#332 A Journey Must Be Opted For – It Must Be Chosen

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today?

Do not fall into old traps or get caught in the foggy malaise. Keep your focus keenly placed on your intent to grow. Peer through the debris and the intensity of the veils to what you know lies ahead. I do not doubt that trying times are ahead. But remember, you have done many shifts over the past year. You have already accomplished much in the way of growth and acceptance of your journey. You have already taken full responsibility for your actions. And even those who still linger in the land of the big baby know that taking full responsibility for the self is the first step out of the crib.

As shifts in the universe take place and the energy changes to a flow that heralds ease of participation, so are you offered the opportunity to jump into it and allow it to aid you. That is what this stage of energetic shift is offering you, the opportunity to be aided by its unseen energy. If you opt to step outside of the comforts and confines of your cribs, your blankies, binkies, and bottles, so will you be supported and held up by the feast of energetic forces ready to propel you forward.

A journey must be opted for. It must be chosen. Sometimes the choice is made in full cognition, with determination and spoken conviction. At other times, does change happen quite peripherally, as if in a dream, yet are you fully allowing of it because at your core do you acquiesce to its necessity.

The energy of now will be available no matter how your shift is undertaken. Whether with firm declaration, or in vague dreamy propelling forward, so is there plenty of energy to back you. Notice what comes to aid you. Be alert to the signs. Watch what happens in the world around you, and farther away, to signal to you that change happens, it is inevitable; and if you are ready for it, so may your ride be somewhat smooth.

Do keep your awareness, your underlying awareness that you know already that change is inevitable, that it must take place in order for growth, in order for you, and those you love the most, to have access to the opportunities that are waiting just around the corner.

Why, My Dearest Readers, do you continue to hesitate? Why do you stay in your cribs? Why do you cry yourselves to sleep at night, when you could be singing happy complacent lullabies, leading you in to a new world of dream reality that will aid you as you advance? Why do you continue to stay in the nursery, afraid to step out into the wonders of life? That is all that awaits, you know. It is just the wonders of life that await your beautiful presence. They are just waiting to present you with all that is being held for you.

Proceed now into the flow of universal energy. Become a part of the new millennium, this time of grand shift away from the human ego and into the new form that is not only necessary, but desirous of your discovery of it. Discover your true energetic potential. Allow it to venture into your life, unafraid because it is your true self and it desires to live.

Your lives, My Dear Readers, are not at all what you think they are. You are not so caught as you perceive. You are not so sleepy as you would like to believe. You are not at all incapable. You are, all of you, energy. And that, My Dears, is what you must continually tap into, your own well of energetic potential.

Begin this day sipping from your inner well of spirit, your own energy. And then open the nursery doors and step out into the energy of the universe that is ready to sweep you off your feet and bring you into the land of a new reality. But you are in charge of daring to change. And that is what I suggest you do now, right now. Dare your self to change. Accept your energetic potential. Accept your own ability to make change happen by taking the first step toward growth. You won’t regret a minute of it. Again, I dare you to dare your self!