#319 You Are a Sexual Being

Anonymous asks Jeanne a question today.

Dear Jeanne,
In the bigger picture of us as energetic beings, what purpose or role does our sexuality play in regards to our evolutionary growth?

My Dear Reader, as a human being your sexuality is a defining factor in your life, your lives, and your evolution. As a sexual being are you guided through life and your many lives, constantly confronted with the challenges of the body, the vehicle of transport through that level of evolutionary progress. Your body, as your vehicle, must be attended to, and your progress is attached heavily to how you master it, learn from it, and eventually release from it. It is not only your vehicle, but your entry into understanding what is available to you and what comes next, for it is how you enter life and are presented with all of your challenges, your tests, and your master plan for doing your life upon that Earth; your many lives.

As your vehicle, your body offers many opportunities for growth. It provides many tests, and many of these, throughout your lives, will be of the sexual sort, posed for evolutionary purposes. For within the sexual aspects of the self lie many opportunities to present the challenges necessary for eventual evolution. To learn freedom from judgments; to allow the full expression of the human experience; to achieve innocent conjugal interconnectedness; and to present the self with all the challenges of procreation, and the learning of love and compassion, are at the root of sexuality. To understand your place in the universe stems from the fact that you began life as the result of sexual activity. You are a sexual being, and you will always remain so, for sexual energy is an example of the intensity of real energy as it is carried on into other lives. (Procreation is the means by which the evolutionary journey begins. In some manner, we are all a part of that process, either in being given the opportunity to take our own journeys, or allowing others the opportunity to take their journeys. —Jan)

Glimpses of exuberance, alive energy, channeled into one activity are presented during the sexual act, with the possibility of experiencing not only physical climax, but the opening of your energetic connection to infinity. (The opportunity to become a channel for another soul.) If you are not sexually energetic in this lifetime so will you be in another, or perhaps you have already been confronted with many aspects of sexual propensities in past lives. During your soul’s journey you can bet you have had, or will have, encounters with human sexuality, both your own and others. For human sexuality is not experienced alone in fulfillment, but only with another equally resonant human being.

That was my own dilemma, as Jeanne Marie Ketchel, to find my fulfillment as a sexual energy being. I did ultimately find it in my energy body, though I sought its fulfillment in my physical body. I did not need its resolution there though, for I had another more important issue to attend to related to sexuality and procreation. In a previous life had I lived the life of a prostitute, a well-known Madam, and during that lifetime did I not only explore, but fully accept my sexuality. But I also presented myself with the problem of procreation; the result of the sexual act, and eventually the act of abandonment of the child I had produced became the issue. As that issue remained unresolved in that lifetime, so did I carry it in to my life as Jeanne, who lived the life of a child who did not know her birth mother. The birth mother, the sexual being I had emerged from, gave me the mystery of my life to solve, and resolve. But ultimately, that issue emerged from my own sexual self in that previous life. So you see, your sexual self is a many-faceted being, and certainly needs to be listened to, attended to, and ultimately resolved.

In the annuls of restrictions set upon you by others, such as religious upbringing, parents, and the societies you live in, lie the challenges to be first overcome. But that is merely fluff compared to what lies within the self that poses the greatest barriers and ideas regarding who you are as a sexual being. All of you are sexual beings, have no doubt about that, and no denial of that truth.

Sexuality is a pure and basic aspect of the human form and function. How do you choose to approach that aspect of the self? I propose that you find your true inner self, the you who resides in truth and knowing, the one who does not abide by the outer rules imposed upon you by others, but only by the inner truths of innocence and purity of journey.

To live your life fully, must you allow yourself to be guided by that innocent you. Not the child, but the spirit self who loves, trusts, knows fully what it has to offer, and knows fully what is right to accept in a loving relationship. Deviant behaviors and undercurrents of evil intent are aspects of a spirit’s journey that must be encountered, but even such behaviors have the possibility of being diffused as innocence and truth emerge and take over.

Your evolutionary journey is comprised of: your soul’s selections for growth, the challenges presented, as well as the physical form you have elected to inhabit at each rebirth. There are no mistakes, no wrong selections, no wrong turns as you elect and begin your life. All aspects of who you are, including your sexual self, are totally legitimate and defining aspects of this journey you are on.

To fully recapitulate and discover who you are must the puzzle of the physical and sexual self be probed, and fully uncovered, or you will have residual aspects to attend to in a future life. To meet and express with another your full sexual innocence is the goal. To fully allow resonant sexual energy to express itself, merging with your own, is offering your self the opportunity to become whole, and wholly resolved as a human entity.

There are so many aspects of the human body that are repeatedly presented with necessity of attendance to; not only the sexual aspect, but body image, the desires and hungers of the body, the thoughts and confusions, the appetites and dislikes, the ego and the inner spirit; the tugs-of-war that are presented not only by the body, but by the outer world’s expectations and the proclivities of the societies you reside in. I can say this though, that as you recapitulate and do your inner work, so will you find that innocent sexual resonance, and discover that it has nothing to do with what you have learned about sex, or what is currently being taught or researched. It has only to do with pure expression of the innocent self. It can resolve in a most unusual manner, the question of your sexuality. But it must be an expression of your true innocent spirit as you tap into your pure energy. When that is released will you understand what it means to merge your sexual energy with another of like resonance.

I did present myself with quite a challenge as Jeanne Marie Ketchel. For although I did resolve many of my sexual issues in a previous life, so was I still presented with fulfillment of what comes after that, and that was, and is, the challenge of discovering true love and compassion for the self first and foremost, for only then will it be possible to achieve it on a universal level.

I propose, as always, that you continue your process of self-discovery by removing the outer world from your inner work. Do your inner work based on your inner truths of the self, freed of the judgments of others. Once you discover the true self, and begin to allow it to live your life, unafraid because it knows that everything is meaningful and meant to happen, so will you find fulfillment in all aspects of your life. Allow your true sexual being to emerge too. It may not be as you think it is now, while you still struggle with issues to be resolved. For many of you, your innocence will surprise you.

Live life to the fullest of your innocent potential, My Dear Reader. Seek not sexuality, but expression of your inner self as a sexual being, and in so doing merge the two, your inner you and your body you, the two most compatible aspects of your life. But perhaps you haven’t gotten to that place of mergence with the self yet? Don’t worry, you are fully capable of merging and, I think, most aware that you are just about to do so. Does that answer your question?

Good Luck, All of You Sexual Beings. You are going to find out who you really are only as you discover your innocence. It awaits, it holds all the answers to you and your full potential.