#316 This Day is a New Day

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a note of guidance for us today?

Do not find fault with the self, but move on with lessons learned, your inner work maintained on a path constantly pruned and swept clean of debris. Hold your self accountable for proper and dutiful attention to the daily work necessary to keep that path one of centered and balanced loving attention. Do not thwart your progress now by falling into the old patterns and clothing of the previous you. It is now, during this time of turmoil outside of you that it is most important to study every nuance of the behaviors of the self and place control, intent, and firm determination on the work of the recapitulation process. For this is your time of growth and advancement, My Dears, and you do not want to miss your graduation ceremony that will release you from the bindings and ties that have held you steady for so long so that you could learn, but now are no longer necessary as you proceed and prepare for new life to come.

This day is a new day. Intend that it be so and remain so. Intend that it be a day of fulfillment and meaningful hard work in whatever area of the self that needs attention. It is a superb day for quiet contemplation and reassertment of values, ideas, and meaningful work. Do not allow it to slip past you, as you lie inert in an old tumbled down shack that no longer holds comforts or truths. Construct a new abode full of light, of true meaning, and of only that which is conducive to the growing changing you. I suggest progress be made in sweeping clean, throwing out, and discarding of not only material things, but also issues and habits that no longer appeal or have importance to the new you who struggles to burst forth.

Allow the new you to take over, to maintain your property, and to place you on the path that leads to progress, growth, and spiritual fulfillment. This time, this energy, and this day ask for your supportive self to step forward and be your constant companion. Recapitulate as you proceed, for it is a necessary part of the process. You must reconcile all aspects of the old you, understand why they have been so important, and why you no longer need or desire them in your life.

You are on a new path now. Keep it holy in your own way. Practice self-discipline in the amount that is necessary for you to advance out of your rut and to firmly place your feet upon this beautiful new path, on this beautiful new journey.

See your life as flowing, as wonderfully inviting, and as a renewable resource of energetic potential. See your self standing strong and handsome upon your path, your physical body’s strength firmly accepted and eager to be a participant, perhaps even your most forceful proponent. See and intend your spirit out of its fetal position now, uncurled, and standing just as strong, focused on growth and this most amazing adventure, as you put your first moving foot forward.

This is a day of growth, of opportunity, of advancement, but you are the one who is and must be in control. All aspects of you must come together now to move forward and take advantage of this time of stable growth. Ask for help when you need it; but I guarantee all you really have to do is go innerly and you will find all the help you need. It has just been waiting all this time for you to discover that you have it inside you, a whole treasure box of guidance, knowledge, awareness, clarity, and incredible energy. Find it, and use it to your fullest advantage. This is the day to use it, but also to discover the tremendous power of it. This is a day of experiences unfolding all around you. Enjoy!