#311 All Have Had Encounters With Darkness Within Themselves

Dear Jeanne,
Would you like to continue talking about the dark side one last time today?

Yes, I would. In my own case, during my early training, was I put into a position of full encounter with dark souls. The experience was one of learning to maintain my own energy boundaries, of pulling in to my center, of turning away, both from being drawn outward and being drawn into. It took all of my strength to maintain my centeredness. Yet now am I quite used to centering myself and retaining my energy composition, though early on was it a challenge also to remain alert and aware, with clarity of purpose strictly maintained on allowing the dark energy to pass by without influence.

Later did I learn to use my own powerful energy to do battle with the dark side. On more than one occasion was I called to combative service to train me for eventually encountering such evil intent upon that Earth. Training here is ultimately meant to aid those of you in our care, and I have had occasion to utilize my skills in energetic concentrations and intent upon that plane. For there do arise times when I am summoned to help persons in need. Even those who have elected to follow the dark side, choosing the path of oblivion, getting caught by the clutching hands of dark energy, hungry for the daring who venture into their dark tunnels, do ask for help and deserve response.

In such a case of aid is my usual gracious and calm intent tightly bundled into an equally dark force in order to be prepared for the battle ahead. You would not recognize me, for a cold chill would pass over you if I entered your nearness. But such action is necessary when combating the dark energies, for only equally dark intent will have the possibility of succeeding in battle with the dark side.

My early training was intense, and often frightening in an energetic way. I was taught with others in my group to learn about how the dark side works in order to be prepared for anything that might arise. For instance, not only did I place myself in the path of such dark energy, but on occasion did I disguise myself as one of them, and join their forces in order to pass the final tests of my own abilities to remain centered, aware, and full of positive intent, even while clothed in darkness.

Many do not pass that test and have to be rescued, for none of the light side would ever allow for such a casualty to occur. For to lose even one good soul to the dark side at that point would be a total waste of a good journey, and that is just not acceptable. Once pulled out and revived, the entity is further trained. For all must be able to encounter darkness and be aware enough to pull out, even if at the last second.

This awareness, as I have spoken of often, is key to every encounter in the new world one enters after death does come to release the energy body from the human body. At that moment is total awareness granted, lives reviewed, and the moment of choice comes, to either continue onward into new worlds of infinity or to remain in the veils, ready to take on waiting for a new journey upon that Earth plane.

Awareness is key at this point, and once maintained, and the veils left behind, so does the awareness continue gaining in clarity and intent. From that point onward, does the real adventure begin. I bring in this subject now to shift the focus away from the dark side, for I do not want to linger there any longer.

Be advised that the darkness is a crucial aspect of life on all planes, that it will be encountered on all journeys; that it is necessary to learn about it, understand it, maneuver around it and past it; that it always has been and always will be, just as good always has been and always will be. So there you have it. Now perhaps you know enough about the dark side to determine how you want to live your life, but also how to do your recapitulation with fuller understanding of the dark aspects of the self.

Do not get caught by the darker aspects of the self. Accept that they exist and have existed. There can be no greater truth than to admit, accept, and acquiesce to the darkest truths about the self. No one is squeaky clean. All have had encounters with darkness within themselves. And this is a most necessary aspect to the recapitulation process, to uncover the dark truths of the self, and truly become balanced and one with the universe. For without the balance of both aspects, of good and evil in the self, would you not be a complete being, with the ability to complete your journey upon that Earth.

Yes, there are many that may appear to be only good and hold only good within themselves, but they know in their own journey where the darkness lies. Do not judge others for their struggles in that realm. Do not blame or judge the self either, for it is all a necessary part of living. And thus is it also a necessary act of your recapitulation process. For without accessing that aspect of the self, will you have an incomplete journey.

Once your acceptance of this aspect of the self is finished, so will your balance be better and more easily maintained. And once that is accomplished, so will your life flow better too. There is nothing wrong with having dark aspects. In my world, and the world you are preparing for, is it totally known and truthfully acknowledged that all have and need such aspects in order to survive, and to learn how to maneuver and utilize all aspects of the self to help others. To be called upon to aid those of you who reside there, must one, in my position of pure energy, be totally aware of all that it is possible to encounter. There is no telling what one may be asked to do, so we must be well prepared. And your recapitulation now, upon that Earth, with total nonjudgmental acceptance of all aspects of the self is going to further your journey in infinity.

Once in your energy body, do all human attributes disappear; yet must you finish what is left unfinished if you have not completed all aspects of your journey. Your awareness, your purity, will be maintained, but your attention to detail will be your first lesson in enhancing intent. The further along in preparation you are, the better for you. And the acceptance of the self as equal balance of good and evil is one big step in the right direction. Remember, when I speak of balance, of how necessary it is in all aspects of life, so do I mean that to pertain to each one of you, My Fine Journeyers. For all of you are small universes. Everything is contained within you, and you are seeking to understand what you hold within, how to utilize it, and eventually how to merge it with full higher consciousness in infinity.

You are all doing well. Continue the good work, and the evil work to, so to speak, by encountering your own dark side; reconciling with it; and accepting that you are only a complete being when you do so; for only then will you truly be balanced. And your energy body requires that balance. Then see where it takes you next. You never know!