#327 You Hold the Powerful Key to Change

A Reader asks a question today.

Dear Jeanne,
Sometimes I feel as if I am cleaning up the mess I made when I was at a more unconscious level, like I am not here to do the things that I am doing, but I have no other choice. This includes relationships that are dear to me, but don’t fit. What guidance can you offer?

My Dear One, you state two things that I must prod you on. The first is that yes, you are here to do the things you do, and they do not relate to any other lifetime, except the one you now live. For even if you must repeat a process over several lifetimes, so is it clearly necessary to do so NOW. You cannot dismiss your self so easily from taking on your life now, with so little understanding of the significance of every action and every situation you find your self in. So that is the first point. You are in this lifetime NOW for a reason that has to do with NOW and your personal growth; taking a journey that is meaningful for NOW alone.

The other sticking point that you make is feeling that you have no choice in the matter. Now that, My Dear One, is NEVER true. You always have a choice, but I discern there is reluctance on your part to make a new choice. For that is what you must do in order to move on, to get unstuck, and to discover the truth of this life.

You are definitely here to do the things you are doing, until you choose to do something else that is more fulfilling and pleasing. I suggest, that by making choices every day do you open the door for new opportunities to flow toward you. And if you can push the self to do something slightly differently each day so do you leave that door ajar. And that alone is a choice. If you choose to do one thing differently each day, then perhaps each hour will offer a new opportunity as well. But you must get over your fear that you are not in control of your life, because you truly are. Your inner self knows this and wishes to be recognized for the wisdom and advice it has been imparting to you all these many years, yet have you negated its worthiness and the practicality of change.

For to push aside change, to determine that you cannot enact change in your life, is a grand mistake. Change is a choice, and every man, woman, and child upon that Earth has the ability to change, to choose change. And this opportunity comes along quite often, even every day.

So My Dear Reader, I suggest that you first change your thinking about your self and your situation. Find pleasure in knowing that you hold the powerful key to change within your self, and you can choose to use this key or not. To use the key will lead you and your life in a new direction.

Change takes time, but to refuse it over and over again is a sign of inertia and fear held in place by habits, old behaviors, old traumas, or even old examples of making seemingly wrong choices. And who would want to change, if the changes in the past have led only to problems and mishaps? Well I must say, that is also a choice you must make, to either stay stuck or to move onward, facing all the problems that may arise as a result of your true inner desires to grow and experience this life in a new manner.

As for relationships that don’t fit but are dear to you, so do I say that the theme of relationships must also encompass compatibility and loving respect that may or may not be granted further exploration. There are many relationships that must be sacrificed once you have had the necessary experience of them. If they “don’t fit” as you say, then accept that fact, find what you were supposed to learn from them, and give thanks for the mutual journey. For if that relationship is not right for you, so is it not right for the other person involved as well. Journeys may be shared for a time, but then it becomes abundantly clear that fulfillment will not be reached. Acceptance of this fact is also a choice to make, a truth to acknowledge, and once that is accomplished the mature adult self must choose the road of change for growth to happen.

Unhappiness in life must never be settled for, or used as a place of retreat from life. Do not fear the adventures that life has offered you My Dear Reader. This is your journey so far. But do you wish to stay in this place of feeling like a victim of a past life, when that is not so? Your insights are stuck in looking on what is outside of you. Turn now your eyes inward, and ask your self what it is that you truly want to accomplish during this lifetime, this time of growth, for this journey.

You do have the opportunity to shift, to grow, and to speak out about your desire for true excitement in your life. You deserve this. Everyone does, so don’t deny this fact. Give your self a gift today by saying this mantra:

I deserve the opportunity to change my life.
I deserve the opportunity to change my being.
I deserve the opportunity to change my direction.
And I deserve the life of an energetic being.

My Dear Reader, you have no idea what awaits. And if that scares you, I offer my assistance to get you past your fear of change. Do not be afraid of your self. You are an energy being seeking fulfillment. Give your self the gift of life, the opportunity to change, because you do deserve it. Come on, I’ll help you. Ask for me. I’m right here!