#315 Keep the Self Focused on Change

I asked Jeanne for some guidance today.

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today?

Keep in mind that you will be approached by and have consequences of old habits, criticisms, and thwarted attempts to grow until you fully recapitulate. The energy of now does stir up old ideas of the self, offering opportunities to re-evaluate and investigate the past; offering not only the possibility to move on, but the possibility to fully recapitulate events that still hold you bound. Do not allow this energetic time of retrospection to pass by, unused to fullest advantage.

I advocate deep inner work now in order to give the self a much needed boost forward. Do you wish to remain stuck? The truth is revealed over and over again, yet do you fall back into repetitive behaviors and moods that are not conducive to the yearnings of your spirit. The intent of growth is just that: focus and intent on growing.

This struggle I speak of is one that all must confront, and the biggest hurdle during recapitulation. I advise being brave, but also being firm with the self. Discipline is necessary, and a forward focus on the pleasures to come as one is freed of the past. You are given opportunities to experience such freedom, glimpses of the self as whole, contented, happy, but most of all unburdened and able to function in a new way.

Keep the self focused on change. This is the key word now as this energetic whirlwind does stir up much that wishes to dispute with you, and that offers only old solace and old intimate details of behavior. But you know, fully, that those old behaviors are no longer conducive to the growing and changing you.

“I am a changing being. I am an evolving being. I am energy itself. I am growing and going forward into new life. I am a changing and evolving being of light and energy. Fulfillment of purpose and meaningfulness of life are my goals. I am a being of light, energy and evolutionary growth.”

This statement is true for you, for all of you, My Dearest Readers and Traveling Companions. I know that the energy of now is one of confusion, struggle and confrontation. But I also know that you have learned how to use such adversity for growth, and that is what you must do now. Turn the tables on the energy that disrupts, grab it by the tail, and turn it to your advantage. Only then will your work now during this time be useful to your evolutionary growth.

Do not fall victim to your past. Take the energy offered to go innerly and do the work. It will take concerted effort, but the advantages are outstanding; and that is where your focus must remain, on the truth and the outstanding qualities of the self, who is strong, capable and determined to learn and grow now.

That true self is pushing at you to come and accept its gifts of companionship as you journey. Reach out your strong hand and accept what it offers. It is only your self coming forward to guide and grow now. Don’t miss the opportunity to have a new experience of the self. You’ll be glad you did; for as you turn the tables so will you advance beyond the old ideas, proving that you are powerful, centered, and able to tackle anything that approaches.

Remain aware of your strengths now. Allow the weaknesses to disappear from your cognitive awareness. Allow focus on the self to blossom out of the old ground, and burst forth on new ground. The new you is asking for your participation during this time of urgent change.

Do not lose sight of the progress already made and the full potential of the self. You are all doing well. Stay positive. For in reality is that all that you need to combat the old energy that seeks to captivate you. It is testing you to see how far you’ve really come. Show it the changed you, not the old lost you who sits only peripherally on the edge of your awareness now. Push forward the new you. Once the new you appears, the energy will see the truth of the change in you and back down. But until then it will remain to fight. Good Luck!