#303 It is a Natural Phenomenon

Pat asks a question today.

Dear Jeanne,
I have recently experienced the vibratory states mentioned in an earlier question and have now discovered that I can go out of my body, am reading books on the subject, and experimenting. Can you comment on how best to use these states to resolve persistent questions recurring in this life, in order to further our soul’s evolution?
Thank you,

My Dear Pat, such exploration and study as you challenge your self with is of utmost importance as you prepare your soul’s continued journey. As you know, to evolve beyond the confines of that Earth plane and the physical body, must you understand the importance of the energy body as it is presented to you during that life. Although many do not have a concept of it, so is it the inner you, who emerges when you most need its help, and during dreaming as well. As you experience your self during waking time may achieving a sense of this aspect of the self remain unattainable. But I can guarantee that all of you dream and have had experiences of your energy self during this nightly state.

Perhaps as children was it a much more common occurrence, but that does not mean it must remain lost in childhood. For as children do you accept what occurs, with little question, and your ability to have experiences is thus far greater, and the resulting experience quite phenomenal. But as you age and develop a sense of place in the world, do you take on a lot of other stuff that covers, conceals your openness to accept this innate ability to go out of your body.

It is a natural phenomenon, though many choose to judge it as mere fantasy. But anyone who has experienced it knows the truth of it, and once beyond the first concerns of bodily sensation realizes that it can be quite a tool. This is what you have determined and this is a very good question regarding your life now and that very free state of body vibration that allows for exploration in other lands.

Do not look on it just as a dream state. Do not look on it as simply going to sleep, or having dreams, for it is much more than that. In fact, as you enter this energetic state of being, so do you have the ability to train your self to be aware of this state of being and yes, actually use it to solve issues and questions that arise in your normal body state of being.

As Jeanne Marie Ketchel did I utilize this state, as I read my favorite author on the subject.* His guidance was most consequential in my development and understanding of the energy body. As you practice, you discover that this aspect of the self IS you. It is the whole of you, completely encompassed in energy, without the confines of the body. And from this place are you capable of doing anything that you determine.

So my advice to you Pat, as you do this work using your vibratory energy self, is to set up your agenda before you sleep. Write out your issues, your questions, your problems, and allow your attention to focus on one aspect at a time. Remove your judgments, and allow your self to remain open to possibility. In this manner of writing out your questions ahead of time, do you plant in your subconscious the issue most pertinent. Allow your self to then fall asleep with this issue uppermost in your thoughts, and remain fully open to allowing your self to have the experience of vibration.

Once you get beyond this state, which may at first shock you, so will you emerge on the other side of body awareness to spirit awareness. But it is important that you maintain alertness in this state, asking for help, for clarity, for answers. But you must remember that the answers may not come as you expect. You may receive guidance in a most peculiar form, an inquisitive form, and you may have to decipher the meaning of your dream/energy state experiences in a manner differently from your normal interpretation of life.

Dream awareness is essential. You may need to constantly wake up your energy self during your explorations. For you are going through veils that will appear over and over again, for they exist all around, no matter what world you enter. So clarity of vision will aid you always. Once you have gotten your clarity, then is it up to you to learn how to relate your experiences in dreaming to what is going on in your life.

This is the key, to always relate your dream awareness to you and your present life situation. Even if you meet others in your dreams, so are they meant to aid and abet you on your adventures. They may represent aspects of the self that you are totally unaware of in your normal every day state. Do not dismiss them as mere figments of imagination, for if they appear to you so are they meaningful beings, bringing insight, messages, and explanations that will aid you.

Often I felt I did not receive answers, especially as I asked about what to do to heal from cancer. But I know now I did get the answers I sought, though they were not what I wanted to hear, nor were they always as clear as I would have liked. I propose that the best method to achieve your goal of working on the issues of the self in dreaming, is to enter without judgments, allowing the self to begin the questing, the writing process totally free, detached, and open to the possibility that everything is possible. Remain also alert to the fact that gifts are constantly available, that whoever you meet, wherever you go, whatever you experience is meant to teach you.

Bring back what you learn into your life, not with fear, not with disgust, not with puzzlement, but allow it to be truth revealed, for that is what it is. Do not reattach to judgments of the self, or judgments you have learned over your lifetime, as you attempt to gain clarity of your experiences. At all times suspend judgment, and utilize your innocence to guide you. Use your inner spirit child, who so bravely allowed that experience to be undertaken, to aid you in the further exploration of the gift of knowledge, insight, and confrontation with aspects of the self that will appear in your dream states. Turn all aspects of the dream toward the self, as if looking in a mirror. Look into that dream mirror with purity of truth, and honesty of the self as your guides.

These aspects of the self: remaining nonjudgmental, allowing your innocence to be active, pushing aside doubt, fear, and what you may consider as proper dreaming, are helpful in your experimentation. Remain always aware that every encounter and aspect of the out of body experience belongs to you. So accept it, own it, and determine what it means with that in mind. For everything in your life, whether awake and in your body, or asleep and in your energy body, is meant to guide you and lead you on your journey.

Continue your explorations in your energy body. Do not get frustrated or afraid, but be patient with the self. You may discover that sometimes you are very clear sighted, and other times not so. But eventually will you discover that you can do it anytime, at will, awake or asleep, simply because you have trained your outer body to slumber down to a nice state of trance while you go off adventuring. And that is lots of fun. So don’t forget to have fun too!

*NOTE: Jeanne’s favorite author on the subject of out of body exploration is William Buhlman, and the book she refers to is called, Explorations Beyond the Body.