#325 Do Not Go Swimming, Jumping, or Playing in the Waves of Energy Today

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us today?

There has been a great rumbling, a stirring of energy, a tidal wave upon the shores. Do not engage in this energy, but stand back upon the beach and watch from this safe distance. This shift requires care and notice, for it carries great energy that if harnessed properly may be useful for creative purposes, directed toward growth, and carrying with it the opportunity for advancement in both the inner life and the outer life.

Watch your own energy today. Keep it tempered to a soft hum, and use it wisely. It is a good day for contemplation and removal from too much outer activity and outer energy drains. Contemplate how your inner spirit draws you inward, in spite of the energy force outside of you crashing upon that distant shore, rolling in bundles of energetic shift, over and over again, offering its enticing strain of volatile and dangerous prospects for gain. But gains will be harnessed not in its frothy excitement, but only in the calm afterthoughts as it pulls back from the shore and gathers more energy to crash again its tidal wave upon the sandy beach.

Keep your distance; keep your feet dry as you stand apart from its flurry of activity. Notice the calm intermittent spaces between bursts of power, and gather that calm energy to your inner knowing. For that is the underlying energy, beneath the waves of frenzy, that you seek now, able to maintain its calmness, even as the waves showily exhibit their strength.

Do not fall for that showiness, but stay centered in calm knowing that once the storm is over so will you have gathered the energy that is most useful. This will be the energy that sustains, and it will be useful for a long time to come. Do not go swimming, jumping, or playing in the waves of energy today. That is the best advice I can offer you. Stand back and watch, but accept fully the energy that directs the show, taking it in to your knowing as powerful underlying energy, the kind you want inside you, the favorable, resonant kind.

Take that resonance into your inner place of work and contemplate now your day, with that calm but mighty energy at your base, shoring up your knowledge of the self as strong, grounded, and yet connected to the greater energy of the universe. For that is what I speak of today. The energy of the universe is making entry to your territory today. It is vital, and good, yet is it also threatening and dangerous. It just depends on how you use it. But you are being given good insight right now in order to harness the power that the universe is offering. Use it wisely.

Have a slow, calm, acutely aware day, staying centered, with your focus inward, even as you observe and feel the intensity of the power outside of you. Tomorrow will be completely different, and how you handle the energy of today will determine what your next step will be. A good day to remain drawn inward, rather than outward. So stay there, in your resonance, calmly centered. Calm is the key word. Seek calm.