#318 This Energy is Good for Recapitulation Activities

Dear Jeanne,
What message of guidance do you have for us today? The energy feels stagnant and somewhat heavy.

This again is a time of retrospection, of spinning wheels, with the impression of little accomplished and little forward movement. Be patient. Be aware that this energy you call stagnant and heavy is good for recapitulation activities, for it allows for inward turning and contemplation. It is a time of questioning; a time of introspection; a time of forced contemplation of the self. At least that is how it should be utilized. Do not thwart its usage by focusing on what is wrong outside of you, or with others who may appear to confront you or pose a mirror for your issues. Do not look for excuses, or to blame for your own lack of focused energy and balance.

This effort of energy is offered quite cyclically for purposes of deep inner retrospection, seeing the self in the past and in the now, as well as deep introspection, the questioning of why, how, and when things will be different.

Well, things are already different. Do not doubt that. Your notice of the energy is quite profound. Your physical and energetic notion that something is slightly off, or slightly askew, both outside and inside you is a noticeable awareness of the energy that I speak of often. This energy now must be utilized, rather than pushed out of the way. Do not attempt to bypass it, but also be aware that you can get stuck in one place, wheels spinning, with the old scenarios, the old voices playing over and over again. Switch off the verbal abuse and the self-abuse that are no longer good for your evolving self. Dampen down the inner critics and the outer reflections of a perceived self who no longer exists. You are all changing now, and have been for a long time, My Dears. Do not get stuck in a little mud puddle that has appeared in your path. So what if you walked into it, unaware that it was so deep and sticky with old mud or even quick sand? You are aware of it now, so find your way back to solid ground.

But also be aware that you walked into it because you needed to. Question the self as to why? Why was it necessary to get caught in that place of muddy stagnancy? In order to move along, in spite of the fact that you are muddy and perhaps slowed in your progress, so must your focus remain on growth.

Do not sit down in that place of old. Do not get caught by the sucking attempt being made against your energy. Do not thwart your good progress by sitting down now in disgust or exhaustion. You will find that underneath all of that sticky mud is all the inner energy and drive that you need to leave behind all that is attempting to hijack you and feed off your energy.

Put your life in perspective again. Look at your progress, your step-by-step growth, each event in your life leading to this amazing place of now.

These times of retrospection appear quite often. Begin to recognize them by the dark energy that pulls at you and drags you down. Stay focused on the lighter inner energy of knowing that you are doing everything differently now. You are on a path of change, and that path, though it runs through muddy ground and beside swampy marshes, has plenty of stepping stones to get you over such areas of stagnancy.

Keep your energy above the fray, and your mind’s thoughts too. Keep your energy light, focused on how far you have come, and your solid intent to tackle what comes, as it leads you onward to further growth and change. Everything is meaningful. Find the meaningfulness in this energy of now and your own situation. Each one of you, My Dear Companions, are on an evolutionary journey. Keep that always in your focus. Keep your awareness always shifting back to your intent to grow and change and, with such clarity always present to guide you, will you affectively switch back to your path.

Ask for help when you need it, but don’t forget that such energy is delighted to feed off you. So ask your self: Am I being drained? Did I get caught? Then detach your self from the draining energy, and get back on track if the answer is yes. If the answer is no, then gather your energy that is being tempted outward and tugged at, and refocus on your path as well. For that is all you need in order to thwart the attempts of energy drains.

This time will not last too long. But be aware. Watch as the energy shifts again in a matter of days. I think you’ll notice quite a relief as it does. Until then, do the constant work on the self. It is your one and only place of retreat that is properly safe and protected from the outside energy. This is always the case, no matter what kind of energy is outside of you, good, bad, or indifferent. Focus on the work of the inner self is key to achieving advancement, growth, and change.