#329 You Are In a Place of Bare Naked Truths

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a note of guidance for humanity today?

I will be brief and to the point. Follow your nose today, as it leads you properly, sniffing out the piles of smelly issues that lie hidden, or partially buried, reminding you that life is full of promise, yet is it also laden with chores and business that must be attended to.

The energy has shifted. Perhaps you feel it? Perhaps you notice that the layer of film, previously blocking truth, light, and inner energy has now lifted and blown aside, to reveal to you a clearer picture of the wholeness of the self?

Today is a day of viewing from a distance the life you now have. With perspective, from that new vantage point, and with clarity, see the whole picture of the self. Allow time to get a better sense of the place you are in right now. Your truths are revealed. Do you see them? They are waving to you from that world of you, signifying their presence, but also their realities. Yes, those issues, those truths, do exist. They are real, present in your life. They belong to you.

There is no denying of the fact that you are an imperfect being, a struggling being, and even a reticent being. But notice that you are fully capable of looking at your life from a fresh perspective on this day of clarity. You are in a place of bare, naked truths. Ask your self this question: Who do I want to be?

You are being given the opportunity to shift into a new mode of living. From your vantage point I suggest, and request, that you observe and take in all the aspects of the self that you are seeing truthfully. And then, when you return to the details of your world, hold within you the vision of that world from your new perspective, and grant your self permission to start off on a fresh foot now.

Your life is changing whether or not you want it to. You are being shown what you must do and how to go about it. But do you trust it? Do you trust that your life’s unfolding is the way to go? I suggest that you acquiesce to progress, to change, and to taking one step at a time within the confines of your complicated world, and accept the clarity and reality of your life so beautifully revealed, so blatantly offered, so that you can allow it to continue its unfolding process.

Yes, life is challenging, and life is not always pretty, and reluctances will arise. But I advise you all to take on your own lives now with vigor because no one else will do it for you. Do you want change in your life? Well, I’m afraid you have to get up now, off your comfy seats, and get a move on. Time now to not only, truthfully, see what you must do to change, but to accept the realities presented, and then to do what it takes to enact change. You won’t regret it. The universe is offering this clarity and this energetic shove. It’s being offered freely; no strings attached. But it must be chosen. And then it must be worked on. Only then will you reap the rewards of shift and change, succeeding in growing and evolving because you chose to do so.

I urge you all to keep going. Now is the time to do it. Now is the time to take on the projects, the issues, the desires that you have neglected far too long. This is it, My Dear Ones. This is what you have been waiting for. Time to change your lives. I dare you, but I dare you to dare your self!