#323 This is a Day of Further Dismantling

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Continually seek understanding, clarity, and awareness as you concentrate on that life you now live. As I have said, it is preferable, from an evolutionary point of view, for you to remain focused on what is presented to you each day, rather than go off looking for something that is not being presented to you. For in the presentation of what comes to alert you to where you must go next, do you learn what is most necessary to attend to. To seek clarification of other lives, or even others’ lives, is not necessarily your most pressing objective. As I have said, YOU are the subject of your life, and in order to truly understand who you are, must you enter your course of study with an open mind.

Today is a day to learn what it means to suspend judgments and allow your conception of the life you have lived to be freely recognized as right in every way. To suspend judgments means to question every idea you now hold about the self and discover the truth of it. Where did it come from? Who put it there? How long have you held such a belief? How has it determined your course of action and your self-perception? And what happens if you free your self of that belief?

Now is it time to also stop judging others. Stop looking outside of you to place your confusion, your anger, your disgust, and your despair of the self on others. As you examine your own life must you seek to dismantle the projections, those old stalwart structures that you have relied on all these years to uphold a you that does not really exist. In truth are you not that construction of judgments, ideas, mirrors, and beliefs, but an entirely different being, comprised of energy.

So now release your self from that cage of old constructions and allow your self to feel your inner self, your spirit self, and your energy self. This is the self who is the evolving self. It is the truth-seeking self; the all-knowing self, and the evolutionary self. Find this energetic spirit self and allow it the freedom it deserves.

This is a day of further dismantling. I know the process is often difficult, but it is required, not only for evolutionary growth, but so that you may find your freedom now while you reside upon that Earth; so that you may have experience of it, in cognitive awareness, in that place of great learning; and so that you may understand the abilities you hold while bound in that place of gravity and challenge. For then will you be well trained when the time of transition arrives.

So My Dear Ones, do not lose your trust in the ability of the self to do this work. Your time is NOW. Keep that always in mind. Now is an evolutionary time and your efforts are fully supported, aided, guided; and our greatest intent is that you succeed.

Abide by all the new ideas of life now.* Live your life questioning your old structures that have kept you captive. Find the means to dismantle them, in the flow of your life, as you are presented with what needs to be worked on each day. You can do this work because it is the only thing that really matters.

Don’t be afraid to challenge your self. Don’t be afraid of the challenges you will also present to others as you change. Don’t be afraid to try new ideas, new concepts of life and death, and new methods of living. For only with such changes will you reap the results of your hard work.

I intend that you will succeed. I offer my help, my backing to your dismantling project as you move forward now, without regrets, without sadness, but fully accepting of your self, your journey, and your true possibilities in life.

*NOTE: Here Jeanne is referring, once again, to the new ideas, rules, and changes for life and evolutionary growth previously channeled and posted on this page in the sidebar under Guidance.