#308 The Negative is Quite Present and Noticeable

Today, another Reader anonymously asks a question, about negative energy.

Dear Jeanne,
Can you speak about negative energy, about how it is outside of us, how we attract it to ourselves, and how we get caught by it? Can you also speak about what it does to us once we are caught by it, but also as we project it onto others? Thank you for your answers and insights, they are always very helpful. I look forward to your messages every day.

My Dearest Reader, I seek mostly to keep my students of awareness focused on positive energy in order to build up knowledge of how to use it and where it may take them as they grow and evolve in its bounty. Yet do I also discuss the power of negative energy as well, in order to teach awareness of it and the power it holds.

As I spoke of yesterday when discussing the situation in Burma, did I mention the power of positive and negative magnetic pulls. So is this equally true for energy within you and around you. You must maintain an even balance of awareness of, and intent of the positive and negative at all times in order to navigate smoothly through life. In order to understand the negative aspects of energy have I thus far wanted to familiarize you with your own positive strengths of knowing, clarity, and awareness of the energy that is around you. I have urged you to seek only resonant positive energy at this point for you must find out who you truly are, what your own energy is like, how it feels, and what it is asking of you in order to fully know the self in preparation for your recapitulation work. I also know that this direction has placed you in a precarious position because even though your intent and mine has been on acknowledging the positive and avoiding the negative, so is the negative quite present and noticeable.

So your question is perhaps synchronistically timely and necessary now, as the world is in such turmoil as a result of much energetic congruence of the negative and positive right now, a grand battle going on, as each seeks attention. Although I continue to urge you away from the negative in order to strengthen the positive aspects of the self, so will I address your question because you ask it now.

Negative entities and negative energies exist all around you, at all times. Your awareness of them may be keen, or it may be duller than you know, simply by your state of being at the time. Do not hold your self responsible for this. As I stated also yesterday, is there no blame here. Put your self in the position of a fairly well balanced individual who is quite aware, and apt to live life with open arms, ready to tackle anything that comes, prepared to live life to the fullest, yet also loving, compassionate, and caring. This person appears well balanced and living an evolutionary life, gliding along quite well. But then something doesn’t feel right. What is it? You all know the feeling, you wake up one morning and you just don’t feel like you fit into your body anymore. Nothing feels right, and your personality suffers as a result, even your attitude about your life may suffer doubt, despair, or hopelessness.

Well, My dears, this is a sign of negative energy affecting you. It may come on the heels of illness; it may seep in when you least expect it, or when you are simply enjoying everything about your life and your evolutionary path.

It exists all around you. Negative energy is present at all times. I suggest that you do not attract it to you by focusing on it, or harboring negative thoughts about your self, or others, or the world around you. Awareness that it exists, and that it seeks entry to luscious energy for feeding purposes, is all that is necessary to begin maintaining awareness of it. After that must you be alert to the signs of its approach. You may see it more easily in others. This is the case with many things, but if you notice it in others so is that a sign to be aware of it in your self. Question your self, regarding negative energies, to remain alert and unattached.

Even as I speak of balancing negative and positive energies in your own life, so do I mean this inside you as well as outside you. As you do your recapitulation, avoid falling into the traps presented, of negative thoughts, and negative traps that long ago transpired, and instead remain focused on the template of your journey. Seek to fill in all the missing pieces now, with a focus on changing your perspective on your self as you go through your recapitulation. Seek now to piece your life together as a warrior does, as a journey well taken, for purposes of learning all that you need to learn in order to grow, and evolve, and become who you are.

Do you feel that you ordinarily attract a great amount of negative energy? Then I suggest that you may not be attempting to do your recapitulation as I have suggested. For during that phase of growth do you relearn your journey thus far taken. You gain access to your past with your adult self firmly in charge, and you maintain this adult perspective as your positive balance. You must begin your recapitulation with your strong, stable, pragmatic, and spiritually centered adult at the helm. And you must always return to this adult self, no matter what you encounter as you recapitulate and regress into states of old memories, and behaviors; or thoughts, feelings, and emotions associated with the past. Always must your adult self firmly hold your hand, no matter what age you are and where you go as you revisit every aspect of your past.

Your own energy must be balanced so that you are aware of energy that does not belong to you. This is the resonance that I speak of so often. You must learn to dismiss, turn away from, and dispel any energies that do not resonate. And how do you do that? Well, first by training your awareness so that you are alert to your own energy. Then must you maintain awareness of what is going on outside of you. I know this is impossible to do at all times, but your strength is in knowing your own resonant energy; that is your gauge at all times.

Use your feelings to let you know what is approaching, and what is right, and what is not right energy to engage in. Why do you seek to attract all energy that is out there? You must all learn to shut down the open doors that you leave vulnerable to such energies. Such risky business is not appropriate, nor necessary.

Yes, you must be aware, but you do not need to reach out and attract all kinds of energies to you. You can’t handle them, nor is it possible for you to stay in balanced awareness if you do. For then is your awareness dulled by the onslaught of non-resonant energies circulating in your energy field, and actually draining you of your nurturance.

I recommend learning detachment from outside energies. Do not attach to anything that does not resonate with you. This may seem harsh to pronounce so blatantly because many times do we have people in our nearness who do not resonate, yet must we deal with them, and their energy, on a daily basis. But that is just the perfect example of what I mean when I suggest learning detachment. Those people are actually available to teach this badly needed attribute. They offer us the challenge to learn loving and compassionate detachment.

It is a long and often trying process, but it can be done. It involves allowing everyone to take their own journeys, make their own choices, and find the responsible adult inside themselves. Often this can be a heartbreaking ordeal as we watch our loved ones, even our own children, stumble and fall, and struggle through life, unable to get out of the holes they dig themselves into by the choices they make. Our place of detachment offers us the opportunity to allow for real growth, on both sides. For the detached adult must stand firmly in inner balance with the self, yet also aid where it is necessary, but still requiring the struggling one to accept the challenges also being offered.

All upon that Earth have the challenge to become aware and responsible adults fully prepared to deal with the negative energies in their own lives. These energies will come back over and over again, seeking sustenance and attention, until the adult self recognizes that they are foreign affairs, and not resonant, loving, energy beings offering aid and guidance, but in fact seeking only what they can gain. These energy drains are all around you.

In order to understand the negative forces in the world, this understanding of how your own energy feels is first and foremost the major focus, and must be established. Know who you are, and what your own energy feels like. Then whatever you attach to, focus on, project on, draw in, invite in, or simply fall into, must be assessed as to whether or not it feels right. Does it resonate? Then it perhaps may be good energy. Does it feel not quite right, a little itchy around the collar? A little tight in the toes? Does it drain your energy? Do you feel invigorated by its presence, or simply exhausted by it?

You must find ways to remove such non-resonant energy from you and from your life, either by practicing loving compassionate detachment, or simply by excising it from your nearness. And always keep in mind that there are attempts, at all times, to find ways in to your energy.

I did not even speak about other forms of energy beings that exist in all time and space. I focused mostly on the human form. I will address the other forms of evil in the world at another time. But you do not need to focus on them. Keep your self focused on your own positive growth. Ask for good in your life. Reject, do not accept, negatives and you will do pretty well with that positive/negative balance. Thank you for your provocative question. There will be more later, but that’s enough for now!