#310 The Dark Side

Dear Jeanne,
Today you wanted to talk about evil entities that seek to inhabit human forms. Can you address this phenomenon?

Yes, I can. I will be brief and to the point. It is my contention; after much time spent in this new world, working my way through many levels of contest and confusion, learning as I went; that evil exists on a far greater level than most in human form would like to admit. There circulate constantly evil forms, caught in darkness, seeking sustenance, yet are they also conniving and dangerous, for they do not just feed and move on, but seek eternal bedding in human entities, for there do they find not only fodder, but a means of expressions in that world. There do they find access to abilities that the rest of us have gone beyond, for we elected instead to move on toward enlightenment, rather than stay stuck in that old dark heavy world. For that is how I perceive it now that I exist in my energy body. Though I did love life there and all that I experienced, so now do I have another experience that is the total antithesis of that Earthly experience; as energy.

I elect to remain in this energetic state and work onward, enhancing and growing in this state. However, there are entities that elect to remain embedded in that place, inhabiting within the Earth force, for reasons that remain complicated, for they are caught, yet do they also elect to remain caught, for they reside on the dark side.

To extract from the dark side, and move onward into pure energy and light is a complicated matter as well, and to do so for those dark ones is nearly impossible. The dark side draws upon their energy, as readily as the light side entices mine. This is the only way I can explain these evil entities, by comparison to my own experiences with contrasting energetic pulls, for it is how I see it and feel it.

The dark side does have powerful draw, even as it does there upon that Earth. Though energetic evil as I now speak of has long been caught there and chooses to remain buried in its ancient cauldron.

What happens when a human body becomes inhabited with an evil energy? How can that happen?

It happens in vulnerability. It happens in unawareness, and in inability to recognize and fight off. There is no intent on the part of the victim to become inhabited. But the evil ones do circulate and look for unprotected entry to human form. Once there, do they wreak havoc. Unleashed and unabated do they allow themselves to do as they please, for it prolongs their energy to express and to play at the expense of their victim’s energy. They are predators, seeking live fodder in which to bed down and feast upon.

This can be subtly noticed by others, but ordinarily the victim does not experience the phenomenon in quite the same way as the viewer, for the inner spirit must disappear in order to hide from the outside energy that does inhabit the vehicle of expression upon that Earth. So it deserts the human form, remaining in nearness, but intending and offering combative intent of the most powerful sort in return.

Do not ever think that a body inhabited by evil has been deserted by its spiritual energy, for that is not so. The spirit remains strong while the human body, the vehicle, has been hi-jacked. The evil intent does not care about the spirit. It prefers to shove it out of the way. It only wants the power of the physical body and the energetic life force that sustains it, but the spirit knowing and awareness has it no use for.

Thus removed, is the spirit capable of calling in help to save the victim of the massacre, but it is a lengthy and horrid affair. Luckily, our forces of good do also circulate upon that Earth and protect those in our charge, remaining alert to the movements of the dark forces. I have, on many occasions, encountered such dark armies as they circulate in infinity, looking and looking, a roving pack of hungry animals focused only on satiation of their needs.

Would the souls who are caught in darkness rather be elsewhere?

Yes, that was my next point. They are caught in the darkness, their own spirits exorcised and captivated by the rulers of the darkness. They become but empty entities with only one focus, and that is to find sustenance and expression. And it is far easier to find it in vulnerable human form than to do battle with the positive force of good.

This sounds pretty much like a science fiction premise.

Well, My Dear, it is quite like that I agree, but keep in mind that in pure energy is everything possible, and that is the form I speak of, energy forms. For that is all we are once we leave that Earth plane. All of us are energy; both the good and the evil exist only in energetic form.

We are well aware of each other, aware of each other’s approach. I am not of any interest to them, except if I pose a problem, get in the way, so to speak, of their needs to pursue their desires. Mostly do I step aside and let them pass, but the intensity of their forces is really quite powerful, and I now understand how the human form is no match for such dark energy.

Does the dark side take over gradually, or how does a takeover happen?

Those entities function in different manners. Many times is the takeover abrupt and noticeable. At other times is the human form inhabited from early on in life, yet is the expression more subtle, for then is the entity that inhabits more likely to have a long and stable life upon that plane in the being it has elected to reside in.

Just as good resides in many people, so does evil reside in others, have no doubt about this. I do not intend to scare you, My Dear Readers, but I do seek to make you aware that evil does exist in many forms, and in many subtle hidden ways. Do not think that all are directed toward the light, for that is not so. The dark side does hold many who remain in its folds.

Is there hope that the dark will turn toward the light?

There will always remain both dark and light, for it is necessary for balance, and for the possibility of stability in life upon that Earth and in other levels of existence as well. For as I have already said, if there is too much of one, so does the other go out of balance. There is great need for equal measure of both. But that can be another subject, another day.

Do not fall into too much focus or sadness over what I speak of today. Remain aware of your own position of strength, with your aware spirit guiding you. You are safe at this point, and will continue to be as you clothe your self in good intent, and focus on growth and evolution. Those who are unaware of their own inner spirit do greatly place themselves in vulnerability to such evil force. Yet, so must this be their path, for the path of evil is as valid as the path of good.

Do not get caught in your wonderings, but stay intent on your path. I love you all. Remain focused, aware, and look for the good in your lives, not the evil.