#326 What Do You Do Next?

Dear Jeanne,
What guidance or message do you have for us today?

Be guided by your instincts as you progress now. Allow your inner knowing and your inner voices to lead you properly. By this, I mean learn to trust them, see where they point out you should go, and then go there; for only in this process of questing will you discover how they speak and guide you. This will lead to learning to trust them. You may not always like where those inner aspects of the true self lead or suggest you go, but if you follow their guidance trustingly so will you discover how complicated the path can sometimes be, even as you may not fully comprehend the practicality or the necessity of its direction.

Now, as the energy of yesterday, that volatile and pushy energy, does temper down and ease away, do I suggest that you stay in the calm of the inner self. If you were unable to hold on to it throughout that energetic convergence of powerful shift, so do I suggest that you make an attempt to recapture it, and place your self securely in its arms. Within those arms of calm, of comfort, of inner resonance and knowing, will you find your true guidance. Even as you daily seek guidance from me, and others, so must you more fully trust your own inner self as guide.

This is why I suggest, today, that you return to a state of centered calm, that you once again trust the process of your journey, knowing fully that you are capable and available to be the captain of your own vessel. Whether your vessel is well-prepared or not, does not matter, because once you enter its inner sanctum, its size, its provisions, its state of repair or disrepair do not matter. The only thing that matters is that you enter it, claim it as your true place of knowing, accept its blatant truths, and once again determine that yes, this is who I am right now, and this is where I must work from.

I have within everything I need to continue my journey. I have not lost distance or ground. I have not sunk my ship or lost my course. I am simply taking the journey I am presented with, making decisions and choices daily, and so this is where I now am on my journey.

But now My Dear Ones, do you have awareness, and this is such a valuable tool to aid you as you take that journey. Topsy-turvy though it may at times be, so do you always land upright, or at least cognizant of your self and your life often enough, so that you remain aware of your inner self pushing you always to continue toward your full potential as a human being and as a spiritual being.

Have you been challenged lately? Well, that is par for the course. Do not shrink from the challenges, or dismiss the truths of them. Do not run and hide from the honest truths being presented to you, for they are not meant to hurt or injure you in any fashion, but simply meant to aid you as you grow. Accept my heartfelt empathy for all of you who struggle with your inner and your outer beings, learning balance and truth as you work through your denials and your refusals. But know that those are the places that must be further investigated. Those are the deepest truths knocking at your door, asking to be let in, to sit down with you in your vessel, and discuss the truths of who you are, why you do the things you do, and where to go next as you accept those truths as aspects of the journeying self.

What do you do next? Well, that is where I began this message today. Trust your instincts, your inner awareness. And be daring enough to change again some aspect of the self, especially an aspect that has held you down, keeping you stuck or stagnant. Your awareness is probably already alerting you to what that aspect is. Face that truth, for it will offer then the next step of change. And that My Dears, is what your journeys are all about, constant change, constant growth, constant confrontation of the issues of the self that you may think are already resolved and put to rest. But if they continually reappear, challenging you, so are they not quite done. Their energy remains to offer you guidance. For even your old habits offer guidance.

Find now your calm, your centered self. Fix up your vessel again for a nice ride upon the waves of life, and see where you are led next as you bravely take your journey of change. Look forward to the adventure of it, with hope, with trust, and with joy, for that is how an evolutionary being advances. Good Luck!