#300 Life is Often Ready to Move Onward

Today’s question is asked by an anonymous reader.

Dear Jeanne,
Many years ago I had several miscarriages and at the time suffered greatly with feelings of loss, grief, and sadness. The question of why was constantly on my mind. In the following years, I would repeat the dates over and over in my mind, as I never wanted to forget them, but time moved on and eventually those dates were forgotten, but in my heart, we have remained connected. Recently, several women I know have had miscarriages, and now that I have awareness of life as an evolutionary journey, and recognize that we are all energy, the question of why has returned, but in a different way now. Perhaps you could explain this. Also, are we still connected to these energy spirits? Are they involved in our life in other ways? Do they continue their journey with other parents?
Thank you for your help, guidance and love.

My Dear Reader, yes, you are all energy beings, comprised of spirit first, and by that I mean the intent of the spirit in all of you to grow, evolve, and pursue life on another level. Your experiences of miscarriage are not unusual, nor are they meant to sadden or confuse you, but are meant to enlighten you to the energy of life, the life you live and the possibilities that lie in wait. Such brief excursions into life upon that planet, in the body of a woman that will not see the result of such growth, is purely for energetic gain on the part of the evolving being that does not reside very long upon that plane, and for the woman as well.

The final evolutionary means by which to evolve is one example of meaning for such a being, who simply slips in for a reason of growth and completion, while others slip into that realm for beginnings of new life connected to the mother or maternal candidate as well. Perhaps the necessity lies with you, the Reader, the Journeyer, now aware of evolutionary life, and perhaps it was this awareness that you were being presented with. As energy, as spirit intent to grow, were you perhaps sparked again and again with this knowledge to wake you up, and teach you to notice your own energy that continued onward; perhaps recharged each time in order to continue your journey, gifted with knowledge of life as energy, but also given energy as a result of your lessons.

I do not advocate getting too stuck in questioning the meaning of what such silent energy is presenting to you. For you could remain attached to sadness, with the possibility of remaining unfulfilled as a result of your attachment to ideas of loss. But luckily you were able to forget, and to move on, perhaps none the wiser, yet still directed to search for meaning in everything, and that aspect is good.

It is time to accept the energetic fact that life is not necessarily meant to be fulfilled upon that Earth realm, but is often ready to move onward. That being said, must you determine your place now. Find meaning in your past experiences as related to your ability to evolve, and find a true path of growth as an energy being. That has come to be your focus, so look always at the events in your life in this manner, sad though they may be, and full of suffering, agony, and grief. All events in a lifetime are meaningful aspects of growth, and should not be dismissed, nor denied as aspects of such growth.

You ask if you remain connected to this energy that once grew inside you? Such energy resides in you, buried in the timeframe of your life, and what was being presented to you at the time. This is an aspect of recapitulation that all must go through, both the women involved, and the men involved. What did it truly mean in your life at the time? As you recapitulate these events, remain in now; and gauge how your own evolutionary path took the route it did, for reasons of growth. If you have discovered the meaning of energy, of choice, and of a true path through life that leads to wholeness and fulfillment, so is it possible to accept everything along the way as having the utmost of meaning for your life.

Many such sparks of energetic miscarriage offer momentary energetic attunement to the mother, the human body offering her own energy while also receiving energy. In other cases is it more long term. You must discover your own evolutionary connection to every event in your own life to discover the true meaning for your own miscarriages. Often is it, as I said, a necessary aspect for the spirit energy that dips in and quickly leaves, with thanks for the energy you gave it to succeed, even as it gave you a gift of experience in return.

All souls must fulfill their energetic time upon the Earth, the realm of reason, with lessons to be learned about awareness, clarity of vision, and the discovery of life as energy connected to spirit intent. Each lifetime lived upon that Earth is an aspect of learning what it means to be spirit energy, leading eventually to completion of time upon that Earth; and eventually joining with your soul group is achieved. In the context of all life as energy, but also in the context of your own life now being lived, must you recapitulate in order to fully learn and understand what each event in your life meant, what each energy being you encountered in your life meant for this life’s growth. And with such knowledge, oriented toward such growth, and focused on life as a journey toward fulfillment of spirit intent, must you determine who you are, why you are here, why you had the experiences you had, fully understanding every aspect of the self, so that your life upon this Earth may be completed.

I can only answer certain questions, offering possibilities, but as always do I stress the inner work that must be done. That is your greatest chore upon that Earth; to understand why you personally have been presented with the challenges and the experiences at the times throughout your life when you were most vulnerable to being impacted by them. What does everything in your life mean to you on this journey you now take? That is what each of you, man, woman, and child must find out. And then you will understand everything in the context of your life thus far lived, and the life still to be experienced; for that awaits, still hidden from you, but there nonetheless.

Perhaps you have had glimpses of it? But it will stay an illusion, hidden in the veils, until you gain clarity on the meaning, the purpose, and the evolutionary potential of your life as it is now being presented to you. Good Luck, All You Journeyers! There are many questions that may be confusing you, as to why you had to have the experiences you did. The simple answer is that you needed them in order to evolve. But the complex answer is in that tiny word: why. Why, indeed? That, My Dears, is for each of you to find out.