#313 Do Not Anticipate, But Do Participate

Today I asked Jeanne another question.

Dear Jeanne,
In yesterday’s message you talked a lot about change and how needed it is now. I think most people are well aware that it is very necessary, but getting started making real changes can be difficult. Can you speak about this?

Change must happen or there will be no growth upon that Earth. Such stagnancy has occurred, and the result is the condition you now find yourselves in, both in the world and in the United States of America. Do not believe that it is up to others to force change, for that is not so, nor is it the responsibility of the governments or the powers that be, for often are they the ones most stuck. No, as I usually say about any aspect of growth, it is up to each one of you to enact change within the self and within your own life.

Do not harbor fears of what might happen, of how you will sustain change, or how you will maintain your present status as you perceive the necessary changes that must be started. Do not anticipate, but do participate in changing your self, how you live, and how you use the resources upon that Earth. Do not be afraid of loss or of devastation, but instead think upon positive, natural, and long lasting changes that will be viable and strengthening for the self and others.

There is much upon that planet that asks for change, for nurturance, and for doing things differently now. I do not advocate that you suddenly shift, but I do ask that as a thinking caring individual you begin to ponder your own situation and seek to do life differently now.

This I have asked of you many times before. I ask again that you do things differently in the inner you, by doing your inner work, and in the outer you who uses the resources of that Earth. Abide by the Steps of Change* to give you a head start on what it means to become a growth oriented and changing being.

If no changes had occurred from when man first inhabited that planet so would much be different, but for generations would there have been stagnancy of many sorts. From your perspective now look back on the utter simplicity of spiritual and natural life that has been long lost. Reconnecting to the spiritual is the best place to begin your own personal change, for from that connection to the inner you are you offered many threads to choose that will inevitably lead to a strong and certain direction of change.

As you are already perhaps strongly attached to the spiritual self so must you go deeper into that spiritual self now for daily living, daily encounters, and daily business. Bring that self outward now, and ask it to make the decisions, based on your knowing that it will choose only what is right. Once you are friends, companions, with this inner spiritual self, so can you trust the decisions made by this soulful self to enact change and really begin to see some progress in your life.

As you know, I always suggest that no real and lasting change will happen until you get into the habit of doing your recapitulation. Find plenty of time for pondering the self, and you will find that as you do this act of inner resolution and cleansing so will you free up your energy so that you may actually have new energy for all the changes that are now so necessary.

Do you not hear the word “change” being spoken all around you? What does that mean to you on an individual basis? Find out what change means in your own life, and then go make it happen for your spiritual growth. Then see what opens up as you begin a journey based in truth of the self, and eagerness for a changing self first of all.

Don’t wait around deciding too much longer. There isn’t time for stagnancy. The energy is available to aid you. So why not see where it leads you? You’ll be very pleased with the changes in your self, and you’ll be very pleased with the ease with which you begin to flow in your new life as you find ways to become a changing person in the world around you, seeking not only personal change, but real viable changes that will have affect in the world around you as well.

Do something to start the ball rolling today. I challenge you all!

*NOTE: The 10 Steps of Change, previously channeled, are in the sidebar on this website under Guidance.