#307 There is No Blame in Burma

Today, a Reader asks a question about the cyclone in Myanmar.

Dear Jeanne,
Does the event of the cyclone in Myanmar, wreaking mass destruction and death beyond comprehension, have anything to do with the treatment of the protesting monks and the military action that is trying to gain power there?

My Dear Reader, synchronicities are always significant and meaningful, and should not be overlooked or disregarded. But there is no blame there in Burma. It is a situation that has to run its course, testing the beliefs of many and also the truths of the human condition.

Find not fault, but use your new awareness of the power of the journey to lead and direct all causes and all lives to a place of fulfillment. Do not judge nor determine what is right in this situation, for then do you expose your own disasters to criticism and judgment, for all have such hidden dilemmas that remain unaired and unresolved. I do not insist either that the cyclone that hit that territory was meant specifically for Burma, for it affected others as well, yet did it fall directly upon such a vulnerable land, in a vulnerable state of disrepair and despair. As you know, often are the poorest countries wrought with the greatest destruction offered by that planet’s forces of nature. Other more industrialized, and so-called civilized countries suffer in other manners, yet are no populations exempt from such powers of destruction.

In this time of great turmoil is such destruction an apt example of the coming changes, and it behooves the nations and people of that planet to pay attention to what has been wrought. I do not use the term, “the wrath of God,” as I know has been spoken. For there is no God of Wrath, nor is there a God of any such power. God is but inside each of you. You are God lying asleep, waiting to be accepted as fully loving and compassionate beings. If the Wrath of God did cause such devastation, so did man in his ignorance of God inside cause this.

It is synchronicity, meaningfully timely, that caused such a thing. Magnetic pulls upon that Earth do attract and reject energies of all sorts, both energies unseen and energies seen, such as this powerful storm.

Do not dismiss the acts of nature as mere punishment, for that is placing judgment where no judgment is needed. The world does not need more judging, but instead more loving, and more positive intent for all peoples and all nations to heal the wounds of fear and hatred that so badly fester.

Within the United States now does there fester many wounds needing attention. Underlying all nations’ disputes sits the energy capable of attracting devastation of the sort that struck this little country.

Energy determines the path. If energy is positive and in balance with the negative pulls, so is there possibility to ease past restraints and disputes to resolve issues in a forthcoming and righteous manner. Yet if unbalance occurs, such as overpowering negative energy, so is there apt to occur an event to upset the balance that is so undeniably precarious, and even wrong. In the case of Tibet was there an uneven balance of positive energy, and even that country could not hold back the explosive qualities of such long held down energy, positive though it was.

Eventually must energies escape, for they do not play by the rules imposed by man, but have their own agendas. For now, look upon the country of Burma, now called Myanmar, as a pot boiling and boiling because the fire, the heat beneath it was too hot; the energy unstoppable; and change was more necessary than you can imagine. Many outside of that land do not understand what truthfully was occurring there, and is still intending to be projected there.

There is little to be done with synchronistic events, except to hold them accountable for enacting change where change is needed. But what is the truth behind that event? There lies much hidden. And who is ready to hear the real truth? Who in Burma wants to hear the real truth? Who outside of that meager yet lovely land wants to understand the truth? Who in Tibet wants to hear the truth? Who in America wants to hear the truth?

The truth gets rejected, gets slashed down, ridiculed, feared, and run away from, for it hits the ears as blasphemy, and lies, and means of uprising. But the truth is true!

Be not afraid for those who lost their lives, many though the numbers may be. Find within the analysis of a journey, the purpose and reason for their demise. Find truth of a soul’s journey, truth of life upon that Earth, and devastation of this magnitude as the necessary vehicle to fulfillment.

That country held many spiritually fulfilled and fulfilling lives, as does the other small country of Tibet. There is a need now for evolution, and those spiritually strong countries do pave the way for knowledge of other worlds, other lives waiting to be lived, beyond this one. An evolutionary journey does not end upon this Earth you live upon, but only begins there. The spiritually evolved move on when the time is right, when the truth of their lives has been excavated and dealt with, in the manner not only of recapitulation, but in humble, simple living upon that Earth, each day lived and loved for what it brings.

Who can say that they have gotten to such a place of spiritual living within the self, and with the life you have chosen? Do not look upon those who lost their lives as victims, for they are evolutionary beings, now on another journey, just as you are.

The quiet ones live deeply spiritual lives, existing in harmony and simplicity upon that planet, seeking always to find their way by accepting what is given, and trusting that everything is meaningful.

So that, My Friends and Fine Traveling Companions, is the lesson of synchronicity; that everything is meaningful. And how do you propose to live your own meaningful existence? You know what to do, even as the people of Burma, Tibet, and other lands of abrupt change do also know what is most meaningful. But do you dare to live it? Do you dare to live the most meaningful life you can? The means is offered to you daily. Or do you wait for the synchronicities of life to knock you over the head?

I suggest that you be proactive, even as the monks did determine it was time to be proactive. But do it with your open-hearted means of engaging in the world first and foremost as your energetic components dictate. Leave the destructive qualities untouched. Balance your goodness with your strength of determination, rather than anger or fear. Use your powerful abilities to intend change in this new manner, rather than picking up the old sword of destruction.

Time does not wait, nor does it care; for in infinity is there no such thing as time. Do not wait for time to tell anything, or give any signal. Look only inward, and make changes only when it is right to do so; as the cyclone did, unfettered by time and man’s control, synchronistically presented. Do you see what was right? Or do you choose to stay caught in judgments? I challenge you all to think differently now. This day, and your lives call for it.

Thank you, My Dear Reader, for your question. Though politics is not always the means to enlightenment so can it occur to enact great change that eventually will lead to understanding what is truly important. The evolution of the world, the changes now occurring, are pushing toward true evolution of spirit. Watch the synchronicities of this. It happens all the time.