#309 They Seek to Captivate You

Dear Jeanne,
I would like to ask you to follow up on Friday’s message regarding negative energy by discussing negative and evil entities and intentions. Sometimes when I’m channeling I sense that you could go into discussing them, but you choose to avoid bringing them into focus, and I understand why. But I also think it’s time to give us a bigger picture of what the term “negative entities” means and how we are affected by them. Would you please speak to us on this subject today?

My Dear Jan, yes, I certainly will, though my own intent is very positive, and I risk offering focus on negative entities simply by discussing them, for there will be many eyes and awarenesses alert and looking for them, when energy is better spent in positive learning and focus on growth. But I agree it is time to discuss what I know about them.

When I first passed from my last human form, as Jeanne Marie Ketchel, so did I have to learn a great deal about such negative energy and the influence it can have, both in your world and in my world. It exists in both worlds, equally forceful, undeniably seeking feeding grounds, and is especially alert to easy prey, for then it gathers what it needs in sustenance without losing much of its own energy, saving that for its toughest challenges.

This means of operation is quite practical, and even those of us working within the positive field do this as well, not feeding off anyone obviously, but saving our energy whenever possible for our own toughest challenges and intentions.

When I did first encounter negative beings in pure energy form so did my awakening awareness alert me to the non-resonant energy in my presence. The feeling is both a strong draw toward and a feeling of certain doom. At the same time there is a knowing that to become intimately involved with such energy would be a mistake, yet is it extremely enticing. In order to prevent myself from being sucked into its powerful energetic field was it up to me alone to gather my own strength to fight it off. And that strength lay in staying focused on my own awareness of the journey I was on, looking always toward positive results, with my intent focused on the next challenge beyond this present one. By keeping my awareness focused on the journey was I able to avoid, and turn away from the powerful desire welling up in me to fall into the arms of such enticing but dangerous energy.

And that has always been the challenge, ever since. It is a strange and beguiling type that inhabits all worlds, those so called negative entities, yet are they but energy, just as you and I are. But they work on the negative side, yet equally necessary as you and I are, for they provide balance. And as I have already spoken of, is balance a very necessary factor in keeping everything functioning smoothly. For without balance is there always the possibility for eruption and dissonance.

How can we recognize such negative entities in our own lives?

You will recognize them in much the same way I did. They seek to captivate you, to steal your energy, drag you from your path, and take what they want, then leave you in a heap wondering what just happened. They leave you exhausted, often angry, feeling helpless, hopeless and lost. They can also entice you into activities best left alone. They offer goods that you simply cannot refuse. They attach to you; traveling with you, perhaps for many years; feasting off you without your knowing, but dragging you down and keeping you from realizing your true potential, your dreams, and your full spiritual self.

They abide in you, beside you, seeking always to catch you off guard. They are often your biggest challenges, your petty tyrants as well. They can be friends, family, and any negative source of energy that does not resonate or allow you to maintain your balance. Negative energy is often attached to a negative entity. Though that entity may not be directly attached to you, so may it be attached to someone in your nearness, and so does it also seek access to your own energy as it drains whatever it can find for sustenance. Even if you are not its primary prey so do you become available, simply by being in its presence.

Think about your own life. Look for your energy drains. Where are they most pronounced and where less so, but still noticeable? Then your challenge is to discover what the hidden energy drains are and seek to also eliminate them from your life. Your balance will be maintained by a shift to positive outlook, positive acceptance and reception of good, focus on your inner spirit, and the quiet work on the self. All of this good work, good intent, will be constantly balanced by the negative energies around you in the world, that you must encounter daily. Even within the walls of sequestered temples, convents, and religious orders throughout the world is there always negative energy to contend with, no matter how spiritually based is the inner sanctum.

I do not speak only of negative energy and negative entities, but I must also address the evil side, which does also exist in many forms, both disguised and blatantly presented. But how do you recognize such evil? Often is it quite apparent to you, especially if you are in a state of heightened awareness or clarity. Then are you alert to everything, and your own energy is reading what is in your world, and your clear knowing will keep you aware and safe from harm or intervention. But if you are in a state of decay, despair, or lost in a fog, then will you not be able to find your way through the evil that approaches. For it will find you by your wandering demeanor, your unclear focus, your doubt and your misery. And in such a state, without your inner knowing awake and acting as your chief advisor, will you fall prey to that which approaches, unless your inner spirit self kicks you awake and alerts you to impending danger.

Often what happens in such states is that you may, in fact, fall into the hands of evil intent, but before long discover that you are in the wrong place, doing the wrong thing, and your awareness leads you out of it. Then you take with you the lessons you have learned, for future use. However, in many instances, must you, for your own soul’s journey and your spiritual awakening, travel further into the darker realms. And that is okay, because that is obviously the journey you must take, until awareness leads you elsewhere.

I do not advocate playing games with such energy. Do not invite it, or entice it to you, even though you may be the daring type who seeks constant adventure. Better to put your energy into something more fulfilling and worthwhile so that your journey may be one of constant growth, where plenty of challenges await you anyway. Be assured that always are there challenges ahead. Why choose to enter the side of negative and even evil entities when you can choose to follow your own inner spirit’s direction, for it will lead you properly.

But I understand also the need to fulfill whatever journey you have chosen for this lifetime. But let’s be clear and honest with the choices you make at all times. Don’t try to fool your self by denying what you are doing in the dark world. If you are going there, then go there as a warrior does; to learn, to have experiences, and to grow from the experiences that you find and that find you. But don’t clothe your self as a sheep when you are really a wolf because that is dishonest, and neither world accepts dishonesty and untruthfulness. Be what you choose to be, and be it to the fullest so that you learn something and you can grow from it.

Many who encounter evil at a very young age are trained by their master teachers to follow blindly, groomed to doom, so to speak, and thus is it quite difficult to break the spell of such intent. It may last a long time, repeated throughout a lifetime, as one is caught over and over again in similar situations, until one wakes up to the fact that a life of such repetition is not a life truly lived by the spirit, but simply by the pattern laid out early in life.

There are always signs given to break you of such patterns. There are always offers of help, and hands reaching in, plucking you out of situations that you may not understand how you got into, or how you got out of, as you travel in your foggy world. But know that you are always being offered enlightenments and epiphanies, both small and large, in order to wake you up, so that you may wipe the sleep from your eyes, and lift your head above the clouds and seek inner and outer clarity in your life.

Doing your recapitulation will assist you in the process of gaining clarity, but also enable you to understand the negative elements in your own life. There is more to speak of on the subject, so I propose that I continue later, for I must talk of entities that do attach and take over personalities and use them for their own intentions. This I’m sure you all know about, but would you recognize such an entity? Would you want to? Well, they are quite a sordid lot, but also challenging, and readily seeking places of rest and sustenance. So don’t doubt their existence, or their abilities to find and get what they want. How do you avoid them? By strengthening your inner spirit, keeping it nurtured and alive, and by avoiding your big baby self, for that is the place of easy entry. But when the adult self and the strong spirit self stand guard are you well protected. So keep that in mind as you await my next message on the subject.