#314 The Soul’s Journey Begins Randomly

Tom asks Jeanne a question today.

Dear Jeanne,
My question today is actually a question about a question… maybe THE question. I sometimes wonder, like I think everyone does at one time or another, what was before the beginning? I don’t really ask expecting an answer to that question as much as I wonder whether it actually is a valid question, or is it an example of the limits of human understanding. If it is a meaningful question, I wonder whether it’s perhaps the one question that remains unanswerable regardless of the level of evolution attained. Considering this question leaves me with an uncertainty about everything, since it seems to tear away any solid foundation that seems so necessary in order to move forward with purpose in life. Most of the time I put this out of my mind and just ignore that question as unanswerable, as I think everyone else does also. Thank you for the good work you all do. I look forward to your guidance each day, and my weekly appointment with Chuck. Perhaps this question just proves that therapy is where I belong!

My Dear Tom, you assume that there is a beginning, a foundation upon which all life first sprang from, a birthing place, a fountain of life, yet is this concept so difficult to perceive because in the reality of infinity is there no beginning and no ending. There is no threat of non-existence. Is that a concept you can grasp hold of and take into your knowing? Is that an idea that you can hold in your hand and look at, feel, and understand as attainable, your evolutionary potential as endless possibility?

If that is a concept that you are capable of looking forward to, so must you also be able to conceive of the time before you began your human experiences because it was the same endless field of energetic possibility that you now work so hard at achieving.

Does the word infinity scare you and leave you feeling ungrounded? I do not mean to bring you to a place of uncertainty or fear, but to introduce infinity as a place of joy, of rejuvenation, of eternal life and energy, and the ultimate place of life’s mysteries revealed in the utter experience of it, of your energetic self.

The time before your cycle of lives was, however, a time of incompletion and unfulfillment, an embryonic state of pure energy, as yet uneducated, and untested. Yet was it an energetic bundle of all knowing and understanding of the concepts waiting to be experienced, experimented with, and tested.

Time before time, as you know it, was whole in one sense, yet was your being incomplete in the sense of training and utilizing the skills available in order to continue evolving beyond that metaphoric state of energy. As an unevolved energy being are you full of potential, existing in infinite possibility, pure energy with no connection yet to evolutionary growth, and unavailable to proceed until the soul’s journey begins.

What sparks the soul journey? (Asks Jan)

The soul’s journey begins randomly, as energy is the factor and the catalyst. Position, possibility, synchronicity, and the availability of your energetic composition are all factors, but the biggest factor is very simple, you are simply in the right place at the right time to begin that new beginning, the long evolutionary journey to higher consciousness. You contain it (higher consciousness) within your energetic state. This is true for all, but it is undeveloped, untapped, and quietly awaiting release from its embryonic state. The soul’s journey releases the potential of this unlimited resource. (The image I received during this explanation was much like a gumball machine, or a lottery machine, with balls of energy bouncing around, eager to go down the chute leading to new life.)

Your first birth upon that Earth signals your first attempt at capturing the truth of energy, of all knowing, of infinite and evolutionary growth, and potential for moving forward. Your subsequent births offer the opportunity for this process to culminate. Yet as you now experience, so does it require a lot of work to stay focused on a path of discovery and truth of infinity, and what it truly means to be an evolutionary being.

By the time you have achieved the state of awareness that you now exhibit, so have you lived many lives, gained much knowledge about life upon that Earth, and gotten to a place of acceptance of life as a continuous journey. This is a very good place to be in, Tom. For you are questing, yet are you also trusting that you are on a journey that is meaningful and has ultimate purpose. And that, My Dear, is very exciting and should provide you with the comfort of knowing that you have been doing a good job, and have come far in your journey.

Do not feel lost by the concept of endlessness, of infinity having no beginning and no end, of time existing only as you journey upon that Earth, for those are not concepts easily recognizable as grounding for the journey being taken upon that plane. You should feel grounded. You should feel a sense of place, and of beginning, in order to track your progress and define your life. But ultimately will you experience your energy body, your ethereal self in that infinite nothingness, and be perfectly satisfied with that state, for it will fit your energy body, just as the confines of Earth’s time and space fit your physical body now, as you take your journey.

I do not believe that to ponder your very beginning will bring you to a place of shattered ideas, but instead this explanation may solidify your concept of the true energy self as an evolutionary being, with always a purpose of evolution to higher awareness as your catalyst. You are where you are now because you have worked hard to get there through these many journeys you have taken; evolved from infinite knowing, yet learning what that means as you progress; training to be able to utilize it in the life still to come.

For all of your journeys are training camps where you are offered the opportunity to learn and to hone the skills you learn during each journey. The trick is to stay connected to the fact that you hold within you all that you need to grow, to evolve, to connect, to perceive, and to become fully aware of all that exists, and all that pertains to evolving to a new level of existence. Do not be afraid of the journeys, either the beginning or the infinite potential ahead of you. Your energy knows what I mean by this. Now it’s up to you, in your human form, to accept that this is so, that infinity awaits. It always has and always will, and it is quite a lovely state of being, where unlimited potential awaits.

Keep up the good work. I hope I have satisfied you on this idea of beginning, and the true prospects of evolutionary growth. Keep learning!