#324 This is a Solo Journey

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us today?

I can only repeat again: Do the work of the inner self. Do not hesitate to go deeply in to the inner you and find out what you must, for only in doing this work will you reach wholeness and offer your self the possibility of evolution. You will find, as you grow and take this inner journey one more step each day, that the changes you experience will truly be something to talk about. Your life’s perspective will shift, and your acknowledgment of the self as an evolutionary being will lead you to accept your journey as meaningful and not only amazing, but you will discover that the things I speak of are completely viable and acceptable.

Do your inner work for your self and your own growth. Do not fall into the trap of needing to please or to find some reason for doing this work that does not conform to your inner search for wholeness. For the inner you is the only aspect of the self that must be paid attention to. Remove the ego and the desires of the ego from your search. Do not attach to the desires of another’s search for wholeness either, but only your own. This is a solo journey I speak of, and it must be undertaken with the truth of the inner self as its goal. Any other goal will just not cut it.

To find bliss, to find redemption, to find solace and inner calm are all results of doing the solo inner work, but they are not the reason. Only truth of the self must be the reason; and the desire for every truth must be the catalyst.

Continue your journey as it leads you to your truths. Ask to be shown the way. Receive your daily signs with gratitude and thanks. And by the way, the signs are there, you just haven’t noticed them lately. The energy of now does attempt to keep them hidden at the same time that it pushes you to exceed and to move onward. This is powerful energy, turning once again in a shift that will carry you with it, presenting you with the possibility of good growth, clarity, and awareness of self. Don’t miss any opportunities that come now. Stay focused on the inner work, yet aware of the energy around you, as you allow it to point out your way. This is how you will be guided.