#301 Inside All of You Resides the One Who Knows

Today a question is asked by an anonymous reader.

Dear Jeanne,
Can you speak to us about the conditions in America? Gas and fuel prices are out of control and everything else is affected. Corporate greed, capitalistic greed has taken over, and there is such a negative overtone to the current political scene that everything feels almost hopeless. Our country isn’t doing enough on the environmental front either because innovation doesn’t necessarily fill the pockets of the rich, but as a result it feels like everything is going downhill, and deteriorating. Is there light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak? Or will this time of doom and gloom be the end of us as a civilization?

My Dear Readers and Journeyers, I have predicted in the past the demise of life as you know it, and now you see and feel the crumblings of a structure that is no longer viable, nor has it been for a long time. When I speak of learning love, compassion, and the appreciation of all life upon that planet, so do I include all aspects of humanity in that phase of learning. The United States has been in the forefront on many levels, but underneath lies the wiley monster of insatiable greed, seeking to gather the wealth that will eventually topple the tower it has constructed to store it in.

The tower is not a physical structure, but a structure within the framework of desire. Desire is destructive, and that is to be the culminating factor in the future of that great wide country that has so much to offer still. Is there a place of refuge from such desire? Well, the only place to go is innerly, to the place of inner calm, inner knowing, and act from there.

The great machinery that runs that country does so at great cost. The place of now is over-consumption in all walks of life, simply because it is available and has been easily marketed, and quickly lapped up. But there is no need for most of what Americans consider important. The marketing and easy availability of everything has created a country weak in infrastructure that is viable and practical, so there is too much reliance on being self-sufficient. But even that has not created true self-sufficiency, but an entitled reliance upon the ideas and products so readily available and offered.

Now as things shift, and negative ire arises, is there an opportunity to reduce the enormity of outward reaching, and expectations that the government will take care of everything, to the opportunity to wake up and become aware citizens of the world. Too long isolated, has that country been allowed to grow far beyond necessity, practicality, and propriety.

The rest of the world has watched in awe, but that awe has sunk to a level of shame for the countrymen of America. It is beginning to be noticed that little attempt is being made to participate in worldwide change, worldwide concepts of viable, sustainable living.

It is time for America to pull inward, to recreate smaller cities and towns, to pull back all that has gone outward, and return the skills and crafts to the people who desire to be true citizens of the world. Each and every American must see themselves as part of the bigger picture, and that picture is indeed equally bleak. But that does not mean throw in the towel, or give up because there is no correction to be made. Of course there is opportunity for correction, but it may not be what the consumer in all of you wants, but it is what the inner knowing spirit in all of you truly knows is right.

Attempt now change in your own lives, to shift from the unaware, unknowing style of consumer to the alert, clearly cognizant being you truly are. Inside all of you resides the one who knows, and that aspect of the self must emerge now, and stop accepting, and begin demanding true change.

Do not be afraid of change, for it will drive a hard bargain. Yet will it be a necessary force, as “the times they are a-changin’.” Are you prepared to simply sit in your seat, as the vehicle you are in is destroyed? Or will you stand up, and fight to get out? The fighters, the ones who are alert, clear thinking individuals will survive the great destruction that is happening all around you, through one dismantling of life as you know it after another.

Do your part by asking for and demanding change. This is not a joke, nor is it up to the government, for the government will not change unless you make it do so. The time is now. Shift from viewing it as a negative time, and see it as a positive time of great sweeping change. And then participate in it. Get out of your darkness and accept the fact that if you want light, you might have to go create it in a new manner, because when you go to turn on the switch you may not like what happens.

This is a time of opportunity for great inventions and innovations to emerge and become the proper means of change and growth. Be a part of the success of shift and change on a worldwide level by demanding first that your own environment change, your country change, and become aware of the truth of every action being proposed and taken. Lift the dark veils; don’t be afraid to accept that things are definitely being done wrong. And then look for clarity of thought, right action, and truth in every deed.

Good Luck, you Evolutionary Beings. Your enlightenment may aid you if you keep in mind the intent of evolution on this spiritual level. Seek inner change, and you will discover the means to outer change that may affect the way all beings perceive life. Spread the word of evolutionary growth, and keep that in mind as you figure out the most proper way to proceed upon the Earth, and how to get out of the muddle now perpetrated upon that planet. And don’t think your actions don’t count; of course they do! Be good Citizens of the World now, but be good Evolutionary Beings as well. That is how change can have the greatest affect.