilibrium, that calm, knowing, centered self who understands that every life has a purpose, an evolutionary purpose. What does your own life hold for you today? What is your challenge now, at this moment? Where is the significance of your own life pointing you? What is important for now?

I do not propose that you consider death now, but do consider life, and change. For even though death is your goal in the end, so is your purpose to live, and that is what you must seek at all times, to live with purpose, with intelligence, and with meaning. All will die, that is a fact. And it is not a brutal fact as you and many others would contend in your feelings of sadness and loss. It is simply the ultimate fact, and it carries with it not darkness but light.

Death carries the light of revelation, the light of evolutionary potential, and the light of release from the confines of the physical world. Death carries the answers to the mysteries, and it carries the experience of return to energy.

Concentrate your focus of intent on life now more often as the precursor to the light of death, coming at some time to reveal to you all the mysteries. Prepare for it by seeking always the experience of your energy body. Know it by its familiar release, its lightness of being and its joyous experience. To know your energy body now, to experiment with it, to test it, and to hone the skills that enable you to master it, are all available now. That is one aspect of your evolutionary life that should be studied and practiced, your life as an energy being.

In so doing will your fear of death, whether long and drawn out or quick and light, be tempered as you learn that your energy body will be fully ready when the time comes. When the time of change arrives you will be ready for it. And that, My Dear One, is what you are being shown. This politically astute figure, outspoken yet gracious in his forbearance on the subject, is paving the way to change, to accepting that the inevitability of it, and the desire for it to happen are totally out of your control. It will happen. Do you wish to flow with it, as I suggest you flow with the inevitability of your own life?

Death and change are inevitable aspects of life, and they are life itself pushing you to evolve, and they do not waste time. When the time is right, so will change and death present themselves, companions and leaders, bold yet gentle guides to new life.

So do not stay in shock or sadness now. But instead, note that you are being shown how to live unafraid lives, speaking your truths, and seeking your compassionate side, so that when you are approached with the great moment of change, you will be available to recognize that your energy body, your spirit self, has always chosen change.

You already know. You know that change is necessary, that it is inevitable, and that it is coming, whether you want it or not. So now, My Dear Readers, are you participating in it? That is the real question to ask, “Am I participating in this changing life?”

Thank you for your question, My Dear Sid. Do not struggle too much with the thoughts in your head. Go to your heart, for that is where your man, Tim Russert, lived from, and so did he also die from his big heart, full of truthful speak, and knowing of right direction and purpose.