#312 Do Not Lose Sight of Your Ultimate Goal

Today I asked Jeanne a question in the old format, for a broader view of how she is guiding humanity these days.

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

Do not lose sight of your ultimate goal, which is completion of your life cycles upon that plane. This is your task, and this must remain your focus in spite of the messages of warning and propositions from outside energies. Do not fall victim to fears of attachment, nor focus too keenly upon the negative or evil energies and entities that I have spoken of. Keep your attention firmly focused on growth and learning the ways of the warrior, the one who knows and understands that evolution is the only name of the game.

With focus on evolution and personal growth do you open the doors to new awarenesses that will lead you safely through the trials and tribulations of life, but also bring you good guidance and protection as you make your way focused on moving on to a new level of awareness and life.

When I speak of the realities that exist around you, so do I do so in order to aid you in remaining alert and knowledgeable. For only with knowledge will your journey truly be one of fulfillment, and your issues be resolved. To go blindly forward with naiveté, and dazed or glazed eyes and mind, is not going to offer you enough for progress to be made. You must be alert, aware of all that exists to disrupt you on your journey; and learn the ways to keep yourself safe, protected, and focused as you make your way. Without such knowledge will you continue to remain caught in the veils of unknowing and the untruths that are spoken all around you.

So I did not intend to scare by answering questions about the occurrences and dangers of negative powers, but only to teach you that there are many energies that seek sustenance. By remaining focused on unburdening the self of old ideas, old pathways of action, and seeking the deepest truths of the self, so will your concentration on this process of recapitulation, if done with pure intent, keep you safe upon your path. If your own focus remains on seeking good in the self, and acknowledging that it does exist in all upon that Earth, though often deeply buried, so will you offer your self a safer passage by becoming unappealing to the negative energies.

Use your knowledge of the self to seek greater knowledge of the self and the world you have inhabited. Seek to change the self and the means by which you live upon that Earth, for this is called for at this time. The energy of change is upon you all, and will continue to shift, and collide with other energies, wreaking havoc, devastation, and desiring that all upon that Earth wake up to the facts that things are different now and will continue to be so.

It is up to those of you who reside there to be the arbiters of change, to speak out for change, and to enact change in your own lives, so that the future may offer a brighter light than now shines upon that Earth. Change your self; change your own world; change your thinking; change your habits, your desires, and your means of using the natural resources at your disposal. Think and act differently now, from the heart, and from the head that knows and urges truth to be accepted and recognized as the new means of life.

Do not run from your own truths. Do not shift too far from your own inner work, but remain cognizant of all that is shifting and changing around you, and go with the flow of this energetic push that does come from everywhere. Remain centered. Learn as much as you can about your self, but stay always on the path of good and of change, debunking the untruths, and finding the deeper hidden truths of the human condition and the meaning of your own life upon that Earth. That is how you will succeed in becoming an evolutionary being now during this time of great shift. Look to the self for the answers too, for that is where the real truths to who you are lie; and the answers to the how, the why, and the wherefore of life. You are an evolutionary being already, you just need to reconnect to that true self who asks you to do the inner work required to find the thread that will unravel the whole picture of who you thought you were and reveal the real you.

So enjoy the energies that come to aid you as you find your way. Remain upon your seeking path, with diligent foresight, planning, and concerted effort to remain focused and always seeking enlightenment and truth. Good Luck, your way is paved with signs and with guidance. Look around you with awareness and alertness and you’ll see what I mean!