#302 God Does Not Lie Waiting Buried in a Particle

Today a question is asked by a “Curious” Reader.

Dear Jeanne,
I’m very curious about the huge CERN particle accelerator that will finally be powered up in May after many years of engineering and construction in Switzerland. Various reports about this “underground nuclear cathedral,” as I’ve heard it called, are that it is expected to recreate the moments immediately following “the big bang,” it will open “many small black holes” in our atmosphere, and scientists hope it will reveal “the God Particle.” Do you have any insights as to the impact the activation of CERN will have on our energetic environment? Is CERN a “good thing,” i.e. is it possible it will accelerate our awakening, as some think? Or are we messing with the fabric of creation?

Is CERN anything to be conCERNed about?

Many thanks for any light you can shed,

My Dearest Curious Reader, I do not think that man will discover the “God Particle” by attempting to recreate “the big bang.” For God does not lie waiting buried in a particle of some foreign outer source, but the God Particle lies only within each being upon that Earth. I do like the term though, for particle denotes a tiny speck, and that is the seed within each of you that awaits discovery. It lies dormant, and such a thing as a grand awakening or a constant nurturing will stir it awake or allow it to grow.

I must also say that the scientific endeavors upon that Earth spent upon such delving is time wasted. Far better for the inventors, innovators, and brilliant scientific minds to spend their time and energy looking for solutions to mankind’s crises of environmental proportions that currently exists and has existed for centuries. To enter the Earth with such a proposal does not honor and protect that grand mother that is there to provide for all who reside upon her pleasant plains.

Far better would it be to experiment with what the Earth holds for sustaining life upon that planet, for that is only the place of beginning. Only when man accepts that idea, that it is merely a learning ground, will there be meaning in searching for answers to existence. Better to spend the time, money, and talent on discovering the veils, the hidden worlds, and the explorations of the energy body, than investigate as described, with the possibility of ruining many of Earth’s underground reserves in the event of catastrophe.

For all concerned, as you are My Dear Reader, do I advocate turning from such endeavors, and spending time and energy exploring what is truly hidden from your eyes and your knowledge, yet is so readily available within the self. The environmental groups have great concerns regarding this project you speak of, for it is an invasion of Mother Earth’s protective layers, and invites much dispute as it pertains to the impact it may have as it cranks up, spews out, and releases its gases. For no such environment could be instituted without need for cleansing and releasing of toxic substances. And where do you think such things will go? Deeper into the Earth, with unsafe results for the environment of such an underground facility, as well as the world above it. Over time will such a plant, planted deep within the Earth, suffer greatly for its attempts at discovering the mysteries of this world. In the end will this world’s mysteries impact it beyond repair. But until that time, will it attempt to become a center of scientific thought and process. Attempting not to prove the existence of God, but to disprove it; and not to prove the ideas of those in the ethereal know, but to disprove that as well. The only proof will be in that which they already have determined is not so.

True adventurers, true scientists do not need such elaborate schemes in order to understand energy and that, My Dear, is really what this CERN is about. For the understanding of energy, pure energy, as vibrational awareness in everything, constantly in motion, and constantly alive, viable, and perfectly felt by the human form under many varied circumstances, is a concept as yet too foreign for the vast bulk of scientific communities.

Your conCERN is well placed. But I do not propose that you spend too much time in worry or frustration about such a project, for it will and must run its course. At a later date will new ideas be proposed and tried out, experiments attempted, ideas disproved in the sacred environment of this “cathedral,” until it will no longer open its doors to true searches for the questions most people ask.

Most people want to know why? Why are we here? Why are we given this planet to live upon, and not some other? Why are we so fixated on our bodies? Why do we accept, so easily, the discourse of others? Why do we allow our spirits to be led astray, far from the inner true self? Why are we still so curious about life and what comes next when there are so many scientists giving us answers all the time? Do those scientists really provide us with answers to our questions?

Go into your own sacred cathedrals, My Readers. Look for your own seed particle, your God inside you. Who are you? Why are you there now, in this moment? Why are you reading these messages? Why are you so curious about what I have to offer? Do you think a grand scientist would read these words in quite the same way? Well, let me tell you, there are plenty of people waking up to the mysteries I speak of, even plenty of scientific minds. But I must say, I think they are concerned they will be dismissed as whacky scientists, not like true scientists who seek to disprove theories. The new scientist, even the one inside each of you, seeks to accept what he cannot deny, and that is experience of the concepts I speak of. And experience, experience not experiments, actually having experience of these ideas I present, is the only way to prove that you are energy.

Proceed now in your life having accepted my version of science, that everything is energy, and you will allow your self to be open to experiments that lead you to the kind of awareness that those scientific minds attempting to re-create long ago actions will never experience if they don’t begin to learn about themselves, what lies inside, and what the human body holds within, the energy body and all that it offers. The only cathedral worth exploring in is the one you reside in 24/7, your vehicle through life, comprised of every atom and seed of knowledge, wisdom, and awareness that you will ever need.

Thank you for this most interesting question. I am sorry to say that I do not trust this project on any level, except that it may open the door for many to begin thinking about what it means, this grand awakening that is so prevalently spoken of all over the globe, and maybe I’d better find out what it means. Now that would be a fine result to conclude from such an energetic attempt to discover something new. Because you already know, deep inside you, the answers to anything those scientific masters could ever ask. Just keep in mind that you are energy, everything is energy, and all energy is interconnected. Don’t separate anything, but instead piece it together, put it all together as a puzzle is pieced together. You’ll find your way, first to your self, and then to understanding everything around you.

Go exploring, My Friends. Everything awaits your discovery, and you don’t have to go anywhere or spend a penny to do it. It’s all inside you!