#317 There are No Mistakes or Errors as You Do Your Inner Work

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us to begin a new week?

Hesitate not in your efforts to understand the self and the energy I speak of so often, the possibilities of what it means to be energy, and the meaning of the surrounding energetic entities as well. Find your own place constantly. Find your resonance, your place of well-being and of comfort in your life and your work in order to most suitably function and reap the benefits of life upon that Earth.

I advise now diligent behaviors to achieve that which is most important to you. I advise adherence to your own knowing of what is right for you and what is not right for you. I also advise that you suspend your judgments of the self and others, and instead seek your inner truths as they are reflected in your judgments of others. I advise caution as you proceed, being aware of your old causes and habits that will seek to interrupt the flow of your work. But why do they do so? Perhaps they still have remnants to teach you, or even contain large chunks of unrecapitulated memory. Do not simply dismiss them, those old friends, for they hold many keys to your success; yet must you not get caught by them in the usual manner now, but instead treasure them as guides, showing you what you must work on.

There are no mistakes or errors as you do your inner work, for all occurrences of energy in life are meaningful and necessary in order for you to learn and advance upon your path. Your journey will not be completely understood if you do not dissect the constant habits of old that continue to appear, blocking your path. Are they really blocking your path? Or are they attempting to show you something that you have failed so far to grasp the meaning of? Signs and reminders of your issues will appear to guide you.

Do not be too hard on the self. Even as you are now being advised to remain strictly focused, so does that mean that you should watch for the signs all around you to aid you in determining where to go next and what issues are most prevalent. If you are too strict with the self so may you miss such guidance and such notes of reasonable direction. Allow your self to be guided. Allow the guidance to flow as you flow with new awareness that there is meaningfulness in everything, and that you are constantly being presented with signs that are significant to you alone, at this time in your life.

Abide by the new rules and new ideas for living a most openly guided and changing life*. You know that I stress simplicity and reconnection with the energy around you in order to discover who you truly are, and the reason for your being alive now during this time of transition for all who reside upon that Earth.

This is a time when all who live are being offered the opportunity to advance, to grow, and to evolve at a pace far exceeding most journeys. For now is this necessary, in order to resolve many issues outside of you and your own inner issues. You are part of a larger complex of issues, and your enlightenment is connected to greater issues of resolution of energy. Do not ever think that you are not of universal significance. All who exist in energetic form are significant aspects of evolutionary growth and change. You are part of the greater whole because you are the greater whole. Even as you struggle to resolve your own questions of wholeness and oneness, so be aware of the greater consequences of your energetic self. Your energetic self holds universal potential within, and that is the purpose of your connection to it, to discover what that means.

Keep that piece of the puzzle of the self firmly in your consciousness as you do your inner work of completion. You are meant and destined to fit into the larger universal picture of wholeness, and that is your ultimate reason for living and growing.

Contain your studies now to the self. Do not ponder too much that which awaits, for it will not be feasibly apparent in its meaning until you have understood the self and your own energetic composition, resonance, and truth. Find the mysteries of the self and resolve to accept and acknowledge that you are an energetic being of light, of good, and of the truth, unafraid to discover these aspects of the self, for they will free you to explore further.

The energy of now is energy that supports such growth and self-discovery. Turn inward, and turn the knowledge of this kind of energy inward and use it. With such inward turning will the outer mysteries also be revealed and understood. Good luck as you do your work. You are safe and protected. Do not work in anger, but work in wonder and in joy. Do not work in sadness or in pity for the self, but work in knowing that truth awaits and is the one and only desire that truly matters. Find your truths, and find your energy being.

*NOTE: Once again Jeanne refers to the Rules of Life and Steps of Change and general guidance on becoming an energetic being posted under Guidance on this website.