#331 Create a Sacred Space For Your Inner Work

Dear Jeanne,
It’s Friday today, after an interesting week of questions and answers. What guidance can you offer us today?

As you know, my focus is always on the work of the self, the inner self, balanced with the outer self. This is your most important task as you seek evolutionary growth. It is also my mission, to guide you, and to teach you what it means to be an evolutionary being. Your place upon that Earth is granted you, as I have explained, by many circumstances of happenstance, but directly behind the randomness of those synchronicities that have placed you there is fertile intent that you take up the cause of an evolutionary being, to advance now to a new level.

So, that being said, today do I continue my urging of you all, that you stay upon your enlightened path, your path of intent, seeking always to discover the hidden secrets and mysteries of the self. Once you begin the process, so will you discover also your greatest attributes, for they lie caught in your truths, as yet unleashed, yet viable aspects of your progress. Many of you are working so well upon the self, doing marvelously, and I commend you. Many of you are beginning to re-awaken after a long sleep, re-discovering aspects of a younger self who was quite aware and connected; and many of you are discovering, for the first time, that you are in fact a spiritual being. Your own brand of spiritualism is unique, it is personal, it is an inner process that you alone are having. But do also remember that many others are having similar experiences, and they will understand what you mean if you begin to speak about your struggles and your woes.

I do love you and dare you to ask me my opinion and for my guidance in this channeling method. You must be guided by your inner questing self to dare to ask for aid, but know that you are asking universal questions, and that others struggle with the same issues. I wish to encourage you, but also to connect you to others through my messages; to allow you the knowledge that you are not struggling alone; that many others are seeking clarity, and working for advancement all around you. Do you not get the feeling that the questions and answers are meant for you, even though you did not ask them?

Continue to advance now upon your path. Beautify it as you go. Make your pathway attractive and inviting, so that you will enjoy stepping out into the journey each day. Consider your self an evolutionary being, an energy being, because that is exactly who you are. Invite your spiritually energetic self to pave your way, to light your path, to create a lovely peaceful pathway that you may daily walk upon, with calm intent in you and surrounding you.

Your inner sanctum is maintained in keeping inner balance and by doing the deep work on the self. But I also suggest that to have your outer environment conducive to such work will offer you extra energy and incentive to do the work. Create a sacred space for your inner work. Turn your outer environment into a mirror environment of who you are innerly. Bind your self in this inner work by allowing your self the opportunity, and the gift, to live steeped in the truths of the spirit seeking self.

Take some time this weekend to sanctify your intent within a spiritually based environment that has meaning to you. Do something for your self that will please you. Take a step in outer transformation that will remind you that yes, I am an energy being, and this is something that is meaningful and special to me alone. Place an anchoring memento in a special place, create a garden, fix a picture upon the wall, buy a meditation cushion, or construct your own. Build a sanctum. However tiny and insignificant it may be, so will it remind you that you are a seeker, and you need and deserve a brief glimpse of a reminder of this aspect of the self as you live your busy life and as you struggle with the deep mysteries of the self. Anchor your self daily in some manner. Do not be superstitious, or overly attached to a symbol of support, but find some place of meaning, some personal memento that will aid you, reminding you and fixing you daily upon your path.

If your energy calls you to do something grand, or on a larger scale, so keep your inner work in your heart center as you create your place of nurture. Use your work as an anchor to calm and center you. Use your quiet contemplation as a time not only of constructive hands-on work, but as a time of deep inner work, and in so doing will your grand scheme be built upon your inner awakening process.

Allow it to evolve. Allow your creation, whether tiny or extravagant, to continually evolve, as you too evolve. You may find, in the end, that as you grow innerly and find inner peace, full of the bounty of your truths, that your outer anchor need not be so boldly stated, and that simplicity will suit you best.

Live in beauty My Dears; it will nurture your inner beauty to receive the gift of beauty in your outer life. You will find beauty in the simplest of things, in the barest of natural phenomena, and in the most unusual inner meanings. Find your place of anchoring beauty. Set it before you, to guide and nurture you as you do your inner work. Many of you may instantly know what this anchor is, where to place it, and how to evolve with it. Others of you, I know, must take your time. But I urge you to be open, to not look too hard, but to allow your inner seeking self to point out to you, with resonance, what will be your right anchor.

Give your selves a gift, my Dears, a token of your progress, a signal of your spiritual self, a sign that you are indeed on this path of growth. Allow your self to be reminded that this is a special path to find, to acknowledge, and to remain on. Good luck as you continue to grow. And don’t forget to keep looking for the signs that are being pointed out to you as you make your way.

Find beauty and inner contentment upon your path. And if you have trouble getting anchored, just ask for help. We are here to guide you. I love you all, My Journeying Ones!