#328 This is Energy Working its Wonders

Today’s question is asked by a Reader.

Dear Jeanne,
Within the last several months, I have been on an incredible adventure that started when a very dear friend died. She has been guiding me since, which in the beginning I was a little resistant to, but once I started to flow with it, many wonderful things started to happen and, as a result, I have been able to tackle many, many issues that in the past were insurmountable. She has also led me into a relationship that has forever changed my view on love and what being in a “relationship” is all about. Letting go, trusting, and flowing with the signs that are presented, have been some of the greatest challenges I have faced, but it seems that the more I trust, the more I am available. When I stop and think about this, it seems so unbelievable, but my experiences have proven over and over again that it is real. I am constantly in awe, but at the same time I also wonder, how does this happen, how does my friend so cleverly interact with me, sometimes in ways that I don’t see at first, but know later to be her “working”? Recently, I felt her energy move inside me, merging with mine, and for just a brief few moments, I was conscious of this happening and allowed her to use my physical body to connect and touch someone that she loves very much here on Earth. The most amazing thing is that I was not afraid or fearful; it was with complete trust. Her loved one immediately felt something, but not knowing exactly what had transpired, asked, “What just happened here?” How does this happen? How did she do this and why?
Thank you for your wonderful guidance.

Mergence of energy is possible through purpose of intent. This I speak of often, but you, My Dear Reader, have actually experienced this. I have also spoken of this as pertains to evil intent, and perhaps that is more understood or believable to consider; that yes, evil intent exists and takes possession of the unaware and the available. But likewise, those of us who work on the side of light and good have such strong connection, as you do with your friend, and she with you, similar to that which binds Jan and I. Your friend’s purpose of intent is to connect with you, and to teach you what it means to be an energy being. This is what Jan and I have worked together on these many years. I do not exclude My Loving Chuck from this description because he too is part of this mergence and has had valuable experiences as well. But I will speak today on the direct experience that you My Reader are having, as the female channel in this case.

You have, through your trust and experiences of this good being of light, now gotten to such a place of awareness that transmogrification* (see note below) can take place, with full participation on your part, with the ability for her to give energetic experience to her loved ones through you. This is energy working its wonders in you, and with your permission, because you are resonant energy; available, trusting, and in the position to offer not only your physical presence there on Earth, but also your place of trust and love with another human being. Both you and the receiver of the experience are available.

Even your own energetic intent can travel and change in such a fashion. Energy is viable. It is free to move outside of the physical confines of the body. This is what we have been talking about. It exists separately, yet does it stay within your body until you learn that it is possible to use it in other manners as well, beyond the body.

An out of body experience has been exhibited to you, but the mergence of energy has also been shown. I’m sure you would not have felt so good about a mergence if the energy was not so resonant, and if you had not been so trusting. This is a good example of learning to trust your guides, learning how they work, and learning what your own energy is like. You are fully capable of sending your own energy outward in similar fashion.

Such activity is based on the fact that we are all comprised of energy. Even though we no longer reside in human form, so are we (your friend and I, and many others in this evolved state) still active and alive in our energy bodies. You have now been trained by her, in a process of growth, based on knowing trust of her good intent, with your own reciprocal agreement to learn and evolve. You set your own intent to grow a long time ago. You became ready to finally have meaningful experiences, and she was an available teacher. Now is there connection, available and vibrant connection of energy that offers the opportunity for more energetic work to transpire.

So, you had an energy experience, My Dear! You have been granted this experience because you were ready for it. You were in a position to have it, share it, and now understand it and continue growing with it. This is what I speak of when I say that all have this ability to connect, this innate ability to comprehend what it means to be comprised of energy, to have access to your energy body, and to have experiences of such energy in action.

Do not look now to make this happen. Allow such energetic intent to become a natural aspect of your discovering of life as energy, and your further awakening to feeling what resonance means; what love, compassion, and relationship truly mean in a world that may at times seem to have little spiritual experience to offer. These are the anchors in your evolutionary growth that are being offered to you, as you continue your work on the self, your inner work, and as you continue allowing your friend of resonance to teach you what she has to offer.

This act of transmogrification is awareness at a very high degree, being made available to you, as you have learned to recognize now what energy feels like. You have learned to identify it as such, rather than some peculiar fault, or physical malady. To identify energy as energy, pure and simple, is quite an accomplishment. Then to allow it, to flow with it, and to trust the good of it, is just where you want to be.

Good work, My Dear Journeyer. You are doing the work of the inner self. You are learning what it means to trust the resonant guidance being offered. And you are gaining now, by allowing experience, real experience of energy, to activate in your own energy field. Recognize and accept that this is what I speak of all the time. It is at the crux of my messages; that you are energy, we are all energy; and as such do we all have the capability to merge, and work together; to connect energetically.

Welcome to the world of energy, My Dear One. You and your friends are quite a group! Keep doing the work, and see what else happens. But most of all, continue to feel the energy. You will know when it is right resonant energy, and you will know what it is trying to tell you. This is awareness training, so be aware of it, of the energy around you, and in you, at all times.

*Transmogrification: the act of transmogrifying or transforming. This is a word that Jeanne spoke to me once several years ago. When I asked her to define it, she suggested I go ask Chuck because he would know what it meant. Alas, he was as stumped as I was. Here is the definition we found then in Webster’s Ninth: transmogrify: to change or alter greatly and often with grotesque or humorous effect syn see TRANSFORM.

The word transform was much more to our liking. But this strange and vague definition of transmogrify still left us wondering why she had presented this exact word to us, so we looked it up in the Oxford English Dictionary. Here is that definition: to alter or change in form or appearance; to transform, metamorphose (utterly, grotesquely, or strangely). b. to astonish utterly, confound.

At the time, I was beginning to have experiences of her energy in my own body, similar to the experience of this reader. I could actually physically feel my own molecular structure vibrate and shift, transforming me into a semblance of Jeanne that Chuck could recognize. We now understand that the word transmogrify allows us to grasp the greater meaning of the ability she has to use her energy or her intent to transform or transmogrify. She has since used this word often, once noting the ability to transmogrify at will, to suit situations as they arise, “a sorceress of change.” She seems to like the pliability of the word, the shaping, amorphous quality of it, similar to that of energy.