#305 An OBE is an Experience of Your Own Energy

Today I asked Jeanne to continue her follow up message on the out-of-body experience (OBE).

Dear Jeanne,
So, can you continue your message regarding outer body and inner body experience?

Yes, as I was saying, to have an outer body experience is really the same as having an inner body experience because you are in the act of experiencing your own energy. And that energy, under normal circumstances, lies quietly dormant inside you. As you sleep, when your defenses are tranquilly removed from your awareness, at least to the most extent, so is it time for your inner you, your energy body, to come out and play. In the act of dreaming are you actually going beyond the veils that normally hide your energy awareness from you, and the ability to travel as well.

By travel I mean your energy body travel of course, which is most of the time not available, nor is it appropriate to utilize at all times. Those who are practiced in out of body travel know that to function in the world is the biggest requirement that needs attention during most of your early life upon that planet. But I don’t wish to diverge from the subject at hand, which I could easily do as there is so much to talk about.

But to stick to the OBE as being an inner experience, is I believe made clear when I stress that it is an experience of your own energy. I would also like to stress that to gain an understanding in how to utilize this is it continuously necessary to engage in the act of recapitulation.

By doing your recapitulation, do you free up not only energy that has been sidetracked, and often stuck, but you also enable your energy to have more time for exploration. By doing the recapitulation will you lessen your attention to the worries of the world, not have so many personal hang ups, and be in a better state to use your energy, more free, with your attention looking for new ideas and new experiences to focus on. At least, that was my experience.

When I was best able to allow myself complete freedom to explore, whether awake or asleep, so did I more fully experience my energy body. And most often was my experience related to the physical body in many ways. Of course, I had the issue of cancer to deal with, and often would I escape the pain by doing out of body work. But at the same time would this not have been successful had I not done such diligent work on myself.

My critical issue of abandonment did not resolve though, sidetracked as I was by the cancer, but in reality was it the same issue. The cancer was manifested in the abandonment issue, and as one grew so did the other, both needing birthing from my body in order to complete my time there.

Finally did I birth the abandonment issue by dying of the cancer issue, but ultimately did I resolve all issues of that life there, upon that Earth, in the process. But learning out of body techniques enabled me, throughout that whole process, first to understand my energy body; then to understand what was happening to my physical body; then to allow me to maneuver beyond many veils, even after death, for then are the veils quite heavy, and acute awareness is necessary. That acute or heightened awareness was trained during my out of body experiments and experiences.

So you can accomplish quite a lot in out of body travel and inner exploration. To fully complete that life, with full awareness, and with abilities to comprehend where you are, what is around you, and maintain awareness of your goals are the things to keep in your knowing as you do out of body travel.

I suggest to all of you that if you want to live good long, fulfilled and fulfilling lives upon that Earth that you confront all of your issues and get them resolved before they find a place to sit and grow, taking not only your energy, but eventually your life. Find the means to do your inner work, while you do your outer work in energy exploration too. For both are valuable aspects of completing your journey there upon that Earth. But they are also necessary for completing your soul’s journey, if you are to be able to maintain your awareness through all the veils you will eventually pass through, as you finish your time upon that Earth. Much will be presented to you, and it would be nice to see you on the other side. The way to understand where you are, how you should choose, and where you will go next is all part of this training that you are enabling your self to experience and to have access to.

I think all of you may do much better than I did, for I did not have such access as you do, though plenty of guides and teachers provided enough guidance. Continue to learn, to balance your inner and outer worlds. Continue your travels out of body, fully aware and alert while in that state to the fact that you are not only dreaming, but you are in your energy body state. And that is the state you will one day reside in. Learn now in your travels how it works, and what you need to know to get the most out of your experiences. But also remember always that that energy is your life force, inside that body you walk around in, and it needs that body as much as that body needs it, in order to accomplish the task set before it.

So keep up the good inner and outer work. Maybe now you have a better idea what it means to do that work, what it means to be energy, and what it means to have a life task that desires completion. Allow your work to proceed now, staying on course, and aware that you have choices to make that matter greatly every day. If you stay focused on the daily grind as part of your evolutionary journey and remind your self often that your own energy is seeking both room inside you, and freedom to explore outside of you, so may you find that your life will open to a wider view with vast energetic expansiveness at your disposal.

Access your energy; flow with your life; seek your resonance, releasing your blockages one at a time, by diligent work on the self, by utilizing your knowledge of energy to help you understand that as energy are you capable of clearing your path of all energy that is not compatible with that inner true energy. Stay focused on your own inner true energy; find it and stay with it, it is who you are. You can’t go wrong if you stay with your own resonant energy. Seek the answers to the self there, in quiet inner body work; keep bringing your attention back there. Stay in the place of inner energy for balance with OBE work. Seek completion.