#336 This Really is a Time of Metamorphosis

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for humanity today?

If you can get on the right path, the path of growth, progress, and positive intent, the energy of swift referral and nudging guidance is available now. Even though this time of lull may hold you in a place of old resistance, so may it also provide you with the time you need to contemplate your reality. I suggest that you use it to your best advantage. See your truths clearly, from a place of reality, with a slight detachment, and utilize the energetic build up that now swings the lull toward a more companionable energetic surge. Prepare for that coming surge, for it will carry you far if you have done your self-study.

This is a time of clarity. This is not a foggy lull, but a lull that offers revelation, and it should be used for growth, not for complacency and retirement from life. Have you lately discovered some core truth of the self? If so, what are you going to do with that nugget of insight? Turn it into a golden opportunity to grow, to push ahead now to another level of growth on your journey.

Leave beside the path your hurt, your big baby paraphernalia. You are an adult now, taking a journey that only a mature and advanced spiritual intellectual can make. The concepts, the guidelines, and the propositions that are placed before you are not easily confronted or processed. Your attempts at discovering your truths are commendable, but I also urge you to keep going. Do not turn down your spirit’s urgings, or the signs, or synchronicities that continue to pull and push you forward. You can do this work, and so far I would have to say that you are all doing marvelously.

Find today the energy I speak of, the beginning of the buildup, subtle at first, that is leading to a new surge of vital, positive energy. You want to be able to tap into this energy; you want to be available to ride its wave. To be ready entails maturity, reasonable thoughts and actions according to evolutionary growth, but most importantly this requires acceptance of what you have recently learned about your self during this down time, this time of lull.

If you can truly accept your imperfections, fully own them as part of you, knowing that you have used them well but no longer need them, so are you acceptant of them. If you can release those well-used aspects of the self, and travel onward now without the comfort of them, so will you be able to advance as the surge comes. And it will support you with its energy, filling the gap left behind by the loss of your comfortable habits with new energy that will carry you far into your future.

To be able to release the comfortable habits, even the deepest inner ones of resistance, avoidance, and trickery, difficult though it may be, will provide you with quite an opportunity now, as the next shift approaches.

You know, each one of you, My Dear Readers, what your own issues are and what truths have recently been revealed to you, for you are all thoughtful, intelligent, consciously seeking change in your life, or you would not be here, reading my messages. As your truths are revealed must you process the deeper meaning of them. What do they stir up in you? Feelings of inadequacy, of abandonment, of control; the need to be perfect; to hide, to close down your feelings, to go into oblivion, to run and hide your physical body, and to seek refuge in old habits so that your tenderness is not pummeled and hurt? Are some of these things true?

Your old defenses have been available to you for a long time, but they are grounded in your youth, your time of limited awareness, in a time of unclear purpose, and in a time of confusion about the world, how it works, and how the people you came in contact with were acting towards you. You needed good examples for how life was supposed to work, but often you got only more confusion, as the adults in your life stumbled along, caught in their own oblivions.

But now you are an adult. You are a grown up; a person who has gained awareness and clarity, and you are operating at a new level. Your head is above the clouds. Your view is from a new perspective because you have desired change. Your position is well fought for, and progress may have been slow but steady. Remind your self often that this is the new you, walking upon a path that is progressively becoming clearer and clearer. Both your past, when you glance back at it, and your future ahead are looking clearer and more concise as you hone in on the details of truth that have been revealed and continue to be revealed.

Keep this clarity about your self in your presence now, as you prepare for this next stage in your growth. This is a time of advancement, of opportunity, and of personal revelation. Do not be afraid to shed the garments of old, and take on new lighter, flowing clothes that will lift your spirits, and allow your wings to unfold. This really is a time of metamorphosis, My Dears. And you are fully ready to take flight as the energy soon arrives to tickle your wings up and outward, and provide you with just enough lift to get you off the ground, out of your slump, your bed of lulled slumber, and send you flying.

It’s time now to take the next step, to make the choice to grow another spurt, or to stay in the old place. Do you choose continued heaviness and darkness, or do you choose lightness and light? I look forward to watching you as you continue your fascinating journeys. Good luck, My Dear Ones, you are all doing well.

And please, don’t despair over your choices. Feel the truth of your own place, your own revelations. Learn to accept them. Let them go, in the sense of their attachment to your spirit, but only once you have truly owned them, their meanings, and why they have up until now been necessary baggage. But now your body, your soul, and your mind are desiring less baggage.

What can you afford to leave behind as you move forward now? You are not allowed to bring everything with you. You have to decide what is most important, and what you can let go of? Look always at the deeper truths as you make your selections. Some things are truly worn out old habits and behaviors, boring burdens that you know you don’t need or want any longer. Those are the things to leave by the wayside now, releasing your self from them, and lightening your energy load, so that you can truly free your wings and have the energy to take off, as that breeze, that shift, approaches to lift you out of your burrow and into new life.