#306 True Prayer is One of the Most Powerful Actions

Today, Richard asks a question about the power of prayer.

Dear Jeanne,
Please help me understand “the power of prayer.” What is its importance? Is there intervention from other realms, i.e. angelic? And what is the highest form of prayer?
Thank you,

My Dearest Richard, true prayer, from the unbiased heart center is one of the most powerful actions not only available to mankind, but also readily acceptable, for it lingers in the naves of churches, long held as the most powerful of interactions with God, saints, and angels. As your question implies, do I sense doubt about its efficacy. Yet must I ascertain that prayer is but an energetic component of thought released and circulating upon the energy that is available all around you, at all times.

But let me get back to my first point, prayer must come from pure innocent heart centered intent. From the giver to the receiver must there be equal acceptance of it for it to have the greatest affect. For prayer, like any other healing medium, will not have impact if the recipient is fighting against it in any manner.

A sick person, lying upon a bed of ebbing life, may not be able to circumvent the intent of prayer, no matter what the original belief of that ill person may be. Strength to resist and to continue fighting a losing battle however, generally hold beneath such resistance a weaker need to be loved, taken care of, respected, appreciated, and nurtured for the self alone, and this is the aspect of the individual that must be prayed to and energetically shifted, not the stubborn battling aspect of the individual.

So in order for prayer to truly have affect, must the instigator, who elects to pray for the redemption of another, be able to see beyond the surface presentation; find the inner innocent child, found in all who reside upon that Earth; and seek energetic contact with this pure energetic being, shed of all the trappings of the world that have resulted in its neediness or its desire for intervention.

Energy is the most powerful component for intent to ride upon in that realm. Energy is available all around you, in everyone you meet, and interconnecting everyone who resides there, and beyond. So your question, regarding the importance of prayer, is answered by the importance of energy. If you can pause a moment and feel your own energy, your own vibratory energy, then also know that every other being upon that planet has similar vibratory energy. Energy reacts to energy. The intent of your energy, and every movement and action you take affects other energy in your nearness, and beyond if you push your intent far beyond your own vibratory field. Normally your vibratory field sits pretty close to you, but action and reaction caused by love, stress, anger, compassion, judgments, or any other thoughts or inner turmoil, as well as outer physical movement, causes a stirring in your energy field. This movement, this shaking up, then reverberates out into all energy fields around you. And just as a pebble thrown into a pond does cause ripples, affecting all the water in that pond, so does your own energy react to and cause reaction in the energy around you.

If that is so, then does it stand to reason that anything you do, whether physical, mental, or emotional will have impact. However, if your reason has a hard time accepting this, then I would hesitate to suggest that you rely solely on the power of prayer. For just as the recipient must be able to receive, so must the sender be able to send. That is why prayer groups often have greater impact than individuals. Group power, where a balance can be maintained between energetic fields of intent and still put out quite a good charge of positive energy, may have greater impact.

But that does not mean either that an individual, pure and open of heart, may not have equal impact. For as you know, the power of personal intent is very great, and most acceptable as an action of change. And that is the important aspect of prayer, that it can and should be used for change, for that is what is most needed. Even prayer spoken daily, with no specific intent, does have impact, if you remain aware of energy as being all inclusive, all encompassing, and all important. Life would cease if energy ceased upon that Earth, but while human beings reside there is there no fear of that happening.

You seek to know if there is intervention from other realms? Why My Dear Richard, am I not from another realm? Do I not intervene and interact with energetic beings, such as your self, on a daily basis? Do we not have an energetic conversation quite often that offers insight, and the keys to change and to growth?

Specifically you ask about angelic intervention. I assume you mean the idea of angels hovering about, with wings, awaiting your messages to be delivered? But those ideas reside in energy only, not as the pictures you may have seen, as beings robed and feathered, for such images were created by man in order to understand the vast and often incomprehensible reality of infinity. Think energetic intervention, and then will you perhaps be far more able to accept that yes, there are many, many, many forms of energy beings, ready and willing to intervene and aid in growth.

But on the other side of that aid, and that assistance to offer evolutionary possibility, is the ability of the recipient to choose. And the power of choice is left solely up to the individual. Even as insight is offered and awareness sparked, even as the power of energetic intent (prayer, love, etc.) is offered and felt, so is it left up to the individual to choose action or not.

Oftentimes acceptance requires acquiescence, and that is often the most difficult aspect of life upon that earth to relinquish to. To truly be open and available to all energetic offerings is it necessary to allow the controlling human side to turn away, and allow the inner spirit side to emerge and fully accept what is being offered. For without the inner self being available will there be little opportunity for growth and change.

So, do you see, My Dear Richard and All My Readers, that prayer, intent of purity energetically sent from you to another has quite a journey to make? It must be purely given, yet also purely accepted. Do not judge others for their power to give or receive, for the inner spirit lies deeply hidden and may not be revealed nor easily detected. But know it lies there, perhaps only privately and secretly tended; and nurtured in safety; and in times when most appropriate or most necessary. Do not also judge the stubborn, or the seemingly lost ones for their struggles, for they struggle not more or less than anyone else, though they may struggle more outwardly, leaving the biggest trail, while others struggle quietly, without revealing that lost aspect of themselves to the world. There are many means by which people seek to appear powerful and strong, yet are they all but innocents inside, waiting to be acknowledged and acceptable to themselves. And that is what you must seek to remember; that you and every one you meet is simply learning and struggling to accept themselves.

The highest form of prayer is total pure love and compassion, open hearted intent, free of judgments, of sadness, of empathy, of sympathy, of attachment, of weariness, of despair, of anger, of strength, of power of any sort. Purity is absence of everything; yet is it the presence of purely unadulterated, untampered, unrestricted innocent love, and with that do you open the doors to true compassion. And that, My Dears, will flow out of you like the sunlight pouring out upon the Earth as it rises each morning, higher and higher, lighting the world for you to see your way.

Thank you for your question, My Dear Reader Richard. I do find this quite a nice subject to discuss, for it fits so nicely in to all that I seek to teach about. It encompasses quite a lot of the truth of energy and the journeys you are all on, learning what it means to be human, but also learning what powers you truly have because you are also energy. And that is what everything is all about, energy!