#321 The Road to Completion

Today I asked Jeanne for guidance and a follow up question about the experiences of past lives, as so many of you are curious about them.

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today? And also, many of your readers are curious about their past lives and wondering how they can complete the whole puzzle of themselves if their past lives are missing from the picture?

Hold onto the idea of completion at all times. No matter what else comes to interrupt the flow of your life or present you with challenges, so return always to the fact that the life you live is meaningful in every aspect, and it desires completion.

The ultimate purpose and reason for living in that realm is to complete your evolution at that level of learning, and to prepare the self to move on to the next level. Completion entails taking in to consideration every bit of who you are, and putting together the puzzle of the self, holding the self responsible for finding what you need to make this completion happen.

It is not without some difficulty that this process is undertaken, but if you keep always the word completion in your thoughts and just below the surface of your conscious mind, so will you constantly remind your self of this goal.

The object of your life is you and your recapitulation of the life you now live. In truly knowing the self and totally understanding why you do the things you do, and deeply digging into who you have been in this lifetime, so do you open the door to a new means of living life. To achieve completion must you be prepared to leave your recapitulated self upon the shores of that world and advance to a new level where only completed souls may go. To return to that Earth level is by no means a failure, for it carries so many challenges and possibilities for growth and advancement too. But I urge now completion upon you all so that channels to reincarnation may be open to those who have yet to reach even the first level of awareness of evolutionary potential.

Do not take my meaning as being condescending, or even slightly suggestive that many who are unaware are not capable of awareness. All are capable. But my point is to urge all of you who are now aware of your own potential, and also aware of what awaits, to advance with intent now.

Do not waste your time and efforts wallowing in indecisions about beliefs and truths. Without experiences you will have no logical means of proving anything. You need the experience of your recapitulation to show you what you need to learn and know.

Gather your self into your wholeness. Trust every aspect of the self and accept it as truly meaningful for this journey. Your body, your mind, your inner turmoils, and your place in that world are all aspects of the self that make up your truths. Begin to more fully accept where you have gotten to, and then start your process of recapitulation and change with all those aspects of the self fully accepted as vehicle, companion, and attributes that are meant to accompany you. You will not have any others until you accept the ones you have now.

The road to completion is wide open, lying ahead of you, clearly waiting for you to step out upon it and begin your adventuring.

I know that the question of past lives intrigues you all, or perhaps may it not yet, but I can guarantee that it will, for yes, that will be part of your completion. But as I have stressed in the past, you will not be able to assimilate and truly understand those past lives until you truly understand this life. In the flow of recapitulation will you discover the meaning of this life, and the interconnectedness of your previous lives will become apparent. Allow the issue of past life experiences to become part of your recapitulation. They will appear in your knowing as you do your inner work. For your completion will include them, but their meanings will only have significance within the context of the inner work, otherwise are they merely anecdotes, without connection or meaning.

Do the inner work, and in so doing will you discover all the inner aspects of the self, including the ability to travel back into your previous lives. When you have gotten to that point of ability and awareness, then will you be ready to grapple with those lives. But until then, I recommend that you stick to grappling with the truths of this life that still remain buried and unavailable.

Your completion begins now, in the knowing of this life. Revelations of past lives will flow into and out of your awareness with synchronistic appearances that are meaningful for the journey you are now on. Don’t fret so much about those other lives. Simply allow them to appear when the time is right, when they choose to do so. Otherwise, by going digging, do you waste time on meaningless searches that will have little impact on your recapitulation, because they will have no relevance. When the time is right, you will have clarity. Trust me on this, but most of all trust your own process.

I can see that many of you are doing well. You are daring yourselves to grow and to accept many new ideas of life upon that Earth. You are truly doing the work, and that is so wonderful to see; and to be a part of your lives is my greatest joy. This mission is my current passion, and the challenges of being in this position are many, but the rewards far outweigh the challenges. As I see so many of you growing and evolving so does my passion for the mission increase, for this is meaningful work, with great significance for the evolution of mankind and the planet.

It is not only the evolution that counts, but the new ideas and truths that are spreading and becoming acceptable, for they have the potential to impact future generations of seekers. As they become known and acceptable so do they open the way for a revolutionary means for mankind to coexist upon that planet, with mutual love, and compassion, focused on growth of spirit. And in light of what is happening now, that offers a beacon of hope that the seeds of those qualities can and will sprout upon that Earth.

Allow yourselves to feast in the knowledge that your journey is perfect; that you are protected, safe, and meaningfully guided. Knowing that, you can do anything, handle anything, and live with that certainty at the center of your being, enabling you to keep evolving.