#304 Connect That Energy Self to Your Body Self

Today I asked Jeanne to follow up on the last message regarding out-of-body experiences.

Dear Jeanne,
The other day I felt you could have continued your message in response to Pat’s out-of-body experience (OBE) question. Do you have further insights to impart regarding that phenomenon?

Yes, I do, most certainly, but they remain insights into understanding energy. For that is the greatest aspect of having an OBE and learning to utilize the energetic possibilities of such experiences. For such a state, removed from the confines of the human body, not only releases you to be able to maneuver through other worlds, whether asleep or awake, but also begins to allow for true energy-being experiences, if you train and are daring enough to venture beyond the body on a regular basis.

To learn the practice is not such a difficult thing, but learning to utilize such a skill for evolutionary purposes, and purposes of personal growth as Pat did ask, is quite a challenge. This OBE skill can be well utilized in the recapitulation process. To simply dream, having the experience of being in energy form, is not only thrilling and fun, but once you connect that energy self to your body self, as related aspects of the whole self, so do you open the door to using the OBE for growth.

If you elect to remain in a dreaming state, riding the dream feel, so is that a fine release from your everyday life, and your normal sleeping as well. It can invigorate and recharge you so that your personal energy remains at a good level. But personally, I do not believe that is enough. To go and drink the elixir of life, the energy of your being, and to love its tasty and invigorating punch, yet to not then use that newly acquired energy, and the knowledge to be gained, for growth of the self is, in my opinion, a poor choice.

Yes, it is available to dip into, to have the experience of it, to feel and understand what possibilities await, but why not utilize it now. For that is what I have been seeking to teach You Readers and Journeyers, that you can and might use such energy to grow, by doing that inner work that I urge upon you at every turn.

When I suggest that you connect that dreaming out-of-body self to your physical body, I suggest that you relate your energy self to your time spent in your life on Earth, by finding your way to understanding what it means to have such energetic power available to you while you reside in your physical form. The things you do in sleeping state with that energy are equally available to you in waking state, yet do they seem to be impossible. But this is the training I speak of, the ability to “dream” while awake. It is not only possible, but actually an act that you can do, even as this person, Jan, does do on a daily basis, as she connects to me, awake, yet energetically composed and alert. We connect via energy bodies. It is not so far-fetched as you may think. Yet is there a process that must be undertaken, that process of Recapitulation that I push upon you at every opportunity.

Maintain awareness of that energy self that you tap into in dreaming. Train your awareness of the self in this state, continually asking for clarity, and for resolution of problems, blockages, disputes, disagreements, and solutions to how best to proceed in your life. Then you must learn to trust what your own energy self is telling you. This is perhaps the first great step in truly recapitulating and moving on in your life, gaining the ability to trust what you learn. Then the step beyond that may appear to be even more insurmountable because it requires that you act on what you learn while in your energy state.

So first, must you learn to trust your energy truths.

And secondly, must you dare your self to follow the guidance you have received, fully prepared to trust that it is right.

Thirdly, must you acquiesce to what unfolds as a result of your trust and daring, and allow it to lead you to the next step in your journey, which requires that you remain open to the guidance that comes to you as you trust, dare, and acquiesce.

So the fourth step in learning to utilize your energy self is to remain open to what comes, fully knowing it is meant for you to learn from and to follow where it leads next.

And this is the fifth step: to continue your journey, no matter what comes to greet you. Do not lie down by the roadside and weep in despair if you are confronted with dangerous propositions, or with a tough road. And likewise, do not become smug and too complacent, but look always to your gifts and challenges with humility; and look for the lessons that lead you toward fulfillment of your human journey.

That is your sixth lesson on the path to growth: to remain cognizant that life is a journey and you are being given gifts at every step of the way. Then you must remember, at all times, that you are an energy being.

In the seventh lesson of growth must you relate this aspect of the self to that heavy human form that often may weigh you down, that you may find cumbersome and slow as you make your journey, but still must you own it. Own the body; own the thoughts that seep in and out of it; own the shape of it, the size of it, the ineptitudes of it; but even so must you get beyond the confines of it in order to love it.

Once you realize that your energy self and your body self must, and I stress MUST make this journey together, at all costs, so will you be able to learn the eighth lesson, which is love of that self, in all aspects that you are given, and all aspects that you continually are presented with.

Your ninth lesson is to then complete your journey of recapitulation so that no secrets lie unrevealed from the self, and no energy blocks hinder your progress. For unblocked aspects of the self are but energy blocks that do not allow you to have full access to who you truly are as an energetic being comprised of body and soul.

So your tenth lesson in learning what it means to not only be an energy being, but be available to utilize it, is to remain aware at all times that you are on a soul journey, seeking completion of life upon that Earth. And this awareness is the key aspect to train, for it may and must be utilized in all steps along the way to growth.

So, yes I do have more to say on the OBE because it is a very important aspect of evolutionary growth. I suggest that you, My Dear Readers, begin urging your selves to find this aspect of the self in pure, untampered, sober states; during dreaming, meditation, prayer, exercise, and in quiet visualizations, in imaginative works, or creative endeavors that allow you to access your true inner spirit self. That’s what you are looking for you know, your true self, your knowing self, your energy self. And that self is inside your body, not outside of it, as the term out-of-body suggests. It is actually an inner body, an in-body experience that you seek, My Friends. So in the future I will speak more about this. Go now, that’s enough for today!