#322 Please Begin a New Process of Change

Dear Jeanne,
You delivered some very powerful messages last week. What message and guidance do you have for us as we begin a new work week?

The time of NOW calls for concerted efforts to remain aware, at all times, to that which is being spoken and heard all around you. Do not dismiss my messages as merely interesting anecdotes or promising missives that may or may not be useful, but use them to further your awareness. Can you truthfully say, in spite of your growth, that you use the knowledge you have gained, daily, in your life?

Begin now to question your self more than you question me. For only within your self will you find the answers. I can lead and teach, pointing out possibilities, but then must you take over and begin the process of growth and evolution. You must find always your center, beginning with your heart center, and from that seat of inner calm, inner knowing, and quiet reverie, find your connection to all that exists, first in the world around you, then beyond that which exists before your “seeing” eyes. “Seeing” goes way beyond your eyes. I know you have all experienced this. Now I urge greater awareness of what “seeing” means in your own life.

Use your inner seeing to guide you to a place of greater calm, both within your physical body, but also within your spirit self. Allow your spirit knowing to become more present in your physical habitat and in your conscious thoughts. Your physical body is your choice of vehicle, and you must be fully present in it in order to truly live that life. You must ground your self in it in order to be able to allow your inner spirit self to be truly free of it. For your evolution will not be completed until your physical self is as known and loved as your inner spirit self is. To only appreciate the inner self, the driver of the vehicle, but to do damage to the vehicle, or to ignore its meaning in your life is to skirt the issues of conjunction of mind/spirit/body. For without true interweaving of those aspects of life upon that Earth, so will your time there be incomplete.

Find your heart centered self, and know not only the feel of that centered self, but also the voice that speaks to you so clearly from that balanced and calm place. You know this voice speaks the truth, and only the truth. Why then do you choose to ignore it, or only pay attention to it sometimes? You also know that my messages of the past few days and weeks, and perhaps all of my messages, hold truths that resonate with that heart centered knowing inside you. My messages do not necessarily tell you anything you do not already know. They simply remind you that you are a being of inner knowing, and you understand that resonance of spirit, and inner knowing, are the most important aspects of getting it right upon that Earth, yet do you continually deny your self this fact and this knowledge.

Do you prefer to stay in school, repeating the grades over and over, going to summer school again because you are afraid to move on? The comforts of knowing all the answers will keep you there, unless you challenge the self to move on, to be daring and adventurous and try the next level of learning. Habits can be the worst companions to bring along on your journeys, My Dear Ones. And the word “habit” covers a lot of territory, for it is not just what you do repeatedly, but also what you think, how you act, how you react, how you process, and how you refuse to act, react, think, and process too.

Refusal to change and to move on is as big a habit as any you can point out about your self. My message for today is: Please begin a new process of change. Take my messages that are most blatantly confrontational to you, pointing out your truths, and rather than choose to dispute me, or run from them, ask your inner spirit to guide you through acknowledgment of those blatant truths. Rather than despise and dismiss me, look inward and confront your habits of doing, over and over again, the same things that hold you back and keep you safely blocked, stuck, and non-participating in true life.

I ask you, My Dear Travelers, to ask your inner spirit to guide you to confront your reasons, your truths, for being stuck. And then allow your acceptance of those truths to be your next step in growing. Then you will “see” what your inner spirit knows is true about all aspects of you, your mind/spirit/body aspects that you have not truly allowed to merge together in resonant knowing yet.

Once you find your self wholly accepted, acknowledged as one unit, whole and knowing, so will you begin to have success in your progress in that life. Accept every aspect of the self. Do not deny even one nuance of truth, nor dismiss one aspect being pointed out to you on a daily basis by your self, by my messages, or by others outside of you, your mirrors. If you can hear, take in, and accept the truths of the self without judgment, so can you begin to assimilate all aspects of the self, and then begin to accept that change is necessary for growth and for life to truly be lived, fully enjoyed, and for the “seeing” part of you to be accepted and paid attention to.

You are not bad. You are just learning about your selves, confronting your selves a lot. But now it is time to just let go of all the judgments of the self you continually try to hold on to and go the way of the truth now.

Free your selves, My Dears, of the habits, judgments, and the confrontations of old. Accept your changing self, your seeing self, your knowing self, who is asking you to take the journey of change. That journey is laid out before you, like the yellow brick road, ready to lead you home to the truths of the self, and the inner possibilities that you have only just begun to tap into. Stay centered in your truths.