Website Updates

We will be adding some additions to the website over the next month. Our practices of Psychotherapy and Hypnosis have been greatly influenced by the work we’ve been doing with Jeanne. This work began after Jeanne died of breast cancer and began guiding Jan through a time of great personal exploration and change. Jeanne succeeded in showing us that the concept of recapitulation does not have to lie buried in the mysteries of the shaman’s world, but can be incorporated into our daily journeys, as we struggle to make sense of the lives we live. We learned the process by doing it, with Jeanne pointing out the significances of the shaman’s teachings and how they relate to now. A new page, called Recapitulation Therapy, has been added to our Channeling, Psychotherapy, and Hypnosis pages, accessed in the sidebar menu, or by clicking this link here: Recapitulation Therapy.

Recapitulation Therapy is at the crux of the clinical work we do, but it is also at the crux of the spiritual work we do. We have discovered that recapitulation, undeniably, leads to wholeness. Hopefully the essay, Recapitulation Therapy, will aid you in understanding this process that we speak so often about, and that Jeanne refers to almost daily in her messages.

We have also added some updates to our Psychotherapy site under Tools & Definitions with descriptions of the terms we frequently use, and how we have learned to understand them from the viewpoint of taking the recapitulation healing journey.

We will be adding additional sidebars, referencing books and movies that we have found to be useful and insightful for the journey as well. So we hope you continue to check in to the Channeling site where our News and Notes blog will offer updates on new information, and perhaps you will look into our other sites as they continue to evolve too.

We are very excited to keep offering you what we learn. Thank you for participating.

Most sincerely,
Jan and Chuck